Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Yellow Sunflowers of Spain

This photo is only a glimpse of the beauty that is covering a major portion of Southern Spain right now. It is the time of the huge sunflower fields. They are a bright yellow and so beautiful to see in so many areas. A picture doesn't do it justice. They follow the sun which makes it fun to drive to and from an area and see them as they have changed their direction.
Even still, the field is white and we are in Harvest Time in Spain. Elders Berrett, Dunoskovic, Manning and Nalley are baptizing in the heat of Badajoz. It is hot up there, and not only in baptizing. I heard the temperature was in the 40's this week. That is over 100. The heat is on!
Even though it can be hot outside, the youth in the Malaga 1 ward are practicing their songs to be sung at the wonderful baptism that took place this week in Malaga. Elder Redd and Elder Hunt found a golden FAMILY.
O.K., Elder Redd, where is that family?
Here they are, the Martinez Family. What a beautiful baptism. The only one not baptized was the daughter because she is only seven. But she will be baptized next year by her father. The great thing about this family is that the Elders found them KNOCKING DOORS. You got it everyone, this thing called trackting and contacting does work as well.
Hna Bascope was also getting the font ready in Malaga because the sisters had a baptism.
Hna Cluff and Hna Bascope are beaming. What great work Hermanas.
Andrea's big sister was getting baptized this weekend but the whole family and members of the Fuengirola Ward came up to the mission home for a "Noche de Hogar" (family night lesson). We had a wonderful time and Andrea ran off with some cake.
We had a great night and Jisaura is leading the way in her family by being the first to be baptized. She is the cute jovenes in the black shirt by me. Edurado, next to Presidente Clegg will baptize her. He is a recent convert. We love to see these new members be involved in the bringing of other souls unto Christ.
Three great missionaries and friends, Elder Hafen, Elder Peterson and Elder Manning stop and smile and say hello to everyone. We are happy and hard working Elders and Hermanas in the Spain Malaga Mission.
These look like the ruins in Merida. And I think that is Elder Manning on a p-day at the bottom of the stairs.
Yes it was and now we find him in a turret on a bridge in Badajoz. Drink lots of water and don't melt away in Badajoz Elder Manning.
So the Hermanas Baptize and they are not calling a soccer game?
Hey they fooled us, but cool p-day to go visit the soccer field in Malaga. GOOOAAALLL for Hermanas Bascope and Cluff.
We enjoyed a great visit from Manuel and Estefania Castellon who are currently living in Elche. Manuel was a former missionary in Bilbao. We loved having them in the mission home for a day.
Elder Lignell is giving the monkey a High Five for being a good monkey and not jumping all over him.
Aghh, says the monkey. Don't push! These guys can be a little frightening, but always a treat on the Rock.
As the sun sets in the west of Spain, the missionaries keep working harder and harder. We have reached our half-year goal and working to reach or exceed the yearly goal. We have great missionaries and members and we love them all in the BEST mission on the planet. The Spain Malaga Mission.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Field is White Already to Harvest

Wow Elder Bailey, what a great picture! This one is for the Ensign or Liahona. "The Field is White and ready to harvest", here in Spain.
Yes, we baptize in the Spain Malaga Mission! Elder White and Elder Lignell know how to do it.
So do Elder Ferreira and Elder Roa in Elche.
Algeciras is a busy place for baptisms.
Elder Velasco and Elder Bailey are seeing great miracles in El Puerto.
The past week was a week of Specialized Training starting with the great Zone of Sevilla.
Elder Kusseling says, "Come see the great Zone in San Fernando."
So we did, in the same day. Way to go San Fernando.
The next day found us in the Malaga Zone.
This was followed by a great training in Granada with a special visit from Elder Texiera and Elder Justenos who were in Granada for the Stake Conference.
Murcia was ready for a great training.
With Elche following the next day.
We are in Ciudad Real but where is Hna Clegg?
Well at least they found one of the Hermana Clegg's.
We had a return visit from Grandpa Smith and his parents. Good to see you again Elder Smith.
Oh, oh, why are Elders Card, Rencher and Bradley pushing the Zone Leader's car?
Pte. Clegg is wondering too.
Not a fun call for Elder Hamilton to make. Somehow the gas attendant put regular gas in the diesel tank. But fortunately, nothing seriously happened and the car was up and running the next day.
Some of the Elders in the Sevilla Zone shared some pictures of a fun p-day at your every day castle!
Be careful Elders, don't fall out of the tower!
They all join forces to pull out the sword of Excalibur.
Elder Bailey is willing to teach and talk to everyone.
While Elder Bradley thinks he can recruit a new missionary? I don't think so.
We love the windmills of LaMancha.
Elder Taylor is trying to see if anyone is home.
Repent ye, repent ye!
We enjoyed a fun pre-wedding celebration just outside of Ciudad Real at the summer home of Ana and Julio.
This was a fun, casual evening with all the members of the Valdepenas branch and a few other friends.
Bea and Kenny were good sports at the "tests' and games they were put through.
The 4 Cleggs with Julio and Ana in front of their wonderful home. Generous people who are willing to share with others. It was a wonderful evening.
The next day in Valdepenas for church. Kenny has asked Elder Bradley to be our photographer.
Some of the Valdepenas Branch after church.
Elder Rencher and Elder Bradley are doing great things in Valdepenas and it is always fun to take a picture with the President. We love our missionaries, everyone of them.
Sujay and her husband Juan and their two wonderful children invited us for dinner after church. We enjoyed a wonderful meal. Then it was on the train to return home.
Yes, this is Hermana Clegg in Utah with her 5 children. My younger sister passed away after many years of battling diabetes. All 5 of our children were in attendance for the funeral. One came from Texas and another from Washington State. It was a tender few days with the family. We enjoyed being together but missed Dad. The stay was short and very quickly I was on the plane back to Spain where I belong for another year.
But in honor of Father's Day we will let 8 or our 12 grandchildren shout out a "Happy Father's Day, Grandpa," and a Happy Father's Day for all the Fathers of our missionaries. They love you and miss you and are doing all they can to serve the Lord in righteousness.