Saturday, April 14, 2012

1400 Futures!!!

We were in Jerez today with Elder Valenzuela and Elder Forrest. They are showing everyone that we were able to get as a mission 1,400 futures on our Dia De Diamante. Many miracles including 3 baptisms. The Lord has showered us with blessings as everyone worked and worked and prayed and put their faith into action. A wonderful day for the entire mission. There are more pictures of this great day farther down the blog.
We enjoyed being with Rocio and her adorable family. We love the ward in Jerez. Many new converts and many strong members. It is a ward that is very missionary minded. They had a goal of 12 baptisms and already they have had 10. So we think it is time to raise the goal.
Many smiling faces and warm hearts in Jerez.
The Hermanas in Murcia enjoyed a wonderful baptism. Hermana Nelson and Hermana Ross are always doing all they can to invite everyone to Come Unto Christ.
Elder Manning and Elder Rencher (he must have been taking the picture) enjoyed another baptism in Alicante. Way to go Elders.
Hermana Woodward, Hermana Perera and Hermana Torres take a minute out of their work to take a picture with the Malaga Harbor behind them.
They also wanted to show off their Easter Bunnies. Cute!
P-day in Alicante brought lot's of sun and fun. Visiting the castles always bring a great view of the land and harbor below.
Elder Pallas is hoping that this door is going to be the one to let them in. Yes, 404, sounds like a great number to everyone!!
Elder Jackson found a very interesting note on a door they were knocking.
It says, "Welcome. Here we are Christians and we accept a visit from anyone who is willing to talk about our Savior, Jesus Christ". Wow, that's a great invitation for a missionary.
So they knock, and she answers the door. Elder Thomas is pleased and is ready to share the gospel here.
Elder Bennett thinks this should be a mission car. Do you think it will work Presidente?
3 very happy Elders in Molina. Elder Cooper, Elder Bennett and Elder Brown are loving their work in the newly formed ward in Molina.

Elder Card loves to watch the Restoration video. It's his favorite.
In Granada, Elder Anderson is trying to feel "close" to the spirit.
Can you find Elder Crawford in the picture?
Elder Manning knows that we are in a war, a war against evil and that we need to bring the world his truth.
At the end of the day, there is nothing like sleeping with a jamon leg?

Elder Berrett is feeling the love during Semana Santa.
The Murcia District is ready to take on anyone! You go Hermanas! Oh, Elders you go too.
We had a special, quick visit from our dear friends Dave and Ann Seamons. They served as Mission President and wife in the Leeds England Mission as well as many other callings. They came to say hi and to see a few missionaries. So we took them to Sevilla to visit a few districts and to see a few sights.
We enjoyed a wonderful buggy ride around the old section of Sevilla. What a beautiful city. This is in front of the fountain in the Plaza de Espana.
We attended two district meetings. This is the District of Sevilla. And they are all pumped and getting ready for our Dia De Diamante. Dia de Diamante is set for Friday, April 13th. The entire mission is going to go contacting the entire day. We are pumped.
We then visited the District of Alejrafe, Huelva and Cordaba and they are saying "Let's Go!!! Dia De Diamante is going to be great! Go get em!
Elder and Hermana Stevens say "Go get em." It's here, Dia De Diamante!
And off we all went. Elder Thornley took Eduardo with him because his companion was going with someone else.
Hey, that looks like Presidente getting rejected. Yep, we all get rejections. But no pasa nada.
Looks like Presidente and Elder Staples stopped someone who might be interested.
Pedro is his name and future is what he became. Way to go Presidente and Elder Staples.
Hermana Clegg caught up with our trio in Malaga. Here they are with one of their futures. They were contacting him when I came to them and he took a Book of Mormon. When we were coming back to the train station to meet up with Presidente Clegg, we saw him again and he told us he had already read some of the Book of Mormon. He said he would come to church on Sunday. They are excited and so is he. Another great future.
Presidente is always on that phone. The Hermana's found him but he hasn't seen them yet.
We went into this area and Presidente had contacted these two women. One of them was a former investigator. We got her to promise to get baptized. So the sisters will work with her again. We were pumped again.
So we decided to celebrate with an ice-cream cone for everyone. For the morning, the mission had 564 futures. By the end of the day we had 1400 futures on the nose. It was a fantastic day. Way to work hard everyone. We all saw many miracles happen and we look forward to turning many of these futures into investigators who will come to know that this is His church. We are pumped!!!! Dia De Diamante was a great success.
And finally, we have to say good-bye to Elder and Hermana Clegg. We hate to see them go. They worked tirelessly in the La Mancha District and also acted as interim CCM President and wife in Madrid. And best of all they are family!
So as we took them to the train station. They wanted to say goodbye to all of us and share with us their wonderful smiles. We love you Elder and Hermana Clegg. We won't be the same without you, and that's because you both showed us all how to love and to serve and how to give our hearts in service to the Lord. (And how useful Mercadona bags are) WE LOVE YOU!! TILL WE MEET AGAIN!

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