Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

We celebrate Easter in many ways, but the most important is by baptizing people and bringing them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hermana Letendre and Hna Roderick are doing just that in Dos Hermanas.
And Jerez just keeps on going. With members such as Paco, you know you are going to get references and people to teach. Just ask Elder Venazuela and Elder Forrest. Jerez rocks!!
Huelva is also seeing some great success. Thanks to two diligent and hard working missionaries like Elder Walton and Elder McGarry, the ward is growing.
And of course Elche. Elder Triana, Elder Hunt and Elder Bird enjoy another baptism in Elche. Way to keep working Elders.
We hate to break it to you Elder McGarry, but Columbus sailed quite a few years ago out of Huelva. Don't you get out on a boat in the ocean blue, we might loose you!
This must have been a St. Patrick's green tie day, right Elders?
The San Fernando Zone just wanted to send all the mission their best wishes. And what are they saying?, 404+, that's for sure.
Elder Brown and Elder Bennett are not sure what they are finding when the saints in Molina invited them to a Spanish Barbeque. But what do they fix at a Spanish Barbeque?
Paella, of course. Now that's one big skillet.
Elder Hamilton found a little bit of Utah in a Chino! What's a chino you say? It's called a very, very, very cheap (inexpensive) store run by the chinese. They are on every block in Spain and have a little of everything.
Hmm, who are these for men in black?
It's the Elders in Cartagena. Elder Allred, Elder Mendoza, Elder Bradley and Elder Hamilton. Your smiles make you look so much nicer.
Just a few pictures of the new and updated mission home. Gone are the orange chairs and the stark white walls and the very old fashion drapes.
These were the once orange chairs, now they are a combination black and brown.
Also new light fixtures in every room. The old fans were so noisy and rickety. The wall sconces were very, very old fashion. We are excited about the little face lift. Just getting ready for the Deere family to come in July.
But talk about excited!! Elder Pedersen and Elder Manning and Elder Lignell are sooooooooo excited about the text that Presidente Clegg is sending to the whole mission. What's it about?
Are you kidding me?, say Elders Rencher, Hall, Biamont, Peterson, Blanch, and Hatch. This mission is going to do what? On Friday, the 13th?
Elder Ferguson and Elder Hafen are excited. I think Elder Shaver just can't quite believe it while Elder Jones and Elder Peterson are just trying to let it sink in. Next week is going to be huge in the Spain Malaga Mission. Keep us in your prayers and pray that Friday, April 13th will be a day to remember, a super day, a "DIA DE DIAMANTE"!! (what's that?)
We had a super Zone Council and the results are an increased enthusiasm that is going to go throughout the mission.
In fact, we are going to try to jump for joy. This is what happens when Hna Clegg pushes her camera button too fast. Or maybe this just confirms that white men can't jump? But Elder Biamont, you aren't jumping either, what's up with that?
That's a little better Elders. But wait, what happened?
Elder Alejandre's chapa fell into the pool. Elder Hall to the rescue, and he has his wet arm to prove it. Wow, that was a close call.
Yes, Elder White is still thinking about what would have happened to Elder Alejandre's chapa. But, no pasa nada. Back to work we go. All the Elders and Hermanas are hard at work in the Spain Malaga Mission because we find and teach and baptize worthy converts! Go Malaga 404+++!!!

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