Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Book of Mormon is True

Elder Masterson and Elder McGarry are all smiles in Alicante. We did have a few more baptisms this past week but some of the missionaries forgot to send their pictures. You know who you are and don't forget to send them this week:)
Our lovely Cadiz Hermanas are enjoying the food that went along with the activity for the sisters in Cadiz. Hna Gibson and Hna Capener are a great companionship and are working extra hard in Cadiz to bring the people unto Christ.
Nothing like a picnic after District Meeting. Elder Marchello, Elder Lignell and Elder Biamont look like they are enjoying their lunch.
What's this, Zone Leaders making transfers? No way, but looking at the board was a lot of fun for the Zone Leaders at our Zone Leader Counsel this past Monday. They are trying to put a lot of thought into what they would do if they were El Presidente.
Hey life is great when you are a missionary in the Spain Malaga Mission. Elders Becerra, Fagersten, Alejandre, Fetzer and Marchello are excited to learn what they need to do to help the mission continue to soar.
"No, No, No", say the Zone Leaders. Who is putting such fear in their hearts?
It couldn't be this good-looking Presidente could it?
When you look closer you can see why there was a little fear in the hearts of the Zone Leaders. This was a great chapa that the former President, Presidente Mellor gave Presidente Clegg on arrival to the Spain Malaga Mission. It's a long story but during a skit about reporting numbers better this came in handy. It was all fun.
See, everyone looks great after a wonderful consillio.
O.K., haven't we seen this before. Well sort of but this time it is with the District Leaders. They are sure they can do it better. We held a Leadership training with all the District Leaders right after the Zone Consillio. It was great to have so many Elders coming to the mission home for training.
Elder Bennett and Elder Lignell were chilling for a few minutes before we got started.
Now everyone is getting ready to start and take this serious, right Elder Lignell?
Elder Basurto, Elder Peterson and Elder Bennett are getting ready to learn as well as Elder Hatch who popped into the picture just in the nick of time. Elder Fagersten provides great music for us always to enjoy.
We felt the training for the District Leaders went well and hopefully they can share it well with their Districts over the next month.
And now, the specialized training of the month has begun. We are focusing on teaching in a way that we can help our investigators receive revelation through the Book of Mormon. It is the greatest tool to convince anyone that this is Christ's true church. Elder Hales knows that the Book of Mormon is true and reading it with a cookie just couldn't get any better.
His companion, Elder Dangerfield would agree as they have one of their 3 baptismal candidates for this week come to the church for their baptismal interviews. These Malaga Elders know the importance of the Book of Mormon.
So do Elders Wells, Manning, Walton and Peterson. Mmm, life is great when you are a busy in the Malaga District and Zone. This gave Elder Wells and Elder Manning strength to take us on one of their visits. We have great teachers in the mission.
In Nerja these 3 handsome Elders know how to take a perfect bite. Actually, Elder Barney and Elder Brown are making a difference in Nerja with their willingness to teach and preach.
Dear Elder and Hna Massaro jumped into their car to meet us in Motril with our new Baptismal Invitation Cards hot of the press. We are real excited about these especially as we have more baptismal feches than we have ever seen in the mission. October is going to be a huge month and we are excited to be using our cards.

Elder Kirkham and Elder Rodriguez are the first in the mission to receive the cards. They are excited because they are going to have a baptism in Motril soon. Two wonderful, humble Elders working as all missionaries should, with all their hearts.
In Granada we find Elder Moss and Elder Redd hurrying out of their apartment after their training. They just can't wait to go teach their investigators and bring them to a knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel.
And Elder Becerra and Elder Dunoskovic are partners with the Savior in their work. It is all thumbs up in Granada. They are teaching many people and working very hard to find the elect. We also went on a teaching appointment with them that was very special.
The next morning we were surprised by breakfast in Jaen from Elder West and Elder Geest. Gravy and Biscuits hit the spot, especially Presidente Clegg loved them. They are finding people in Jaen and have a few feches.
After our morning in Jaen it was off to Ciudad Real. Again, our lovely Hermanas are working and working and working in Ciudad Real. Hna Letendre is loving her trainer Hna Sturgess. They are using the new program for new missionaries and are loving it.
After our training with Elder Hatch and Seely in Puertollano, Presidente Clegg and I went to a visit with their next baptism. She was incredible. It was so touching to hear her tell how blessed she was that these two Elder knocked on her door. With tears in her eyes she told us this has changed her life and she is so grateful for them. Way to go Elders.
The next day in Alcazar we loved being with Elder White and Elder Crawford. Presidente Clegg is on the phone a lot, hearing about all the baptismal feches that are coming in the mission. Can we say over 100!! It must be because all our missionaries are drawing closer to Christ themselves as they are teaching the Doctrine of Christ.
Wait a minute, these Elders look a little stern, maybe even a little mean. What's up in Valdepenas?
Naw, just kidding, Elder Triana and Elder Bradley can't wait to get out of their piso every day to work for the Savior. They are standing taller because they know their purpose and love to shout it to the rooftops.
Sunday morning brought us to the beautiful city of Cacares. Elder Shaver and Elder Allred are with their wonderful Branch President, Pte. Blanco. This little branch has gone from 10-12 members on Sunday to over 30 every week. It has been approved and this Sunday Pte. Blanco announced to the members that the church is looking for a new church for Cacares. We are growing the church here in Spain. It was a beautiful sacrament meeting for sure.
Afterwards we drove quickly over to Badajoz. We had lunch with Elder Nally and Elder Long. Elder Nally made us a wonderful egg and ham lunch. He told me one of his favorite things to do was cook with his mom and that's how he learned to cook. Everyone, this was wonderful along with the melon. Great meal.
That's right, it was great. They have their piso all decorated because Elder Long's birthday is in a few days. Oh no, he not's a teenager anymore. Great Elders who teach well and served us well on this Sabbath day.
Finally we arrived in beautiful Sevilla. Elder Alejandre and Elder Ferreira met us at the church. Their ward is doing a wonderful activity and they have invited all the Stake to come. You can be sure that these two Elders will have many investigators at this activity, as they are always teaching and baptizing in Sevilla.
More beautiful Hermanas in Sevilla. Hermana Crowder and Hermana Carter are working and running around Sevilla. They are enjoying the new training as Hna Crowder is new to the mission. I sure love all of our Hermanas. They teach so beautifully and work so hard. They are amazing.
And last of the night and for this week, Elder Stoner and Elder Thomas are eating up the crumbs and telling us it is good. We have had a wonderful week, very full but very rewarding. As we talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon, we know that our missionaries are teaching with power and joy and love. We have the best missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission.

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