Sunday, March 4, 2012

March is Full of Miracles

We love it when we can attend a baptism. San Lucar had a great baptism this week. Elder Kirkham and Elder Pearce worked very hard with this dear woman. She made it and was so happy.
Elder Jackson and Elder Masterson are telling us the Book of Mormon is true and you know it. They enjoyed this wonderful baptism in Alicante.
Sevilla enjoys the hard work of Elder Stoner and Elder Dunoskovic. Sevilla is a great place to find those looking for the truth.
Elder Brown and Elder Estrada are all smiles at their baptism in El Puerto. The San Fernando Zone is on fire.
Cadiz is excited to see a new member. Elder Mendoza and Elder Jordan are happy to bring this man to the waters of baptism.
Now it was Elder Mendoza's turn to baptize. They are working and finding in Cadiz.
Last week we were in Caceres and had a wonderful visit with the former Hermana Ramirez. She came back after her mission and is now living in Caceres. She is our little muneca!!
The Branch in Caceres is always in good hands with Presidente Blanco. Elder Fetzer and Elder Barbosa are enjoying their work up there.
We attended a district meeting with Elder Pearce and his district in El Puerto. Elder Brown is sharing a spiritual thought. We loved the meeting. It was an excellent district meeting. We can see why these Elders are seeing so much success. They are united and are exercising a lot of faith.
As Elder Pearce is teaching, they were all listening and participating and learning.
Here they are doing a practica. District meetings are a great place to learn and refine how we do our work as missionaries.
We enjoyed a great lunch prepared by the District. Afterwards Elder Estrada and Elder Brown are cleaning up so that we don't leave the church dirty. Remember we always leave places better than we found them.
Elder Forrest and Elder Crawford and Elder Valenzuela had to run out the door to get to their train. The missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission are always working hard to find the elect. In Jerez these Elders have 7 or 8 baptismal dates set. They have a lot of work to do.
Elder Pearce, Elder Estrada, Elder Kirkham, Presidente Clegg, Elder Brown, Elder Blanch and Elder Pratt are all thumbs-up for having shared a great District Meeting. Now it is back to work.
Before the baptism later that night in San Lucar, we went over to Rota to visit the area. We were excited to find out that the Navy is planning to put more ships in Rota over the next few years. That will greatly enlarge the branch in El Puerto. This is a statue

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