Sunday, July 17, 2011

300 or bust?

Look at this everyone, even the Bull of Spain has the goal of 300+ baptisms. We are baptizing and doing great to stay on target to reach our goal of 300+ baptisms this year.
A wonderful baptism in Casares. The Cleggs came over from Ciudad Real to be part of the baptism of Carlos. Way to go Elder Hafen and Elder Shaver.
Many members of the branch were there to support and celebrate the event.
Sevilla also had a wonderful baptism. Great work Elder Ferriera and Elder Fagersten.
Elder Mervai and Elder Taylor were delighted with their two baptisms in Lorca. The earthquake hasn't stopped the flow of baptisms. It has probably helped to humble the people and help them think there is more in this life and they need to find it.
Right next door in Huercal Overa Elder Ferguson and Elder Long were excited about their baptism. All went wonderfully well.
Elder Pederson and Elder Corradi are working hard in Murcia. This is a picture of one of their baptisms. They had another one but their picture wouldn't download. Elder Pedersen, send it to me again! Great work in Murcia.
P-day in Alicante and Elche found some of the missionaries and members doing a little sightseeing. I hope Elder Forrest your companion is taking the picture.
You can find all kinds in Torrevieja. Hermana Perera is having a great time checking out this pet.
Elder Taylor is knocking on a door that probably won't lead to a reference. The rubble is still in Lorca.
Elder Taylor is showing off his strength. Is Elder Long a little jealous?
Celebrating the 4th. But wait, Elder Mervai is Hungarian. Way to be a supporter of the good old USA.
The week started off again with more interviews. The Elders in Algeciras were extremely happy and very good teachers. Elders Mockler, White and Lignell did a great job teaching us.
We moved onto San Fernando and to our delight we had the former Hna Calderon from Bilbao there to say hi. She is vacationing in San Fernando with her cousin Begonia. Rakel looks great and we loved seeing her again.
Inside we enjoyed the District Meeting of Elder Staples along with his district. Elder Kusseling and Elder Jones as well as Elder Staples and Elder Gibson were all smiles after their teaching was done. Great job here too.
Elder Allred and Elder Marchello are feeling confident in San Fernando as well. We didn't get a picture of Hermana Millan and Capener (not sure why). We will feature them at the Zone Conferences in a few weeks.
Elder Bailey and Elder Banbury, the B&B Elders were incredible in El Puerto. Elder Banbury has only been here a few weeks and his Spanish is terrific.
And as well in San Lucar, Elder Velasco and Elder Barahona were sensational. And by the way their Spanish was near perfect. DUH!!) We are sorry not to have a picture of Elder Basurto and Elder Anderson. They did a great job and we will have to feature them when we have the Zone Conferences.
Hermana Woffinden and Hermana Carter are as happy as they get. Only there was something wrong with the chapas here.
What, two Hermana Carters? Hna Woffinden is waiting for her chapa replacement. Hopefully it will arrive soon.
Elder Fagersten and Elder Ferreira are working hard and doing a great job in the heat of Sevilla.
Here comes two great looking Elders up the street.
It is our happy Elder Barney and Elder Hunt. Great teaching while also done with great smiles in Alcala. We love having the Elders teach us. We are learning a lot from all the missionaries.
We also had a great visit with Elder Hall and Elder Seely. They live in a wonderful little house in the Mairena fel Aljarafe area. They have just reopened the area and are doing great.
Always happy to be greeted by two happy dedicated Elders in Dos Hermanas.
Elder Cooper and Elder Peterson are so happy together and their enthusiasm spills over into their teaching.
We ran into the Traveling Assistants, Elder Del Molino and Elder Solari while they were in Huelva with Elder Mendoza and Elder Becera. After we left Elder Mendoza set a baptismal date with an investigator. It must have something to do with their teaching.
Elder Manning and Elder Nally are so happy in Badajoz. Isn't this a wonderful picture of the authority of the Priesthood of God!
The happy Casares Elders are just coming off their baptism. They also are doing super with their teaching. What a great duo.
They have so much work they were happy to take one more box of Books of Mormon.
Finally for this week we had a super visit with Elder Dangerfield and Elder Pratt. They are working and praying and finding in Cordoba.
We arrived back in time to attend the Civil Ceremony of Danny Blanco and his bride Laura. This is the Hall of Mirrors in the City Hall in Malaga.
Maria and Pablo are happy for their brother.
Pte. Blanco and his wife Reyes are happy for their son. We enjoyed a wonderful day sharing with them their happiness.
We finished the week back in San Fernando attending the sacrament meetings of both wards. We enjoyed seeing Rakel Calderon and her cousins Sergio and Begonia and their dear mother.

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  1. Thank you, Sister Clegg for always keeping us updated. It is always such a joy to check the blog and see photos of our boy, Elder Pedersen. Thanks for all you do, and for the wonderful phone message on Tannon's (Elder Pedersen) birthday. We appreciated it so much!