Sunday, July 3, 2011

"This Gospel Shall Be Preached"

Isn't this a great picture, little brother of Elder Solari is standing tall, a future missionary. He has got to be proud of his big brother. We are proud of him and all of our missionaries as they are preaching the gospel to everyone!
From the sweet picture to the "different" one. Elder Waite was sharing his creative side with this angle.
"The first shall be last and the last shall be first." I thought we would say good-bye to the "oldest" missionaries that used to be in the field. Yes Elder Burdette, you are going home.
Yes Elder Adams, you are going home too.
We wish the best to Elder Burdette, Elder Adams, Elder Stanley, Hna Ramirez and Hna Cluff. All have given their all in serving the Lord.
The next morning, just before going to the airport, Presidente Clegg was giving his last minute advice.
And then it is off to the airport. The Hna's had to leave earlier, but these 3 are catching a ride with the Presidente to the airport. Bon Voyage! Vaya con Dios!
What is Hna Cluff doing in London? Her flight out of Barcelona was delayed and she missed her overseas flight, so she stayed a night in Jolly Old England. The London Mission helped out as she enjoyed a session in the London Temple and then went home the next day.

We are always baptizing. Elder Ferriera and Elder Roa enjoyed this wonderful baptism of Evelyn in Elche.
Lorca had two baptisms. This is Kerli with her mother who was baptized earlier in April.
Also we have Elder Crawford and Elder Mervai with Consuelo and Kerli before their baptisms. Consuelo's boyfriend, who joined the church earlier baptized her.
Another wonderful highlight of the week was the arrival of 7 new missionaries. Yea!
But before they arrived we had to get the trainers prepared. Here we have Elder Peterson, Elder Hall and Elder Stoner all discussing the mission with Presidente Clegg.
Elder Basurto did you grow? Well we think you are a giant of a missionary. Elder Avellar will agree with this.
It's so important for the trainers to be ready to train a new missionary. It is so important to start your mission well so we want the trainers to understand their responsibilities.
Whew, Elder Forrest and Elder Bailey are showing us their "manly side?" Actually, they were great to help in the kitchen after the training for the trainers.
When we left from the train station with the new missionaries we had to take them to the vista to realize the true beginning of their missions.
Is this a great looking group? Wow, we think so. We also were honored to have a visit of Bella Casto who lives in Murcia. She came and was my "daughter-granddaughter" for the week. It was great to have her.
All the trainers are so anxious and ready to get going. But while they were being given some last minute instructions, the new missionaries were upstairs filling out the paperwork.
Elder Seely isn't really sure of what to do. While Elder Banbury is pondering his options!
Elder Anderson is busy getting it done and Hna. Woodword is can't wait to meet her trainer.
Here are all the trainers again, ready to go into the house. We have more trainers than missionaries because two more missionaries will be coming next week. We decided to train all the trainers at the same time.
It's the time we have all waited for, in come the trainers and now it is time to give out the assignments.
First one to find out was Elder Banbury and he is going with Elder Bailey to El Puerto.
Yippee, says Elder McGarry
Elder McGarry is going to Alicante with Elder Forest. They are excited and will do a great job.
We have another great missionary by the name of Elder Brown and he is going with Elder Thomas to Nerja. He is excited and so are we.
Elder Dangerfield was excited to be going to Cordoba with Elder Pratt. They will be dynamic together.
Elder Seely was excited to be going with Elder Hall to re-open the Aljarafe area. This will be a great challenge for both of them, but they are up to the task.
Hermana Woodward is going to Murcia with Hermana Bozeman. They are excited.
Elder Anderson was very excited to be with Elder Basurto in Jerez. They will make a great duo!
Elder Lignell is saying "Where is my new companion?" Elder White, and Lignell and Elder Peterson have to wait until next week. Lo siento, your time will come.
After all the missionaries were gone, Bella and I spent a little time up at Mijas. We enjoyed our visit and hopefully she did too. She was excited to one day serve a mission too. She will be a great missionary.
Some of the sights of Spain are wonderful. We were blessed with the visit of Bob and Shannon Christiansen. They are service missionaries for the church doing Humanitarian work throughout the world. We went to Ronda for a real p-day. We love the title of this church. It says Charity.
The old town of Ronda is very quaint and charming.
Here we are with our new friend Luis. We visited with him in his shop and ended up getting his address. We will be sending him a Book of Mormon. He is excited to read it. We have to talk to everyone about the gospel.
We had a wonderful lunch. This was a beautiful dish of chicken paella. It was great.
After our day in Ronda we stopped back at the office where the Presidente needed to discuss a few things with the ayudantes. Even on p-day we need to take care of mission business.
Sunday we spent a wonderful day in Algeciras. This is the baptismal font that they set up in the Relief Society Room. They are baptizing every month in Algeciras. It's a great branch.
This is dear Afanda (not sure of how to spell her name) She is the wonderful wife of Mustafa and a wonderful new member of the branch in Algeciras.
We loved our time in Algeciras. Elder White and Elder Lignell with Raffe, an investigator who has a baptismal date in 3 weeks, along with Presidente Clegg and Shannon and Bob Christiansen. It was a great way to end a wonderful week in the Spain Malaga Mission.

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  1. Thank you Sister Clegg for posting pictures for us Missionary Moms!!! So glad Elder McGarry is in the best mission! Love him!!!