Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's Spring in Malaga

Besides springing forward with our clocks, the missionaries are busily baptizing. In Fuengirola, a recent convert baptized a new convert. Elder Thornley and Elder Staples are incredible in all that they do.
Jezez hasn't stopped seeing miracles. Just ask Elder Forrest and Elder Valenzuela. They are loving it there!
Everyone loves to be in Algeciras. Elder Lyman and Elder Nally know why, because they baptize there!
Miracles in Alicante continue. Elder Rencher and Elder Manning love this miracle convert.
It's birthday time and Hermana Perera knows how to celebrate. It's her birthday and Hermana Bascope is there to join in the celebration.
The members even join in to wish Hna Perera a happy birthday.
What's this, Hermanas without shoes? Hna Crowder and Hna Yardley came to the specialized training but had to come in the rain. Their shoes were so wet and they hoped they would dry out while in the church in there specialized training. We hope so too.
Hna Woffinden has her shoes but what happened to her legs?
While Elder Card tried to finish his breakfast Elder Marchello is spreading the love to Elder Dangerfield. What???
These are Elders in contrast. Elder Allred has lost 40 lbs since entering the mission while Elder Mendoza has gained almost 40 lbs. How can that be?
Oh Elder Biamont, the Hermanas won't hurt you. The Murcia Zone are doing so great and we enjoyed being with them on a rare rainy day. Elder Avellar, Elder Wright, Elder Fagersten and Elder Shaver are there to support Elder Biamont in his time of need. While the two cute Hermanas, Hna Ross and Nelson are enjoying each other. We are happy missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission.
We are all here to support Elder Mendoza in his time of growing! Actually, Elder Avellar trained both Elder Biamont and Elder Mendoza while Elder Fagersten trained Elder Shaver. Everyone a wonderful missionary.
Elder Wright and Elder Card are feeling a little left out. Oh not really, but their trainers aren't in the Murcia Zone. They are just missing them a little bit.
Elder Bennett doesn't have much to say about that. Elder Cooper is always coming in with a smile to make our day a great one.
That afternoon we were on to Alicante. Just taking a little stretch during the training. The Alicante Zone has some new missionaries that are terrific.
The Hermanas think so. Elder Hunt is there with his new fantastic missionary, Elder Bird. But where are their smiles?
Here they are and they are being joined by Elders Stoner, Pearce, Hunt, Bird, Triana, Phillips and Redd. Wow, superbien missionaries.
"Duh, what did you say Hermana Clegg?" Elder Pallas is looking a little surprised while his companion Elder Stowell just takes it in stride. Happy Elder Pearce is saying hi to everyone.
Elders Rencher and Manning, along with Elder Mastersen are so excited about Elder Hooper. He just fits right in; he works, he speaks spanish, he's obedient, he's bold and he has fun. The keys to being a successful missionary.
That's right. But the Hermanas know about some new people coming into the mission. You will see them in a minute. But we first had to go to Granada.
Yes, Elder Pedersen is happy to see us along with Elder Anderson and Elder Velasco. Granada is full of energy.
The Hermanas in Almerica, Hna Sypherd and Hna Moreno are excited to meet Hna Petru. She's Hna Gibson's new companion. These Hermanas just glow. The Hermanas are great in this mission.
We had a great training and sang the mission song with much happiness. Best mission hymn in the church according to President Clegg.
Who's luggage is this?
And look, a new Hermana, Hna Castrillo has finally come. She received her call last June, but due to many visa problems, her time to enter kept being pushed back. She comes to us from Argentina. She is wonderful! Now, the question is, who is going to train her? She can't have 4 trainers, that is for sure.
We don't know yet, but we didn't have time to go to the mission home, so we brought our welcoming committee to the train station. Burger King will have to make due. I don't see too many sad faces. Pres. Clegg is that a bald spot starting to form? Dang-it!!!
We walked over to the Malaga capilla and yes, you guessed it, Hermana Bascope is going to be Hna Castrillo's trainer. They will do wonderful in Alicante together.
Hey, but who is this handsome Elder who has a great smile? Welcome Elder Mardonnes. He comes to us from Chile. He didn't have to wait quite as long as Hna Castrillo, but almost. He will be a great Elder.
We thought we would share our group picture with us outside of the church in Malaga.
And no, Elder Alejandre isn't his companion, Elder Triana is. But Elder Triana came to the trainer training last week, so he will be meeting his new companion at the other end of the line in Elche. Elder Alejandre is just trying to impersonate Elder Triana. But Elder Avellar, just so you know, Elder Alejandre recited the Pledge of Aligance all during the taking of this picture. We will make him an American one day!
The week continues in Sevilla. Yep, that's a bald spot. Dang-it!!
Elder Seeley was called upon to recite the 13th article of faith just like Elder Long was last week. Those Hurricane Elders know their articles of faith!! Thanks to their former Bishop, Bevin Johnson.
This is a great group in Sevilla.
Elder Walton is always eager to play the piano for us.
The Hermanas are looking great. Hna Rojas, Vega, Letendre and Roderick are happy and eager to learn.

Great work from all of these Elders. Elder Banbury, Elder Bradley, Elder Shrewsbury and Elder Geest are ready to answer the call daily.
Elder Dunoskovic, Elder Hafen and Elder Lignell are great workers, even if Elder Lignell isn't smiling here. He usually is.
Elder Taylor and Elder Wells are looking up to something?
It might be to these great Elders, Elder Walton, Gibson and McGarry. Thumbs up for everyone.
Say what?
Elder Thomas and Elder Jackson are looking great and working hard in Cordoba. A beautiful city with many elect to find.
Our last Zone to visit was the San Fernando Zone. Elder Blanch and Elder Jones are happy with the great work of this zone.
We did practicas in every training. Elder Hoyos and Elder Kirkham are into this practice
They were intent on what Elder Brown and Elder Estrada were teaching.
Elder Pratt and Elder Berrett are sharpening their skills to help be better missionaries.
While Elder Valenzuela and Elder Forrest are learning from them.
Elder Fowkes must have said something funny. Elder Hales and Jordan and Hamilton are liking it.
Wow, Elder Lyman, don't look too nervous. Elder Nalley isn't worried about what President Clegg might be saying. Actually, they are just discussing some up coming moves.
They all came out to unload the car before we left to return home to Fuengirola. Such a great Zone even if they don't have Hermanas.
Finally, this lovely arrangements of roses came to Hermana Clegg from her dear husband, President Clegg. Saturday was Hermana Clegg's birthday.
If you can count all the roses, you will know how old Hermana Clegg is. Now be careful, don't count some twice and make her older than she is. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes. It helps ease the blow of getting a little more mature!!! Love you all. And also thanks to the parents of one of our missionaries. We received an anonymous letter that was so kind. You made our day and moved us to tears. We love all our missionaries and love their parents too for raising such great young Elders and Hermanas. Les queremos!