Friday, June 10, 2011

In the Spain Malaga Mission we Baptize and Confirm worthy converts. Yea, Elder Pederson and Peterson in Murcia.
In Granada, we do the same, we Baptize and Confirm worthy converts. Elder Fetzer and Elder Peterson have been busy working there.
The same goes for Alicante, we Baptize and Confirm worthy converts. Elder Birmbaumer and Elder Barahona are loving the work.
Now don't forget about Chiclana, where Elder Staples and Elder Adams Baptize and Confirm worthy converts.
Alicante has two wards and Elder Wells and Elder Forest want us to know that they Baptize and Confirm worthy converts too.
La Hermana Bascope and La Hermana Cluff are busy Baptizing and (having the Elders) Confirm worthy converts. Cute little Saul.

The Ayudantes were busy helping me get the mission home ready for our monthly Zone Council when they thought they might help me with the food. What are they thinking of cooking?
What? A Lizard? I just don't think this little lizard would be enough for 18 hungry Elders. Now don't worry, we didn't do him any harm, we let him run away and play and hope the cats don't find him.
This week brought Zone Leader Council. The Zone leaders came prepared to share and council and learn. We had a great council.
Elder "hop a long" Marchello is battling a bad sprained ankle. Crutches aren't fun, but what are you going to do?
Well, you can always call Elder Avellar. He's got you on his back! Up, up and away.
Elder Stanley and Burdette are on their last transfer in the mission. Two good warriors are about to "retire" from active service. We love you both and will miss you but I am sure two moms are getting excited.
When we suggested a picture in front of the big tree, the little boy came out in a few who just had to climb the tree. Don't worry, no torn suits or skinned knees, just great zone leaders. We love our dedicated Zone Leaders who are trying to do their best to lift and lead the mission.
Monday evening brought 6 trainers into the mission home. We have the best trainers to train this new set of Elders. Elder Dunoskovic and Manning are eager to meet their new companion. Elder Avellar and Elder Waite are just enjoying the food!
We have to feed them first. Elder Fetzer, Marchello, Staples and Kusseling are ready to train.
We met our new group at the train station. They are so excited and eager to get going. But first, we have to go see the beauties of Southern Spain.
Elder Avellar and Elder Waite, our two ayudantes share some of the great prophecies for missionary work in Spain.
Here we are, ready to work, with Pte. Clegg in front, leading the charge.
The trainers are so excited to get going too. They had some training and instruction while they waited at the mission home for the new Elders to come.
They were literally climbing the stairs in excitement. The new Elders had arrived and they just couldn't wait to meet them.
After the new Elders were oriented, it is time to find out your area. Elder Berrett was the first one to find out.
Elder Berrett is going to Badajoz with Elder Dunoskovic. They are going to love it together. They are both fantastic Elders willing to work hard.
The light is shinning on Elder Allred and his companion and trainer Elder Marchello. They will be serving in San Fernando a great city.
One of the Elder Jones of this group is going to Granada with Elder Fetzer.
The other Elder Jones is going with Elder Kusseling to San Fernando. Maybe Elder Kusseling can teach him a little French too.
Wait a minute, do we have brothers as companions? Not really but Elder Nally sure looks a lot like his trainer, Elder Manning. They are going to be the blond duo in Badajoz for sure.
Elder Staples and Elder Gibson are going to love it in Chiclana. Elder Staples has been working hard and ready to teach Elder Gibson all he knows.
It's all thumbs up with trainers and new Elders ready to invite ALL to Come Unto Christ and be baptized. Who could resist these enthusiastic, wonderful Israelite Boys!

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  1. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into the mission blog. It is so much fun for those of us at home to see our boys and the work they are doing. I loved the photo that started off this blog post of my son, Tannon (Elder Pedersen) and his companion, Elder Peterson at their baptism last week.