Saturday, February 11, 2012

February is the Month of Baptisms

More and more families are coming into the church. It is such a blessing to the members here in Spain and it takes a lot of work on the part of the missionaries. Elders Hamilton and Allred worked so hard in Cartagena. They were aided by the members and Elder Bradley and Elder Mendoza in Cartagena with them.
A week before they had another baptism. Cartagena is happy.
Elche has also enjoyed the fruits of hard working Elders. Elder Hunt and Estrada have been doing a mighty work in Elche.
Here they are again. Just after these baptisms Elder Estrada moved, but we are sure there are many new members that are grateful to him and Elder Hunt for being such incredible missionaries to bring the gospel to everyone.
Sometimes we just feel like we are on top of the world here in Spain. Of course, everyone can't be in the best mission in the world!
Yes Elder West, we are #1. Elder Gomez is feeling pretty good about being here in Spain. Elder Gomez and Elder West love it in Jaen.
Another scripture bag has been given out in the mission. These bags are adorable and very much loved.
Elder Hamilton sent this picture and asked me if anything great happened in 1986? As you can see on the license plate it says 1986 CLG. That's the closet thing to Clegg in Spain! Well many great things for sure.
Look who Elder Bennett found in Murcia. Yep, that's our former Elder Basurto, now home and is now Alberto Basurto alog with his mother.
And yes, he is the ward mission leader for the Hermanas in Murcia. Now that's a great calling for him now that he is home.
Hermana Vasquez and Hermana Bozeman are enjoying the sun in Badajoz.
I am not quite sure who the Elders found on their p-day, but hey, I guess there are some Hawaiians or New Zealanders in Spain???
Elder Hales mom made this greatest quilt for him. Wow, we all want one of these!
I guess you can go swinging on p-day. Elder Allred is trying it out.
Hi Elder Hamilton. Looks like you enjoyed that when you were young!
This week we had concilio with the Zone Leaders. Elder Birmbaumer and Elder Pedersen are leading the way in Granada.
Elder Waite and Elder Hafen are all smiles in Sevilla.
Elder Hall and Elder Peterson are loving LaMancha.
Elder Peterson and Elder Ferguson are all thumbs up and smiles about Malaga.
Elder Manning and Elder Lignell are hearing the music in Alicante.
And Elder Shaver and Elder Biamont are making things happen in Murcia.
Elder Blanch and Elder Pratt couldn't be happier or working harder than they are in San Fernando.
We love our ayudantes, Elder White and Elder Alejandre.
As well as our "ayudantes in the office" Elder Staples and Elder Thronley.
And boy do these Elders eat!!
These were the biggest potatoes we have seen ever in Spain.
Yes Elder White, that is one potato. We were all fed well both for the body and for the spirit at this Concilio.
Hi Mom, we are just getting ready for our picture out back.
Elder Pratt was ready while Elder White is looking for everyone else.
Here they all are. Great looking Elders who really care about all the missionaries in their Zones. They have all committed to do even better.
That's right Hermana Clegg. We all love Elder Thornley. Elder Biamont just wants to make sure he is eating enough.
Who did you say was coming?
It's the District Leaders. We had a District Leader training after the Zone Council. The favorite place in the mission home is in front of the transfer board.
They are also ready to eat before we get started with the training. Are we all here?
Everyone but Elder White. He was busy making some last minute arrangements before we started our training with the District Leaders.
3 days feeding 20 people each day gets a little crazy. But with all the help of the Elders and Pres. Clegg washing dishes, we did great. Feeding missionaries can be kind of fun.

After the evening training you have to go out and enjoy one of the beautiful sunsets that we always have in Spain. Elder Mockler and Elder Bradley are just trying to take it all in.
Here you have Elder Jones and Elder Jones. Boy it is hard to keep up with the Joneses!! (Is that how you spell that?)
For the first time ever it was too cold and too windy to eat breakfast outside so we ate in. It actually went well. We are now ready for the rest of the training. Many of the District Leaders were given assignments to teach and they were fantastic.
Hey that's right Hermana Clegg. It was awesome, says Elder Bradley.
Elder Dangerfield and Elder Barahona have matching ties. Elder Hales has one too but they didn't tell him to wear his. Now Elders!

It was still so windy and cold that we decided to do the group shot indoors. What a great bunch of District Leaders.
But everyone wanted to run out and try a few photos. Everyone of these Elders have either served in LaMancha or are there now.
These are Andalucia serving Elders.
Well these are too, but they have served in other areas of the mission.
And like the end of every meeting we have, we have to sing our mission song. The best mission song in the church.
Friday we took the train up to LaMancha in Ciudad Real. Hermana Carter is saying good-bye to Hermana Vega who is moving to Sevilla.
She is saying good-bye because Hermana Meldrum finally arrived after being a visa waiter who's passport was lost by the American Consulate.
So we did all her orientation in Ciudad Real. She was brought down from one of our favorite couples in the mission.
Yea, we got to see the Cleggs for a few hours. They had to come down to do a little bit of residency work. Hermana Carter and Hermana Meldrum are excited to go to work. We had to say good-bye to the Cleggs as they returned to the CCM in Madrid where they are interim Presidents. It was a very busy week in the mission, but when is there not a busy week?

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  1. Hello my name is Justin Booth. I was a missionary in the Spain Malaga Mission 2005-2007 and I have lost contact with Ione Almeida in the Malaga 2nd ward. Elder Miller and I taught and baptized her in 2006. I am visiting Spain with my wife the first week of March and would like to stop by and say hi to her. I was hoping to get in contact with someone who could give me a better contact number or address for Ione. My email address is Thanks for your help.