Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Brings Interviews, Training and Fechas

 The District Leaders are all thumbs up for both the food and for having a District Leader Training.  We have great District Leaders who are on the front lines of the mission, leading their Districts to great heights.
 Elder Cooper sure adds a lot to our favorite tree.  But where are all the other District Leaders.
 Here they are, says President Clegg.  It was a beautiful clear spring morning.
 Since we have so many District Leaders we thought smaller group shots would be great.  From L. to R. are Elders Jones, Mendoza, Shrewsbury, Dangerfield, Velasco, Valenzuela and Geest.  They all learned about understanding our purpose and helping their District to understand it also.
 Next we have Elders Kirkham, Pallas, Staples, Gibson, Birnbaumer, Barahona and Long.  They are excited to help their Districts set more Baptismal Dates.  We have a goal to have 100 by the end of April.
 The next group are Elders Berrett, McGarry, Mervai, Mockler, Barney, Taylor, Alejandre and Cooper.  They know that when we are all obedient the Lord brings great blessings.
 Lastly, Presidente Clegg is with Elders Thronley, Manning and Shrewsbury.  Elder Pallas got in the picture just at the last moment.  We had a wonderful training and are re-committed to have more urgency and passion for the work.   The following pictures are with many more of the Districts in the mission.  We went around and held our quarterly interviews along with a training on being better planners as we are anticipating more baptismal dates.  The next district is that District of LaMancha.  They work so hard to find the elect.  It is a very special place to serve. For some reason I can't list their names under their picture so just so you know they are Elders Allred, Rodriguez, Hnas Carter and Moreno, Elders Meneses, Barney, Hall and Rodriguez.  Great District.
 In Jerez we had a great training on a rainy morning.  But that didn't dampen our spirits.  Elders Forrest, Mambo, Valenzuela and Keller are all standing tall and doing all they can to invite others to Come to Christ.
 In Chiclana we met up with Elder Fowkes, Peterson, Barahona, Hamilton, Mendoza and Jordan.  They love being in the San Fernando Zone and their enthusiasm level was great.
 We met with the Dos Hermanas District in Sevilla.  Elders Banbury and Taylor, and Hnas Roderick and Letendre, along with Elders Bradley and Phillips enjoyed the spirit of the meeting.  
 We had a great time in El Puerto where we had two districts together.  Elders Pratt, Estrada, Berrett, Hojos, Jones, Kirkham, Blanch and Salmeron brought a lot of spirit and enthusiasm with them to our training.
 Most everyone knows that Presidente and Hermana Clegg don't like signs in pictures.  Elder Blanch has been very good at not doing his "Blanchpoint" in my pictures.  He left to have his interview with Presidente and we decided the rest of the Elders would demonstrate his sign.  I still don't like signs, so sorry Elder Blanch, we won't have you doing it, but we thought we would have a little fun.
 In Badajoz we met with Hnas Torres and Vasquez along with Elders Barbosa and McGarry.  What a sweet time we shared with them.
 A member came along and so we thought we would take another picture with us in it this time.
 This is the Sevilla District.  Hnas Rojas and Vega along with Elders Masterson, Gibson, Seely, Lignell, Hafen and Dunoskovic are tearing up Sevilla.  Many miracles and many baptisms going on in this beautiful city. And below you will find the Aljarafe District.  Elders Crespo, Walton, Jackson, Bennett, Berrett and Mockler were inspired and excited. 
 Elder Jackson is taking his work seriously.  He is knocking on every door he can find in Cordoba.
 And Elder Bennett is saying farewell to Molina.  He leaves behind Elder Cooper and Elder Brown, along with our ex-missionary, Elder Basurto.  He has been so great,  going out with them all the time doing missionary work.  He wants to continue to help the mission grow.  We are glad Elder Basurto that we really didn't send you home, we just sent you on a permanent transfer.
 The door that Elder Jackson was knocking on was that of the beautiful Mesquita.  This place is so incredible.  Elder Bennett, who is about 6'5" looks small in this huge hall.
 This is a very interesting picture if you look at it closely.  You can see huge nests on the top of this abandoned building.  Those are storks.  They are all over Spain.  You can also see one of them walking up the roof line.  But they don't bring babies.  Let's just say if they bring anything, it's excitement about the Spain Malaga Mission that this week has set a record number of baptismal dates. 
 That's right says President Clegg with his 4 ayudantes.  The two on the left are the traveling trainers and they left this week to start in Cartagena.  Miracles upon miracles started to happen in Cartagena, but also all over the mission. 
 They got so excited they thought about hugging each other, but well, not really:)  Elder Pedersen and Elder White have a huge task ahead, but they are ready for the challenge.  They have already seen so many miracles.  It is exciting to witness them.
Finally, we leave you with two baptism pictures.  Elder Gibson and Elder Dunoskovic are busy in Sevilla.  And Elder Fowkes and Elder Hales had a wonderful baptism in Chiclana.   But the entire mission is going to be so busy in May.  You see, in one week, this mission set over 70 baptismal dates.  So look out May, it's going to be a record month full of many more precious souls going into the waters of baptism.  We aren't sure how many yet, but we have well over 100 baptismal dates set.  This was our goal for the 2nd stage of "Dia de Diamante".  The third stage is for 50+ baptisms in May.  So it's time to go to work and teach and testify!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Shower's Us With Blessings

They are kicking up their heals in Almeria as we "kicked off" our Specialized Training. Elders Mervai, Bailey and Cortes along with Hermanas Torres, Leon and Sypherd are happy to be in the best mission ever! But we are getting ahead of ourselves. So many blessings are coming to the mission. Come take a look at our week in a big glance.
Two Elders, Elder Geest and Elder Bradley are intent on getting Elder Geest's pants ready for their Dia De Diamante Miracle baptism. I love seeing Elders doing a little sewing now and again.
Along with Utrera where Elder Taylor and Elder Banbury had their baptism, Elder Geest and Elder Bradley had their baptism from Alcala. All was held in the Sevilla Stake Center. Such a beautiful time for all.
Another miracle from Dia de Diamante. Elder Hatch and Elder Pedersen are feeling the love in Granada.
It's great to see Elder Bailey (and Elder Mervai?) with their baptism in Almerica. So sweet.
More love and happiness is going on in Sevilla with Elder Hafen and Elder Lignell.
Now we have Elder Mervai and Elder Bailey in their other baptism in Almeria. Way to go Elders.
Cadiz is nice and cozy with Elder Hamilton and Elder Jordan working hard. Great job Elders!
Elder Peterson and Elder Hall were overjoyed with their baptism in Alcazar.
In Malaga Elder Roa and Elder Long as well as Elder Peterson and Elder Ferguson enjoy a baptism of many!
Another miracle in Granada. The heavens are opening in Granada. Elder Anderson and Elder Crawford are elated.
And so are Elder Hatch and Elder Pedersen again in Granada.
The newly formed ward in Molino has just grown a little more. Elder Bennett and Elder Brown and Elder Cooper are just trying to keep up with all the work that is going on out there.
And Elder Bailey is saying, "Which one is the best?" Jamon is the way to go in Spain.
Elder Blanch or Elder Jones, not sure who this is but this is what Elders do when they are so pumped during Dia De Diamante.
Whoops, Elder Card is crossing into somewhere he shouldn't?
It led him to the chickens and roosters of Huercal. No Elder Card, these don't count as futures.
Elder Salmeron thinks in the Spain Malaga Mission we talk to anyone. Yes, but a horse? No, he can't count as a future either.
4 exhausted Elders after an incredible Dia de Diamante brought home some pizza to celebrate an incredible day. Elders Blanch, Pratt, Jones and Berrett know how to end the day right.
4 Ayudantes in the office? Well sort of. Two to assist President Clegg and two to travel. Yes, it's that time for Traveling Ayudantes again. Elder White and Elder Pedersen have been called to the assignment while Elder Alejandre and Elder Manning will man the operations from Fuengirola. What a team. We love them all.
This looks like old times when Elder Bailey and Elder Avellar were in Concilio together?
Actually, it's the trainers training and we found out we have 4 trainers that are having birthdays in April. Hermana Sypherd, Elder Velasco, Hermana Torres and Elder Wright. So one big candle and singing Happy Birthday to all was a great idea.
Little boy tricks never leave, even when they are grown up boys. Elder White found a HUGE grasshopper and "surprised" the Hermanas with it. It landed on Hna Torres' arm. They are letting him know how they felt about that. Oh boys (even missionary Elders) will be boys sometimes.
We received 11 missionaries on Tuesday this week. But wait, there looks like only 10. What is going on? Anyway, these 10 look great.
As they were putting their luggage into the lockers they did a little contacting with the security guard. Always finding.
Could we all fit in the elevator?
Yes we did. We were on our way to the van to go to the mission home, where the excited trainers were waiting.
Excited, we might say a little off the wall, but they are excited.
Aren't they great? They are all so excited to train our newest Hermanas.
Hey, the Elders are excited too, says Elder Valenzuela.
Wow, I would say they are way high!! Look at Elder Forrest and Elder Bailey, they are very excited.
Elder Aviles is going to Motril to be with Elder Velasco.
Elder Nunoz is going to Jaen to be with Elder Mendoza.
Elder Mambo is going to Jerez to be with Elder Forrest.
Elder Cortes is going to Almeria to be with Elder Bailey and Elder Mervai.
Hermana Torres is going to Badajoz to be with Hermana Vasquez.
Hermana Leon is going to Almeria to be with Hermana Sypherd and Hermana Torres.
Hermana Martin is going to Malaga to be with Hermana Perera.
Elder Keller is going to Jerez to be with Elder Valenzuela.
Elder Tenney is going to Lorca to be with Elder Wright.
Elder Berrett is going to Alarafe to be trained by Elder Mockler.
And what happened to Elder Long's new Elder? He had to finish some residency in Madrid and will be on the 9:00 p.m. train later that night.
It was time to sing the mission song. We love our mission song.
O Vos, Los Llamados!!
El Presidente says, O Vos, let's eat!!
And eat we did! 34 people at the table. Our biggest feed yet!!
Hermana Leon is surrounded by our two Hermana Torres.
Later that night we greeted Elder Mora. What a great Elder.
And Elder Long finally got his companion.
Elder Mockler, I don't think that is proper use of the mission car. What are you doing to Elder Wells? Look out!
Would somebody stop Elder Ferguson. He looks like he's trying to harm himself?
We got you Hermana Clegg. I know, that silly expression that we don't really like to refer to the end of your mission. Elder Fetzer, Elder Avellar, Elder Ferguson and Elder Wells are fine on their last night in the mission.
So is Elder Stowell. He is all thumbs up.
Hermana Woffinden is the only Hermana going home in this group, but she's fine as well.
We had a wonderful testimony meeting after our dinner. We will miss everyone of these missionaries. They all gave everything in their service as a full time missionary. Vaya con Dios!

The end of the week we started our Specialized Training for April. After visiting Almeria we were off to Huercal Overa. We are visiting each District to train and do personal interviews. And you would know that Elder Fagersten would have a piano in the room for us.
The District of Huercal Overa consists of D.L. Elder Jones and Elders Fagersten, Wright and Tenney. They are so dear and so good. We had a wonderful, spiritual feast together. We also had a feast as Elder Fagersten prepared us lunch. Way to go Elder.
Elder Dangerfield is trying to stop Elder Nally for some reason. They are new companions and are very happy to be in Cartagena together.
This is our Cartagena District with D. L. Elder Dangerfield with Elders Nally, Roa and Marchello along with Hermana's Yardley and Crowder.
All were very merry in Murcia. D. L. Elder Cooper along with Elders Pearce, Biamont and Brown and Hermanas Ross and Nelson. They are a super group.
We pushed onto Elche. D. L. Elder Geest along with Elders Redd, Mardones, Triana, Stoner and Card. We met in the Centro Para Jovenes Adultos, or in other words, the Young Adult Center.
Oh my goodness, who cut your hair Elder Triana. At least it will grow back. I think it was one of his investigators. Elder Mardones doesn't like it either.
We dashed up to Alicante where we met with both Districts. This is the District with D. L. Elder Pallas along with Elders Lyman, Bird, Rencher, Hales, and Hunt. They are a group with a lot of energy for sure.
The other district in Alicante is with D. L. Elder Shrewsbury with Elder Hooper and Hermanas Castrillo and Bascope. We had a great meeting there in which we all learned a great deal. We will continue onto much more of the mission next week. So if you didn't see your missionary this week, good chance you will get to see them next week.
And just thought you would all enjoy a little Hola from Chloe Clegg, who was born March 8th. You got to love the hairpieces now days.