Saturday, September 3, 2011

We are REACHING for our Goal!

We are so excited in the Spain Malaga Mission. At the end of this post we will tell you why we are REACHING. But first, this is one of the sweetest pictures of a baptism. This little boy is from a member family and was turning 8. He wanted Elder Peterson to teach him and baptize him. This doesn't count as a convert baptism, but it counts so much in the life of this young man. Thanks Elder Peterson for your example of loving the members.
Elder Peterson and Roa love the members in Dos Hermanas.
Elder Barahona and Elder Velasco are ripping it up in San Lucar. At this baptism there were 101 people, 80 of which were not members. Talk about filling up the futures and getting tons of references. They are working so hard and doing wonders in San Lucar.
Lorca is still being blessed. These two young boys were following the example of their mother who was baptized a week earlier. Elder Taylor and Elder Mervai have been teaching this family and doing a great job.
Many members and families were there to support them.
For a while it looked like the baptisms might not take place. The two boys were afraid of the water. But with gentleness and meekness, Elder Mervai and Elder Taylor found success. A great baptism, and maybe one of the longest in recent history.
Tuesday we received a very happy smiling missionary, Elder Wright. He is so eager and ready to work. His Spanish is wonderful and we enjoyed his arrival. He doesn't know yet where he is going, but he doesn't care because.....
Can't beat a few donuts after the train ride from Madrid. Elder Fetzer and Elder Waite are there to greet him also. 3 great smiles on 3 great missionaries.
When you are the only one coming, you get a lot of attention. Add to the fact that we have 4 secretaries in the office as two are being trained, it made for a lot of attention focused on Elder Wright. He seemed to take it in stride.
Where is he going, where is he going?
Almeria, Almeria, an incredible place to start his mission. The whole office wants to go. Elder Rencher is there waiting and eager to get Elder Wright into the field. He left ready to put his shoulder to the wheel and work.
Thursday and Friday brought Consilio and all the Zone Leaders came to the mission home. We have to feed them before we get to the teaching and sharing and council. All were happy with the food. We have some new Zone Leaders. We will introduce them a little later.
Elder Waite is warming up for the REACH! What is the REACH you say? Stay tuned.
We are preparing to start and everyone has been studying and getting ready to learn and grow. Elder Crawford looks excited to be here.
This gives you a table leval view of our "conference table" for the Zone Leader Council. Elder White is new to this meeting as well as Elder Bailey on the left. He wants to make sure he gets into the picture. You did Elder Bailey.
Elder Fetzer is putting his last minute touches on what he and Elder Waite will be teaching. This is his first consilio as an assistant. They did a fantastic job and inspired us all.
After we are done we always sing the mission hymn. Elder Stoner and I think it's Elder Marchello are by the piano to help Elder Fagersten feel part of the group even though he is on the piano. We are so blessed by his musical talents. Thanks Elder Fagersten, you are the best!
Here is our complete line up of Zone Leaders and Office Mission Leaders. From L to R. Elder Becerra, Elder Fetzer, Elder Wells, Elder Crawford, Elder Marchello, Elder Bailey, Elder White, Elder Pederson, Elder West, Elder Taylor, Elder Ferreira, Pte. Clegg, Elder Alejandre, Elder Shrewsbury, Elder Hamilton, Elder Waite, Elder Redd, Elder Dunoskovic and Elder Fagersten. The spirit at the consilio was tremendous and we were all edified and uplifted.
After we were done and before leaving, they all helped to put the mission home back to it's normal self.
Elder Bailey waves a happy good-bye. Thanks Elders, the house is getting back as it normally is. Yet it is always a little empty after a great group of Elders leave.
And now the REACH. Here in the Spain Malaga Mission we have all re-committed ourselves to REACHING the mission goal of 300+ baptisms this year. We are going to make it because we are all increasing our faith, committed to work harder and put our trust in the Lord. As an entire mission this coming Fast Sunday, we are fasting as a mission to be able to "REACH" our goal. We invite any and all out there to remember us in your fasting and prayers for the work to continue to roll forth. We are here to Find and Teach and Baptize as we invite ALL to Come Unto Christ. We love our mission! We love the people of Spain! And we love feeling the hand of the Lord in our lives as we strive to REACH and STRETCH to do his work.

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