Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission

We love little future missionaries, but we love them more when they grow up and get called to the Spain Malaga Mission. This is our own Elder Fagersten and his little brother. Elder Fagersten was 6 years old and now he and his little brother are serving missions. Oh mom's, don't they grow up too fast. By the way, Elder Fagersten is on the left if you hadn't guessed by now.
We hope they call us on a mission that we are able to teach and preach and bring worthy converts to the gospel of Jesus Christ. This wonderful woman was looking for a church, found US on the internet and read until 3:00 a.m. all the way through Mosiah the first night she had the Book of Mormon. A great miracle story which delighted our Hermana Perera and Hna Frandsen in Almeria.
Sevilla is seeing many miracles through a lot of hard work and dedication and faith from Elder Ferreira and Elder Alejandre.
Caseres has baptized their first deacon. This is a branch that has almost doubled over the past 4-5 months. We are even petitioning for a new capilla (church) to meet in. They have outgrown the one they are in now. Way to go Elder Allred and Elder Shaver.
Aren't they a great group of saints!
Our truly dedicated Elders, Elder Long and Elder Ferguson are at it again in Huercal Overa. Miracles are happening there every day. What a beautiful new convert. Two great missionaries who know their purpose.
Elder Alejandre and Elder Ferreira are at it again. Wow, Sevilla is on a true up swing of new converts. The church is growing in Spain.
Elder Dunoskovic and Elder Berrett had a wonderful baptism in Granada. They have been pounding the pavement and it has paid off.
Yea for the Secretaries in the office. Elder Stoner and Elder Fagersten were happy. A Grandmother and her grandson were baptized. Mom and Dad need to get married and then they will join them in the waters of baptism. We are doing all we can to find families and bind them together on earth.
Elder Fagersten is getting adjusted to being in the office. But he doesn't neglect Preach My Gospel either. He is all trained and doing a great job for the mission.
Ah, where is that last receipt? Elder Taylor is taking over the reigns of "financiero" for the mission. And he is doing it with a smile.
And so it is out of the office you go Elder Moss and Elder Stoner. They are showing the treats that Presidente brought them as a going away gift. The entire mission says Gracias for all you have done for everyone. Elder Moss is going to Granada and Elder Stoner is going to Sevilla. Work hard Elders. We love you as well as all of the wonderful missionaries in the best mission in the world!
No, this isn't an investigator, just one of the many goats we see in our travels. This one has a descent rack. No Presidente, it isn't hunting season in Spain for goats?!?
But it is the time to say good-bye to two wonderful Hermanas. Normally we would be receiving new missionaries but they were held up for a week. They will be with us next week. But for now, we have to say good-bye to two stalwart Hermanas, Hermana Millan and Hermana Frandsen.
We love both of you so and wish you all the best. Two great workers who have done much to see the church grow in Spain. You will be missed a lot. They worked hard and gave it all to the Lord. Adios Hermanas!


  1. That picture of the little boys is so cute!!! You both keep looking younger:) Love ya!

  2. Keep up the great work! We're praying for all of ya over here on this side. Love ya!