Saturday, October 15, 2011

October Visits are Great

Hooray for Baptisms. We are so happy in Malaga!
Isn't this the best picture ever! Great work Elders Hales and Dangerfield
Oh my goodness, Alcazar is baptizing. We love it! So do Elders Crawford and White
Elders Peterson and Walton are happy in Malaga 3
And Elders Pederson and Marchello are seeing great miracles in San Fernando.

And little miracles too.
Badajoz just keeps growing.
Elders Long and Nally are on cloud 9 with joy!
Elders Phillips and Thornley are making things happen in Cartagena.
All the missionaries had to join in for this baptism. It's a future missionary.
These are the feet of 3 hard working missionaries. Can you guess who?
Yep, Hermanas Capener and Gibson. Hermana Clegg just loves all her Hermanas. They are so wonderful.
Elder Basurto and Elder Hafen are cooking up something special. Following district meeting in El Puerto we had a homemade lunch. Way to go Elders.
We ate chicken and rice and french fries. Yummy!! Elders Pearce, Banbury, Hafen, Rodriguez, Basurto and Barahona are all doing wonderful things in the Jerez District. We enjoyed our time with them for our training and to be in their District Meeting.
Elder Birnbaumer and Elder Biamont along with Presidente Clegg think things are looking up in Chiclana.
As well as in Algerciras where Elder Lignell and Elder Jordan are trying to find the lost sheep.
Almeria brought treats from Hna Perera as well as Hermana Woffinden and Hna Bozeman. They are busy planning several baptisms.
We also have Elders in Almeria who are finding the elect as fast as they can. Elders Wright, Rencher, Cooper and Pallas are doing their best.
Looking great in Huercal Overa with the Elders from Lorca too. Elders Taylor, Ferguson, Gibson and Mockler are striking a great pose. They are also making a big difference for the members of these two branches.
In Murcia we did some great training. Elders Forrest, Corradi, Shrewsbury and Bennett along with Hermana Woodward and Ross are ready and willing to do what it takes to find and teach and bring people to the waters of baptism.
Wow, the Elche missionaries are really intent on what Presidente Clegg is teaching them.
Hermana Bascope and Hermana Torres had to run after the training. These two are always teaching and working hard.
Wait a minute, Elder Valenzuela and Elder Estrada, two of the newest Elders are without their companions and have a pole between them? What's up with this? At least they have their Books of Mormon to share.
For once I get to be in a picture with the Elders. El Presidente was off on the phone and so we took this picture ourselves. Aren't the gardens around the Elche chapel beautiful! And these are 4 great Elders, Elder Valenzuela, Elder Estrada, Elder Hamilton and Elder Bailey.
Elder Jones and Elder Staples are enjoying a visit with Presidente Clegg in Crevillente.
And all Alicante can say besides Baptism is bring on the cookies. Elder Mervai, Elder Masterson, Elder McGarry and Elder Blanch are 4 hard working, happy missionaries.
Two Angels, Hna Vasquez and Hna Rojas. They light up any room they go into.
And we ended this week of training in Cartagena in the Chinese Restaurant? Yep, we had time after our training with Elder Phillips, Elder Anderson, Elder Thornley, Hna Ackerman, Hna Sypherd and Elder Stowell to get a little food before we attended and spoke at the Elche Stake Conference. A busy week with one more to go to get all around the mission. Lot's of traveling but it is always worth it to be with the best missionaries in the world.

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