Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our White Field is Growing

We are so happy in the Spain Malaga Mission because the Stevens finally arrived. They are from Preston, Idaho and they are here to work in the office. It is such a treat to have another couple in the mission. They do so much to help the work going forward. We feel blessed to have them here and anxious for all the missionaries to get to know them.
And talk about a white field, we are baptizing in the Spain Malaga Mission.
In Sevilla Elder Alejandre and Elder Ferreira are at it again.
This was a very spiritual and wonderful baptism.
Elder Pederson and Elder Marchello are finding souls to bring to Christ in San Fernando.
A daughter of someone who used to be inactive. Her children will be next. We are all about bringing families together forever.
In Alicante they are also bringing the families into the church. Elder Blanch and Elder Birnbaumer are always working hard.
The Hermanas in Cadiz are all about miracles. Hermana Capener and Millan have worked very hard to bring souls unto Christ.
Elder Mervai and Elder Taylor just can't stop in Lorca. When you bring the world the truth there are those who will find it.
I know this is a bad picture, but it was the only one we had. This is Marije and her family. She worked with Presidente Clegg and I in Bilbao in the mission home. We were so surprised to see her, her husband and daughter in church in Sevilla. She is a very special member of the Bilbao ward and this is another eternal family. They were bringing their daughter to Sevilla to go to school. What a tender mercy to be able to see her and her wonderful family again.
We not only baptize families we are looking like families. The LaMancha Zone always feels like a family with Elder and Hna Clegg around. This time the color was yellow. I don't think Elder Crawford got the memo. We love you LaMancha. Baptisms will be happening there soon as well.
Hermana Bascope and Hna Torres are working hard with their investigators. They have one who wants to be baptized but his parents have asked him to wait. No problem, the Hnas will continue to teach and pray and one day he will be able to join.
Elder Blanch wanted to send a photo of his new companion, Elder Mervai. Transfers were the past week and lot's of changes in the mission. One thing that is truly constant in the mission is change.
Here are some of the Elche missionaries being treated to a wonderful Medio-Dia. Thanks to the many members who support them.
You better watch out. If you don't say yes to baptism you will have to answer to Hna Torres! Really, she is so sweet, you don't have to worry about her.
Elder Blanch had his 21st birthday in style. A cake! Happy Birthday to you Elder Blanch and to all the missionaries in the mission. We are having birthdays all year round.

This week was special as we received not only the Stevens but 4 new missionaries. Hna Carter, Hna Sturgess, Elder Hamilton, Elder Bailey and Elder Stoner are in for the trainer training. Hmm?, 4 missionaries with 5 trainers, what's up Presidente?
We'll answer that question latter but here we are at the Train Station. Elder Estrada, Elder Valenzuela, Hna Letendre, Hna Crowder and Hna and Elder Stevens. Welcome to the best mission in the world, the Spain Malaga Mission.
We thought we would leave all the luggage for Elder Stevens to deal with. He is a worker!! Actually, he would probably manage but we wouldn't really do that to him.
At the mission home we are going through a lot of orienting and interviews. There is a lot to learn at first.
We are sure the Stevens have got it all.
Oh yea, Elder Hamilton and Elder Stoner are wondering who is going to train and who isn't yet. They know, because Elder Stoner's companion is still visa waiting. Those darn visas.
Hna Carter and Hna Crowder are so excited to be together.
They are going to be in Sevilla. Lucky Hermanas because they have a newly remodled piso to go home to.
Elder Estrada is going with Elder Bailey to Elche. Hey Elder Lignell, he is a Titan too! For those who don't know, Elder Lignell, Elder Estrada and Hna Clegg all went to the same High School, only Hna Clegg is just a little bit older:)
Yea for Hna Letendre and Hna Sturgess. They are excited to be together that is for sure.
Yep, to Ciudad Real.
What's this, the same skirt. This really must have been inspiration going on here!
Finally, Elder Valenzuela is going to Elche to be with Elder Hamilton. They are going to be working well together.
Poor Elder Stoner, but don't worry, your companion will come eventually.
We had to eat lunch, and then it was off to the areas. Always such a great day when new missionaries come to the mission. They bring so much enthusiasm and this day was no exception.
Hey what are the Nerja Elders doing in Malaga? They are watching conference. We were so happy to see Elder Brown and Elder Barney, catching a bite between sessions.
We also found a few of the Malaga Elders watching conference. Elder Peterson, Elder Manning, Elder Hales and Elder Dangerfield. Great Elders bringing the truth to the precious souls in Spain. We have all been so uplifted by the wonderful messages of conference. We are renewed and refreshed to continue our work here in Spain.


  1. Feliz CumpleaƱos Joshua!!! Gracias Presidente y Hermana Clegg!

  2. The first picture of Elder McGarry brought lots of tears here in Utah. We have never seen him "glow" quite this much. Thanks Sister Clegg. We love the blog.
    El abuelita de Elder McGarry