Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baptisms to Badajoz

O.K., we aren't changing the dress code. Elder Hales just thought he would try to come up with a new way to beat the heat. Sorry Elder Hales, nice try but no! We do like your smile.
Always smiling in Algeciras. Elders Mockler, White and Lignell loved the baptism of Rafe. She is a sweetheart.
Huercal-Overa loved their sweet baptism. Elder Long and Elder Ferguson along with the Lorca Elders, Elders Taylor and Mervai enjoyed the special day.
Looks like a little "futbol" to beat the hear was happening in Algeciras.
A hello from two former Hermanas, Hna Cluff and Montes de Oca. You look great Hermanas.
We spent the weekend in Badajoz with Elder Nalley and Elder Manning. Elder Clegg looks like he is happy too. You would be too after a great Japanese meal at the restaurant of Victor who is a member of the branch; including some great sushi. Jimeni, the 1st Counselor in the Branch of Badajoz works there and served us with style.
The "Dos Hermanas Clegg" loved it as well. Presidente was happy too; he loves using those chopsticks.
We had a wonderful open house in the new capilla in Badajoz. It was incredible. Great work by the members and a lot of work and planning by the missionaries.
Here are some members and investigators getting ready to watch a few clips.
We loved the evening and a few new investigators will hopefully come out of the efforts. The entire Branch was so excited and showed a lot of love and support for each other.
A big hand goes to these two, Elder Nalley and Elder Manning. Also a shout out for Elder Dunoskovic. They miss you up here but know you are doing great in Granada.
No, no,no, says this little boy who just didn't want to be in the picture. The Elders along with the young men and young women taught Primary so all the adults could attend a training that Elder and Hna Clegg, Jeff and Anna Koh and Pte. and Hna Clegg did for the branch. We are sure the Elders loved their time in primary.
"Hermana Clegg, we don't ever want kids!!" Actually, that is not true, but after 2 hours of Primary, these two Elders will sleep well tonight. We left Badajoz with hearts filled with joy after experiencing a wonderful weekend. We look forward to next week because it is time for ZONE CONFERENCE.

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