Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission

We love little future missionaries, but we love them more when they grow up and get called to the Spain Malaga Mission. This is our own Elder Fagersten and his little brother. Elder Fagersten was 6 years old and now he and his little brother are serving missions. Oh mom's, don't they grow up too fast. By the way, Elder Fagersten is on the left if you hadn't guessed by now.
We hope they call us on a mission that we are able to teach and preach and bring worthy converts to the gospel of Jesus Christ. This wonderful woman was looking for a church, found US on the internet and read until 3:00 a.m. all the way through Mosiah the first night she had the Book of Mormon. A great miracle story which delighted our Hermana Perera and Hna Frandsen in Almeria.
Sevilla is seeing many miracles through a lot of hard work and dedication and faith from Elder Ferreira and Elder Alejandre.
Caseres has baptized their first deacon. This is a branch that has almost doubled over the past 4-5 months. We are even petitioning for a new capilla (church) to meet in. They have outgrown the one they are in now. Way to go Elder Allred and Elder Shaver.
Aren't they a great group of saints!
Our truly dedicated Elders, Elder Long and Elder Ferguson are at it again in Huercal Overa. Miracles are happening there every day. What a beautiful new convert. Two great missionaries who know their purpose.
Elder Alejandre and Elder Ferreira are at it again. Wow, Sevilla is on a true up swing of new converts. The church is growing in Spain.
Elder Dunoskovic and Elder Berrett had a wonderful baptism in Granada. They have been pounding the pavement and it has paid off.
Yea for the Secretaries in the office. Elder Stoner and Elder Fagersten were happy. A Grandmother and her grandson were baptized. Mom and Dad need to get married and then they will join them in the waters of baptism. We are doing all we can to find families and bind them together on earth.
Elder Fagersten is getting adjusted to being in the office. But he doesn't neglect Preach My Gospel either. He is all trained and doing a great job for the mission.
Ah, where is that last receipt? Elder Taylor is taking over the reigns of "financiero" for the mission. And he is doing it with a smile.
And so it is out of the office you go Elder Moss and Elder Stoner. They are showing the treats that Presidente brought them as a going away gift. The entire mission says Gracias for all you have done for everyone. Elder Moss is going to Granada and Elder Stoner is going to Sevilla. Work hard Elders. We love you as well as all of the wonderful missionaries in the best mission in the world!
No, this isn't an investigator, just one of the many goats we see in our travels. This one has a descent rack. No Presidente, it isn't hunting season in Spain for goats?!?
But it is the time to say good-bye to two wonderful Hermanas. Normally we would be receiving new missionaries but they were held up for a week. They will be with us next week. But for now, we have to say good-bye to two stalwart Hermanas, Hermana Millan and Hermana Frandsen.
We love both of you so and wish you all the best. Two great workers who have done much to see the church grow in Spain. You will be missed a lot. They worked hard and gave it all to the Lord. Adios Hermanas!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

We Specialize in Baptisms

The mission is realizing many blessings from exercising faith and working hard. Hna Rojas and Hna Vasquez had a wonderful baptism that united a family. This woman's husband was baptized a few months earlier, now they can plan for their future together.
Elders Avellar and Jones are experiencing many miracles in Antequera. These two wonderful men are excited to be the newest members there.
Great things keep happening in Lorca. Elder Taylor and Elder Mervai had two baptisms but one of their pictures didn't work. Send it to me again Elders.
Badajoz is all about bringing future families together. This young man who is going on a mission baptized his girlfriend just before leaving to serve.
He told Elders Nally and Manning that now he is ready to go and start his mission.
Puertollano is experiencing miracles with Elders Hatch and Seely.
What a beautiful view for a p-day in the Elche Zone.
Elders be careful! Don't get too hung up!!
The week brought Specialized Training all over the mission. We first visited Ciudad Real where we met with the wonderful LaMancha Zone. Hna's Gibson, Sturgess and Ross are glowing.
Elder Nally and Manning shared a beautiful song while we ate lunch together.
The LaMancha Zone is working to have at least 5 baptisms per month to help the mission reach our goal. They have already had 4 this month. Way to go LaMancha.
Wait a minute, what do we see on the heads of Elder Bradley and Elder Triana?
They just want to be blondes. What can we say.
On to Elche where we have some great looking and hard working Elders and Hermanas. Here are the Elders.
And here are the Hermanas
Great training!
Great fun.
Afterwards I went out with the Hermanas and who do we run into? The former Elder Vananetti who is trying to find work and live in Spain. Better go out with the Elders soon. Hermana Torres and Hermana Bascope are great Hermanas. We had a great evening.
Later that night the Elche JAS Mission Leaders, Manuel Castellon and his beautiful wife Estefania are ready to put their shoulders to the wheel along with Elder Hamilton and Elder Bailey and Presidente Clegg to move the work forward in Elche.
The next morning we were excited to be in Murcia.
Elder Pearce and Elder West are happy to be here.
Hermana Ackerman and Hermana Sypherd are looking like twins. They are happy to be finding and teaching in Cartagena.
We barely got everyone in the picture.
What's this a little GQ by the Elders? Just thought it would be fun to see a few of the cameras. We are glad to have timers aren't we!
And we couldn't forget it was Elder West's 21st Birthday. Elder Corradi thought Spong Bob was a great choice.
On to Granada where singing the mission song is the best.
Hermana Frandsen can always be counted on for great treats.
A happy Elder Wright along with his real happy trainer Elder Rencher and the always happy Hermana Perera.
Elder Brown do you know that Presidente Clegg used to be 6'4" when he started the mission?
Way to make him feel better.
Yes, we are all happy in the Granada Zone.
Well maybe a little crazy.
And now we are in the Malaga Zone. We had two young men serving mini-missions. Welcome to mission life.
There is always time for a little fun.
Look mom, Elder Jordan and Elder Hales are happy to have their own picture on the blog. They are also happy being hard working missionaries.
Elder Walton and Elder Masterson didn't know what to do for 16 days without power. Yes, you heard me right. They had a very interesting two weeks but finally the power, la luz, is back on.
We are singing the mission song all over the mission. San Fernando Zone is ready to go.
Presidente told everyone where they were going for transfers. Hmn, I wonder what will happen to Elder Lignell and his companion Elder Mockler. Elder Banbury is there to comfort all.
Come on Presidente, tell us please!
Can you find all 14 missionaries in this picture? You'll have to look closely to find Elder Marchello and a few others.
Here's a better picture of all of us. We are on fire in San Fernando. They had 36 investigators in the Stake Conference general session. Great work!
The Saturday evening sessions were a priesthood session and an adult session. Black and white were the colors of the evening. Myself and Hna Moore, temple matron along with several members of the Cadiz Stake are waiting for the Priesthood session to be finished.
We spent a very special night with Pte. and Hermana Moore, temple President and matron of the Madrid Temple and Pte. and Hermana Lopez, Cadiz Stake President and his wife. We feel honored to be with these wonderful people. Not to mention a wonderful meal of some of the best food in Andalucia. We finished the Sunday Session filled with the spirit and happy that we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It's true and we love being in the service of our Heavenly Father.