Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Madness in Malaga

Meet the newest grand-baby in the Clegg family. This is Chloe Clegg, born March 8th. Her sisters and brother were so excited. She is our #13. She must be very lucky. We are excited.
The mission is working hard and baptizing many families. Jerez with Elder Valenzuela and Elder Forrest are seeing many miracles.
In Murcia Elder Biamont, Elder Shaver, Elder Bennett and Elder Cooper are delighted with their baptisms.
Hermanas Torres, Gibson and Woodward are very happy with the miracles they are seeing in Nerja.

Elder Ferguson and Elder Peterson have their arms around this baptism in Malaga.
Hermanas Torres and Sturgess are keeping the baptisms going and feeling the love in Malaga.
We were delighted to meet Hermana Bozeman's parents as they came to pick her up at the end of her mission. They were having a wonderful time visiting Spain.
Elder Barahona and Elder Crespo fixed lunch for the Massaros. Missionaries have many talents.
Elder McGarry is showing the love for their new washing machine in their piso.
When we are missing the grandbabies, we have plenty to love here in Spain. Hna Massaro is enjoying this sweetie.
Elder Gomez thinks he has found the sword of Laban?
Don't get any closer to the beach Hermanas
The balcony of Europe is so beautiful. Nerja is paradise.
Members and missionaries in Murcia.
Many of the young adults of Murcia. Love seeing Alberto (a.k.a. Elder Basurto) again.
Concilio was great again. We have wonderful Zone Leaders.
We love them so much we took two pictures of the group.
Everyone has to get into a picture, right.
Elder Manning knows what I am talking about.
We have a wonderful visitor with us for Concilio. This is Hermana Clegg's sister! Elder Jones and Elder Ferguson enjoyed meeting Marge Clayton.
Hermana Clegg we didn't know you had another sister? Elder Shaver and Elder Hatch seem a little surprised. Who's that behind you two?
Elder Peterson and Elder Hall are not aware of the face behind them. We see you Elder Hafen.
It's off they go with their lunches in tow. Snickers were a hit this time.
This really isn't my sister but we are as close as if we were. Our dear friend Marge Clayton came to see us for a few days from Johannesburg, South Africa. Her husband is the legal counsel for the church for that area. It was a wonderful two days to have her around.
Plates are all ready for the burgers that Presidente is cooking. We had all the trainers in on Wednesday to prepare for the missionaries coming the next morning.
We all enjoyed our training.
The next morning we met 8 new missionaries. What a fantastic group.
Always lots to fill out.
Even the Spainhowers had to fill out their paperwork. We are so excited to have them here in the mission.
The trainers are all lined up to find out who their new missionary to train will be. This is such a great moment.
Elder Bird with Elder Hunt in Alicante
Elder Hooper with Elder Masterson in Alicante as well.
Elder Meneses with Elder Barney in Puertollano.
Hermana Roderick with Hermana Letendre in Dos Hermanas.
Hermana Petru with Hermana Gibson in Nerja.
Hermana Williams with Hermana Vasquez in Badajoz.
Hermana Ross with Hermana Nelson in Murcia.
Hermana Yardley with Hermanas Crowder and Woffinden in Cartagena.
We had 30 at the table. Now that is a feast!!!
We also did some Specialized Training. What is everyone looking at?
Elder Long was asked by Presidente to say the 13th Article of Faith. He passed!!!!
Everyone was watching to see if he could do it!
The Hermanas were confident he would do it.
Elder Peterson is making sure we all know that we are a mission that follows the teachings of Preach My Gospel. And we are!
Finally in Malaga, Hermana Massaro baked a cake for Hermana Clegg in anticipation of her birthday next week. Oh my, another birthday. They just come to fast. Thanks Hermana Massaro.
It was delicious. The Massaros love it.
And were do we find this happy, good-looking Elder?
In LaMancha. It's all thumbs up for everyone in the LaMancha Zone.
After the training Elder Hall and Elder Peterson are putting back the chapel.
We all joined together for a wonderful lunch. Everyone brought something and Hermana Clegg made a great soup. We all loved it.
The Hermanas loved it. Hey look at the gigantic cups!
Well Elders get thirsty.
We all sat around and listened to Presidente Clegg tell many wonderful stories about his mission in Bolivia. Many miracles were shared.
No one wanted to leave as we felt the spirit. Miracles are happening everywhere and none more than in the Spain Malaga Mission. We are on the move and loving serving the Lord.


  1. It's so much fun to come here each week and see not only my own son, but all of the wonderful missionaries in the Spain, Malaga mission!

  2. We are happy to see that Hermana Petru arrived safely and will be serving in Neja. She is an awesome missionary. Watch out for great things to come from her!