Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Hearts are Turned to the Lord

Two of our Malaga Elders, Elder Hoyos and Elder Rodriguez are enjoying the fruits of their hard work, a baptism.
We are enjoying the fruits of missionary work, and the crowning fruit is baptism. Elder Blanch along with Elder Pratt are doing a mighty work in San Fernando. Finding many souls to Come Unto Christ.
Huelva is experiencing miracles daily. Elder McGarry and Elder Walton can tell you about miracles. This dear sister, Maria del Mar, went through many trials but knows that the gospel is true. She is following the example of Jesus Christ in her life.
Our dear little branch in Caseres keeps on growing. It's not little anymore. Elder Fetzer and Elder Barbosa are doing all they can to teach and preach and find the elect.
Another wonderful baptism in San Fernando and Juan, the recent convert, was now doing the baptism of his daughter. Elder Pratt and Elder Blanch were delighted and pleased to see another soul enter into the waters of baptism.
Just an experiment, but isn't this a beautiful birds eye view of a beach near El Puerto. Thanks Elder Estrada for the photo. Hope you didn't get any closer!

Yes, we celebrate Valentines Day in Spain as well. Elder Fowkes and Elder Hales dropped in on the JAS activity with an investigator and just had to take a group picture.
Elder Hales????

Mmmmm, His Zone Leaders and Hermana Clegg aren't quite sure about that picture.

This dear brother is going to be baptized as soon as the weather warms up in San Fernando. Elder Pratt and Elder Blanch are praying for warmer weather!
They are also busy doing service in San Fernando helping in the church to fix up a few things.
Elder McGarry wants Hermana Stevens to know he has his 5 day emergency supply of food. I just don't have the heart to tell him that it was supposed to be nutritional food.
And Elder Walton thinks he is going to live by the good word alone! Well he must have a lot of faith because he will be fasting for longer than he may want.
Hermana Sypherd was feeling a little blue the other day on p-day. Hermana Moreno was doing all she could to help her hold on.
Just as she turned around to breathe the clear air Hermana Moreno seemed to have a change of heart? Not our sweet, kind, loving Hermana Moreno? You know, a picture is worth a thousand words, and right now I am speechless:) OOPS!!!!!
We shall just move on to ZONE CONFERENCES. We love Zone Conferences because we get to see all the missionaries. We started in Murcia, where we are doing role-plays to practice the Zone focus. Elder Wright and Elder Taylor are teaching Elder Allred, while Elder Hamilton is watching.
Across the room, we see another group practicing. We had many wonderful practices that help us to be better teachers.
Of course we always have lunch. Missionaries are always hungry.
Looks like everyone is getting fed. Thanks Zone Leaders for all your great work.
And what would a Zone Conference be without recognizing the birthdays and singing to all.
Alberto (aka Elder Basurto) dropped in to say hi.
Hermana Perera and Hermana Bascope say thumbs up to everything.
Elder Hunt's smile is always so genuine and brings us joy.
The great Zones of Elche and Murcia had a wonderful conference.

Oh, just needed to let our hair down for a second.
Our next Zone Conference was held in Malaga. The Hermanas treated us to a wonderful musical number. The angels were singing.
Such a great looking group of Elders don't you think so?
More happy smiling faces, always eager to do the work of the Lord. Look at their wonderful smiles. Elders Rodriguez, Gomez, Birmbaumer, Rencher, Rodriguez and Hoyos to name a few.
4 Elders from LaMancha. Yea for Elders Jones, Barney, Fagersten, and Hall. We love all of you!
Happy Hermanas are bringing such joy to the mission.
We love our missionaries!!! Every one of them!!!
And they love the Lord and serving Him here in Spain.
More birthdays in the Malaga, Granada and LaMancha Zones.
Great photo, great group, wonderful lessons learned.
And a little merriment.
Smiles from Sevilla. Hermanas Vega and Rojas are always greeting us with their beautiful smiles.
Elder Velasco is working hard with his studies of English. All our native Spanish speakers are working on receiving their certificate of graduation from a well recognized English course. So when the Americans study Spanish, they study English. It works for everyone.
Elders Estrada, Jordan, Pratt and Hales are all excited about our "prayer" book marks. The Massaros helped us design a book mark with 4 easy prompts to saying a simple prayer. The missionaries love using them to help their investigators learn to pray properly.
Elder Hafen is our newest Zone Leader who realizes there is a lot to do to prepare for Zone Conferences. He did a wonderful job.
Elder Brown and Elder Seeley enjoy their flan for desert.
Everyone seems to love Flan. Elders Crawford, Mockler, Pearce and Barrett are happy.
Elder Brown is being patient while his companion Elder Estrada finishes his flan so they can return to El Puerto to work. A rare moment when Elder Brown doesn't have a smile on his face. Give that Elder some more flan.
Hermana Letendre and Hermana Collett are doing great in Dos Hermanas. They loved Zone Conference and made sure they had time to eat their flan!!!
We even had a chorus line for the birthday song. We love birthdays.
What a great group of missionaries. Like the other Zones, we left Sevilla feeling fed by the spirit and uplifted by the words and teachings.
We work hard but we also have fun in the Spain Malaga Mission.
We had a wonderful Fireside in San Lucar. We had so many young people in attendance. But Elder Kirkham, where is your companion?
See mom, we can't leave a missionary out. So the same picture with a different Elder. The week was wonderful and the work moves forward with faith and prayers and lots and lots of work.

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