Sunday, June 24, 2012

Reunions are Great

 We always enjoy the miracle of baptism.  Elder Nunez and Elder Barahona are seeing incredible miracles in Valdepenas.  Many more are in the future for them.
Hermana Martin and Hermana Perera in Malaga 3 are always working to bring families together in the gospel. 
 Two great Elders make even better companions.  Elder Wright is doing a great job in training Elder Tenney.  They love Lorca.
 Lorca has a beautiful castle that sits on the top of a hill overlooking the city.  Lot's of miracles always happening in this town.
 Our missionaries are great always ready to give a little service to members and investigators alike.  Elder Hoyos looks like a pro with that paint roller.
 His companion, Elder Gochez also looks quite handy at painting himself.
 We have great hermanas that are always working hard and doing what they can to invite everyone to "Come Unto Christ."  We love all our hermanas in this mission.  They are great!!!
 Hermana Perera joins a little fan in saying "Go Espana".  They are now in the Semi-finals of the Euro Cup.  We are proud of the national team of Spain.
This pictures looks like two pilots for Iberia Air doesn't it?  Actually, it's what Elder Bailey and Elder Alejandre need to do for their weekly district meeting while they are in Africa.  
They are part of the district in the office.  It's their once a week contact with the rest of the mission.  They are all working hard to do the work of the Lord.
It was also time this week to say good-bye to our two wonderful office secretaries as they are finished training out the two new ones.  Elder Thornley and Elder Staples have been wonderful.  They are both going out to other areas to continue their great service here.  Such great missionaries.  They were responsible for making a mission video for everyone.  We love you both.
Just thought everyone would like to see how fresh dirt is delivered here in Spain.  The front yard of the mission home is getting a little re-do when we suddenly noticed a huge crane outside the house. 
The dirt is brought in large bags and the operator puts the bag where the gardeners want it.
Then they slit it open and let the dirt fall.  I quite like this system. 
Hey, now who are all these young adults and what are they doing IN the mission pool?
Hermanas in pants?  Now things are really changing around here.
Oh my, that is former Elder Sanchez and former Elder Del Molino and former Elder Bullen.  What do they all have in common?
They are among the other returned missionaries that attended the first missionary reunion of many we plan to have.  Only most of our reunions will be in Bountiful, Utah.  We decided to try to have a reunion with native missionaries from both the Bilbao and the Malaga Missions.  We spent Friday and Saturday eating, lot's of time in the pool for the returned missionaries, and a little bit of teaching by President Clegg.  

Former Elder Bullen, now Rich Bullen had to leave early to get back with his group in Spain.  He has come with a study abroad program which was in Granada.  How great to see him and catch up on what is going on.  He looked great.
Here's the rest of the group.  We had the former Elder Luke Phillips with his fiancee Avril, the former Hermana Cassandra Marin with her fiancee Marcos, the former Elder Iago Sanchez, the former Elder Reuban Del Molino, the former Hermana Rakel Calderon, the former Elder Benjamin Nestvogel and the former Elder Luiggi Leon.  There were more who tried to come but could not get here.  We missed those who couldn't come but we made up for it with the fun we all shared together. 
O.k., now this looks too much like a missionary.  What is Luke doing in a suit?
Everyone else says "Enough of that, you are going in the pool."
The former Elder Luke Phillips brought this old suit because he wanted so much to be able to go in the pool during his mission.  This one is for all the missionaries and he says, "I feel your pain."  Right, he enjoyed every minute of it.  So did we all.
Elder Manning and Elder Hall brought something up on their p-day and were delighted to see the former Elder Del Molino.  One of the traveling ayudantes when they started their mission.  Time just flies by fast. 

We also got a hello to all, sent by the former Hna Bailey Capener with the former Elder Daryl Bennett and the former  Hna Alicia Sturgess who ran into each other at a concert. 
The former Elder Austin Avellar and the former Elder Blaine Wells give a thumbs up to the entire Spain Malaga Mission.  They are excited that we are now half-way to our goal of 404 baptisms as we are over the 202 mark as of Sunday.
And the former Hna Laura Carter along with Bailey Capner and Alicia Sturgess are loco over the success we are having.
We spent our last Sunday in the mission in the ward of Dos Hermanas.  The flowers are everywhere along the highways in Spain.
Two former Bilbao Missionaries and companions for 3 transfers, the former Elder Miguel Roldan and the former Benjamin Nestvogel enjoyed a little reunion in Dos Hermanas, the ward that Miguel lives in now.  He couldn't make it to the mission home so we came to him.
The wonderful Bishop Roldan and his counselors and wives fixed us a wonderful farewell lunch after church.   It was delicious, especially the chocolate and carrot cakes.
And just a reminder to all, "We will Pray, Read, and Obey every day!!!  That's what we hope every missionary who ever served with President and Hermana Clegg will remember and do for the rest of their lives so we can all enjoy the blessings of living the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Elders Peters and Banbury and Hermanas Meldrum and Letendre will never forget!  And so, just one more blog, that will be the transition.  Wow, can't believe it is here. Why do 3 years have to go so fast?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Final Zone Conferences

There is nothing better than a baptism to start your mission.  Elder Peters is excited along with his trainer, Elder Banbury.  Two great missionaries doing all they can to preach the gospel in Utera.
The Hermanas in Dos Hermanas are at it again.  Way to go Hermana Meldrum and Hermana Letendre.
Jerez is growing and the Elder are loving it.  Especially when you have a member by the name of Paco who is always sharing the gospel.  Just ask Elder Valenzuela and Elder Keller.  
Another baptism in El Puerto.  Way to go Elder Lopez and Elder Salmeron.
Everyone loves the members in Alicante.  They are always willing to help in the work of the Lord.  Elder Shrewsbury and Elder Meneses can vouch for that.
Malaga 3 had some miracles happen there.  Elder Birnbaumer and Elder Gomez love miracles.
This is there second miracle.  But actually, every baptism is a wonderful miracle.
Elder Norton and Elder Jones seem to be saying "Don't mess with us."  But we know these two work very, very hard and are seeing success in Huercal Overa.
Looks like some of the missionaries are enjoying their new found soccer shirts.  Looks great Elders and Hermana!!
Elder Banbury and Elder Peters are showing us a little bit of their work.  Hmmm, interesting.
Look who came back with his family to visit the mission.  Why it is Elder Ferguson. We enjoyed meeting his family and seeing him again.
We also enjoyed a family home evening and a wonderful dinner with our friends in Sevilla.  Pres. Blanco and his wife Reyes and his 1st Counselor Juan and his wonderful wife Maria.  Such great people.  They will be friends for life. 
Companions can be friends for life.  Elder Shrewsbury and Elder Meneses think this will be the case.
Oh good, the hats are not permanent.  
This week brought our last gathering with all our wonderful missionaries.  It was a week with many tears but it has made for wonderful memories.  We started off in Sevilla with the San Fernando Zone and the Sevilla Zone.
When all the missionaries stand up and sing "God Be With You Till We Meet Again", the tears come easy.
We have such wonderful missionaries.
In Murcia with the Murcia Zone and the Alicante Zone we must have our great music leader Elder Pearce at the helm.
It's hard to let go and say good-bye when all the missionaries are so great.  
Lot's of bear hugs and even for Alberto, the former Elder Basurto who came to say good-bye.
Another beautiful rendition of "God Be With You Till We Meet Again." Yes, more tears.
You say who is coming to Malaga?  
The Elders from Africa arrived on the boat in full attire.
What is this? Presidente Clegg is not sure about this. We are not sure if this is missionary approved attire. We send our boy's to Africa and they come back looking like this!! I think their great.
Another wonderful Zone Conference.  
The Hermanas sang like the angels they are.
And Elder Manning ended with a wonderful rendition of How Great Thou Art.  Every Zone Conference was special and we will never forget our missionaries.
O.K., with all the tears, we had to make you all laugh.  We had asked Elder Bailey and Elder Alejandre to find us each typical clothing from Africa.  What do you all think?
The next day we had the wonderful pleasure to attend the wedding reception of one of our wonderful missionaries from Bilbao.  Along with seeing him and his beautiful bride, we enjoyed being with Hermana Calderon and her family and her cousins, who are also our friends in San Fernando.  We have some wonderful friends throughout this mission.
Our wonderful former Elder Jose Cepeda and his beautiful bride, Ligia.  It was a beautiful evening at a beautiful Golf Course-club house outside of Jerez.
She had a beautiful dress.  They will be sealed in the Madrid Temple next week.  A beautiful evening for two beautiful, happy people.
This is for all of our fathers.  
And one more wonderful meal with one of the great families in Malaga.  Ana Belen and her Husband Jose and his sister and parents and daughter Natalie.  We have great members in the Spain Malaga Mission.  We love them all. They currently have a son Juan Carlos living in Bountiful, and we will see him soon as well.