Saturday, March 10, 2012

Angels Among Us

We had to make a special trip to Lorca and saw this beautiful angel roundabout. Even though she has wings, this reminded us that "angels are round about us." (And they are even in the roundabouts.)
Baptisms, baptisms, and they are happening everywhere. Elder Rodriguez and Elder Barahona are baptizing in Malaga 3 this young man.
Elder Pedersen and Elder Birmbaumer had a few baptisms recently in Granada.
They are definitely helping to add real growth to the ward in Granada.
Jerez is having a new awakening. Here is one baptism that our trio of Elders had in Jerez. Elder Forrest, Elder Crawford and Elder Valenzuela are an incredible team together. And we know there are more baptisms coming.
Looks like there are lots of Hermanas in Cartagena. Hermana Crowder and Hermana Woffinden are bringing the light to the souls there.
Elder Staples and Elder Thornley keep very busy with the office and another baptism. They are the best. The Mijas Branch is delighted with their newest member.
In the Spain Malaga Mission we baptize and not just anyone?!? Elder Valenzuela and Elder Forrest are reaching to new heights in their teaching:) This is one of President Clegg's favorite all time picture.
There is a lot of joy in the District of Murcia. Enjoying a little p-day time together.
Elder Berrett wanted to let us know that he has loved his time in Alcala de la Guadaria. Oh yea, it's written on the wall behind him.
I guess this week was a time for wall art. Elder Walton has joined hands with his investigators from Poland, Romania, Africa, Bulgaria, South America and more. We are international in our teaching.
It's also time to welcome Elder and Hermana Spainhower. They just arrived in the mission on Friday. They will be handling the Young Single Adult Center in Malaga. We are so excited to have them here.
The district of Caseres was enjoying a tranquil group shot. Hermana Vasquez, Hermana Bozeman, Elder Fetzer and Elder Barbosa seem calm and cool enough.
But Hermana Vasquez, what are you doing to Hermana Bozeman? Please don't push her. You appear like you are trying to "kill" Hermana Bozeman.
We would never do that to Hermana Capener in the Murcia District. No, not with Elder Cooper, Elder Bennett, Elder Shaver and Elder Biamont. Hermana Ross wouldn't let them do that.
Not so true in Granada. Elder Massaro is even helping Elder Pedersen hold Elder Moss while Elder Anderson is trying a little target practice. What is going on?
Oh nothing, it's just the last night in the mission for a few wonderful, faithful, hard working missionaries. Elder Moss, Elder Taylor, Elder West, Hermana Sturgess, Hermana Bozeman, Hermana Capener and Elder Waite are all going home.
We spent a wonderful night together. Sharing our testimonies of love and devotion to serving our Heavenly Father here in Spain. We will miss each and every one of them. We hope all will be well with them on their journey through life.
Now I have caught President Clegg along with President Brubaker of the Netherlands, Amsterdam Mission. They are busy buying some mighty big pastries but this doesn't look like Spain.
It's not, we are in Frankfurt, Germany for our interim Mission President's Seminar. It was 3 days for incredible teaching and learning and a few hours to see a few sights. Germany is such a beautiful country and it actually felt so nice to be in colder weather. I know we are a little strange, but it was great.
At the end of the Seminar we all went to the Frankfurt temple. Here are the Ladies of Spain. Even though Hermana Moore is no longer serving as matron of the Madrid Temple. She and her husband are serving as Executive Secretaries to the Area Presidency. The other two are Hermana Watkins of the Madrid Mission and Hermana Hinckley of the Barcelona Mission. We all go home this summer. Wow, this time is going too fast.
More friends and we are all connected because 3 of us, Sister Moore, Sister Miles, of the Alpine German Speaking Mission and myself are from the Mueller Park Stake in Bountiful. Julie Coltan is with her husband in Germany as he serves as legal counsel for the area. Her best friend is in our ward in Bountiful so she is connected.
We couldn't leave out our husbands and Angel Moroni. We love being in the temple. Something we only get to do at our seminars, so we drink it in. It was a wonderful seminar where we were re-energized to be able to finish our service in Spain as strong as we can. We will not quit till the end. We love the work too much.

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