Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spain, mixed with a little Copenhagen

There is nothing we love better than to see families become united in the Gospel. Elder Shaver and Elder Allred are working to get this entire family baptized. The father baptized the mother and one of the sisters on this day in Casares. The LaMancha Zone is baptizing.
Granada had a wonderful baptism. Elders Jones, Becerra, Dunoskovic and Berrett enjoyed the baptism.
Hermana Woffinden and Hermana Carter had a lovely baptism in Sevilla.
It's all thumbs up for Elder Birmbaumer and Elder Blanch in Alicante.
Hermana Woodward and Hermana Bozeman had a great day in Murcia.
They had two wonderful baptisms.
We visited the branch in Antequera where Elders Avellar and Jones are doing great. We don't have their photo yet but the day before they had two baptisms. Way to get things going in Antequerra.
Elder Blanch and Elder McGarry are making sure they are "seeing" everything in focus. Love the glasses.
Back a ways when Elder Blanch and Elder Hunt were in Malaga they found themselves fixing the washer. It doesn't look like a great job but they did fix it. Elders can be great around the house when needed.
The next few pictures are just a sampling of the wonderful 5 days we were able to spend in Copenhagen, Denmark for our once a year mission president seminar. It was a fantastic experience where we were taught beautifully by our area presidency and then we were thrilled by the attendance of Elder Bednar and his wife for one day. We were taken around the city to see some of the best sites. It is such a wonderful part of the world. It was a first time for either one of us and we enjoyed it tremendously.
Many canals run throughout the city.
The famous mermaid is always watching out to sea.
Hans Christian Andersen is one of the most famous Danes.
Everyone rides bikes in Denmark. They have very wide bike lanes everywhere.
What is this that Presidente Clegg found in the pavement?
It's a brick marking his great grandfather, Anders Fredericksen who joined the church in Denmark and then immigrated to Utah. It is located by the Kristina Statue.
Here is the beautiful statue created by Dennis Smith of Alpine, Utah. This is located on "American Dock." Such a great moment to find her and to reflect on what one of Presidente's ancestor did many years ago which has shaped all our lives.
This is the Denmark Temple. It was made from an existing chapel. It is reported to have been one of the most expensive temples built. It is beautiful.
In this Luthern Church you can see at the end the Christus Statue. This is the original and it is here in Copenhagen. Along the sides of the chapel are 12 statues of the 12 apostles. It was a very moving experience to see them.
Here we are in front of Peter. Notice he is holding the keys and he is looking towards Christ.
One of the choice blessings of coming to the seminar is to be with other mission presidents and their wives. We are with President and Sister Miles of the Alpine German Speaking Mission. They are dear friends and neighbors back home in Bountiful. This was a sweet reunion after not seeing them for over two years. They just started their time of service.
This is the Frederiksborg Castle. It is where the kings of Denmark lived and is where the Carl Bloch paintings are located. Many of them we have grown up seeing. The church has been given permission to use them in our Ensigns and Liahonas. This was a very special and moving treat to see them.
This is the chapel inside the castle. They still hold royal weddings there. This picture is taken from the Queens prayer room. On the other side is the kings prayer room where the paintings are all located.
This is one of the paintings. The room is very dark and we were not allowed to use a flash. The guide showed us a few with a flashlight. This is Peter just after denying the Savior. Notice the Savior behind. This is a very emotional painting.
This gives you a little idea of how the paintings are arranged in this room. There are 21 paintings in all, and they are all surrounded by inlaid wood. It is very impressive. It wasn't easy to take pictures of them, but hopefully this gives everyone an idea. It was thrilling to see them.
One night we ate at the top of the highest building in Copenhagen. The view was spectacular.
This is a little better without us. Such a beautiful city.
The last evening there we enjoyed a boat ride on the canals. We actually spent most of our time in training. The instruction was terrific. The time with Elder Bednar and his wife was very special. We will never forget our time here and are so greatful for the opportunity to come and to be inspired. The teachings were as wonderful as the city was beautiful.
The day after we arrived home we were on the road to Sevilla. The Sevilla Zone is doing great and it sure felt good to see the missionaries again. We had a great training with them and hopefully they go back to their areas with renewed energy. We need it to reach our goal.
Elder Alejandre was happy that he was able to do the translation. He did a great job. He and Elder Ferreira are accomplishing great things in Sevilla as the Zone Leaders.
Elder Roa and Elder Peterson take a minute with Presidente after the training. Two hard working missionaries whom we love so much.
Elders Barney, Card, Hunt, Lyman and Hall all agree that the day went well.
Oh who is this? Elder Fagersten and Elder Taylor brought the supplies for Sevilla as our car is full for the next week.
The next day was Stake Conference. The children were getting ready to do an opening song. They were excited and it added a lot to the Stake Conference.
Finally, after a wonderful conference we had the chance to meet a few recent converts. Pepe loved his first Stake Conference. He is doing great and we enjoyed meeting him. Afterwards it was off to Ciudad Real where we will meet on Monday with the missionaries there. The work continues and we are excited to be part of the Spain Malaga Mission.


  1. Thank you so much for all the work you do!

  2. Love the picture of you two and P/S Miles!!! Love you guys!