Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring has Come

The baptisms are continuing as we love witnessing more and more members come into the true church. Elders Peterson and Ferguson have seen much success in Malaga.
Crevillente is also seeing more baptisms. Elder Phillips and Elder Stoner are doing all they can to invite everyone to come unto Christ. And this dear Sister just did.
We welcomed another wonderful missionary. Elder Salmeron arrived on Monday. He comes to us from Mexico. He is our first missionary since we have been in Spain to come directly from Mexico. He brought with him a warm smile and a willingness to work.
Since Monday is our day at the office, we brought him to the office where we had a lunch and did his orientation.
As always, we had him try to figure out where he is going to be serving and who his trainer is.
He is going to El Puerto and his trainer in on the card in front of him. O.K., so you can't see the picture, but that is Elder Estrada and he is so excited to have Elder Salmeron join him to begin the best two years. We know they will both be wonderful together. The office Elders feel so as well.
Just thought you might enjoy a picture of a group of members having their family home evening. The members in Spain are great about having family home evening and they use it as a time to study and learn the gospel.
Look who we ran into in Sevilla. Yep, that's Hermana Millan and her family. Her cousin was getting married and we enjoyed seeing her again. She will be leaving in two weeks to go to Utah and live in Provo. Wow, that is so exciting. We know she will do great.
This picture was sent to us from Elder Moss's former companion. Elder Moss has gone home now, but we see him here doing what he loves to do, fix computers. He was helping a member with some problems. That's Elder Moss, always trying to help where he can.
This weekend is General Conference and we are all excited to hear the words or our prophet and the apostles and other general authorities. We found all the Malaga Elders in the church watching the Priesthood session. Conference is such a wonderful time for all of us to renew our faith and be taught. We, as missionaries, love conference.
The sisters were there as well. A recent convert, Elvira, is helping the sisters in Malaga as they are a triple for the moment. Hna Woodward and Hna Torres and Hna Perera are excited about being a missionary and doing the work.
It's always a great time to put your arms around one of our great missionaries. Elder Roa and Presidente Clegg enjoy a moment of happiness after the priesthood session.
And as we say good-bye to March, we just wanted to share our two new joys. This is Chloe Clegg, born on March 8th. She is the 4th daughter of our oldest son Garrett and his wife Rachael. She was the lucky 13th grandchild.
And let us introduce you to our 14th grandchild, Brooklynn Suzanne Clegg, born to our youngest son Zach and his wife Lauren. She was born March 30th. We love to see our family grow as much as we love to see baptisms. Life is precious.
And what is this? Yes, it's called a MESS. The mission home is getting a little bit of updating. New paint inside as well as new drapes and new light fixtures and some new furniture as well as recovered chairs. We are trying to bring a warm, updated feel to the mission home. You'll have to tune in next week to see the final results. But let's just say Presidente and Hermana Clegg will be real happy when it is all done. We had to stay around to answer questions and supervise, but we will be real excited to have the house back together. It hopefully will be an improvement everyone can enjoy.

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