Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baptisms with an Anouncement

Elder Hoyos and Elder Rodriquez are busy bringing a family into the church. What adorable children all dressed in white. Malaga 3 is growing by 3.
Elder Seely and Elder Shrewsbury are thrilled with their baptism in Huelva. Huevla has seen many miracles lately.
The Hermanas in Almeria, Hna Sypherd and Hna Moreno have been very busy bringing families into the church. Almeria is a happy place where new converts are welcomed warmly.
Hna Bascope and Hna Perera are always smiling. Especially when they have a beautiful baptism in Alicante.
Lots of Hermanas having baptisms this week. Hna Torres and Hna Sturgess are excited about their most recent convert in Malaga 1. We have the best Hermanas in this mission.
A baptism is such an exciting time for the new convert as well as her teachers. Happiness and the light of Christ is evident in the eyes of everyone here.
Elder Hatch and Elder Mervai are always working hard in Alicante. They have another well prepared convert that accepted baptism.
They also had another baptism in Alicante. A missionary who knows and understands their purpose can't be stopped. And these two know and understand their purpose.
Our office secretaries not only run the mission, they also are baptizing. Great work Elder Thornley and Elder Staples.
Elder Hunt is at it again. This time with Elder Triana. Elche has seen some real growth over the past few months. Great Elders, great members, great converts. This was especially sweet as the man who baptized this new convert is a recent convert himself.
Talk about happy, smiling faces. Hermana Bascope and Hna Perera are always smiling. Look at those beautiful eyes. They are the eyes of two wonderful daughters of God who love to serve.
Talk about adorable!! Elder Masterson's mom sent this side by side picture. On the left, Elder Masterson is saying, "I hope they call me on a mission." And on the right, our own hard working Elder Masterson is saying, "I love my mission! I never want to leave."

Help, missionary on the wall! Elder Taylor and Elder Pallas are showing the Massaro's their spiderman imitation. They are currently working in Utera, which is next to Dos Hermanas.
Hermana Letendre and Hermana Collett have been working in Dos Hermanas finding and teaching many investigators. These four missionaries had a surprise for Hna Massaro. It was her birthday on the 26th and they gave her something special.
Root Beer!! This is her favorite drink. Now where do you get Root Beer in Spain? At the American bases.
We thought everyone should get a small tour of the Mission Office. Welcome in to the reception room. But no one is here, that's because they are busy working.
Not very often, but once a week you might find President Clegg in his office signing letters and getting ready for our once a week office meeting.
The ayudantes, Elder White and Elder Alejandre are normally in the office only on Monday like President Clegg. They put together the numbers of the previous week and report them at the meeting. They are two very hard working Elders who carry a lot of responsibility.
The Massaros are in the office on Mondays and sometimes other days. They are our health missionaries. Both of them are registered nurses, serving the Lord in Malaga in so many ways. They help the missionaries with health problems, inspect the apartments and help the missionaries keep them in order, they help with the branch in Nerja, and do just about anything else that the mission might need help in. They are great.
Elder Staples is busy paying bills and rent and anything else financial. He has a lot of work but he is always on top of everything. He quietly goes about his work in the office and then works hard in the streets as a missionary. He is amazing.
Elder Thornley is busy with reservations, and residency and travel plans. It is a never ending job, and like Elder Staples, he is amazing. We love how our office missionaries serve all of us.
"Hey Hermana Clegg, why don't you come on our side?" Elder Stevens and his wonderful companion are in the other room that is connected by our new opening. We love this.
Hermana Stevens handles a variety of things from correspondence, to orders from the missionaries to baptismal records. She is busy and effective and organized. She is wonderful.
Elder Stevens helps with re-embursements and orders and phone bills and cars and besides that, he is also the Branch President of the Mijas Branch. They are always happy and smiling and ready to do whatever is necessary for the success of the mission.
And for our announcement. We want to introduce you to President and Hermana Deere, who will be coming in July to be our replacements. We told them they won! They have been called to the best mission in the world. They are from Utah and are so excited to come and serve. President Deere served his mission in Guatemala and will be ready to go from day one. Don't they look great!!
This is a picture of their wonderful family. They have one son who has served a mission, another son on his mission and their two youngest will be coming to Spain with them. That will certainly be a wonderful experience for them and for all the people they will influence by their presence. The Lord has called a wonderful family to serve here. We are excited for them and we won't talk about our mixed emotions to start to realize that we too, will be leaving. But that is not for 4 months. There are miles to go before we sleep!!!

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  1. It's wonerful. I would like to be there.