Sunday, October 23, 2011

Malaga Mission Believes Faith Precedes the Miracles

We have seen so much faith in our missionaries lately. For example, the Malaga District has set some very high goals for baptisms. By the end of the month they could see more baptisms in their District in one month than the entire mission normally sees in a month. They are working with faith and a lot of effort to reach their goals. Elders Dangerfield, Peterson, Walton, Manning, Wells, and Hales (who is in the next picture) know what it takes to do the work of the Lord. They, along with Elders Avellar and Jones are working at doing something very special this month.
Two of their many baptisms took place this week. One of their recent converts performed one of the baptisms. It was a beautiful experience as all baptisms are. Elder Hales and Dangerfield are doing all they can to invite EVERYONE to Come Unto Christ.
Elder Fetzer and Elder Waite have been very busy in Fuengirola when they aren't going around the mission. They have brought some very special people into the church these past two weeks.
Their second baptism may be little, but she is mighty in spirit. Little Andres will light up the Fuengriola Ward along with her sister who joined a few months ago.
Like the song says, "Do more than dream of your Mansions above." That's what the Hermanas in Almeria are doing. They not only prayed for persons to teach and baptize...
They went out and found them. And they were rewarded for their efforts.
A wonderful baptism in Almeria.

And a second baptism in Almeria. Way to go Hermana Perera, Bozeman and Woffinden.
San Lucar is feeling the love and the joy of growing.

Elder Barahona and Pearce enjoyed bringing their investigator to the waters of baptism.
Yea for Elder Shaver in Caseres. A beautiful city with a beautiful branch that is growing rapidly.
The members are sweet and loving to all. They are excited too because they are going to be getting a new capilla in the upcoming months because of their growth.
Oh Elder Allred, we didn't forget you. We know you are a major part of the wonderful work that is going on in Caseres.
3 hard working Hermanas taking a moment to smile at the world and let everyone know they know and understand their purpose as missionaries. Hermanas Carter, Capener and Crowder, the 3 C's of the mission, are loving serving and finding.
Now Hermana Capener and Gibson, I don't think they can be baptized with their ears on!
We needed a few more days to finish going around the mission and finish the training and interviews. We had a great time in Huelva with Elder Lyman and Elder Mendoza. After their training we went with them to teach a lesson. We were a little late so instead of walking, we took a taxi.
Yea Elder Mendoza, you lead the way.
The next morning we arrived in Aljarafe to the smiling faces of Elder Card and Elder Hall. They are seeing miracles happening there through their faith and prayers.
They even think President Clegg looks like Elder LeGrand R. Curtis, Jr. What is so fun about this is Elder Curtis is a personal friend of both Pres. and Hermana Clegg. In fact, Hermana Clegg sat next to Elder Curtis when they were in kindergarten. We have known each other for a long time, in fact, Hermana Clegg has known Elder Curtis longer than knowing President Clegg. He is married to the former Jane Curtis and we love them both. They too, are graduates from the best High School in the world, Olympus. Isn't that right Elders Estrada and Lignell?!?! Anyway, do you think Presidente looks like him?
Afterwards it is visiting Dos Elderes in Dos Hermanas! Yea for Elder Roa and Elder Peterson. Two great Elders with a lot of faith.
Afterwards we took them to lunch at a wonderful Italian Restaurante. You can never go wrong with Italian. (Even in Spain)
We then moved on to Alcala where the Elders live in a mansion, as we have been told. And, it is right, Elder Hunt and Elder Berrett have a great place to live, especially with the Savior nearby. He is always with his missionaries, that's what we know.
Finishing off the night was great in Cordoba. Elder Pratt and Elder Velasco are all for eating cookies.
I thought they should come into the Young Women's room and learn about what Young Women do, but I don't think they thought it was a great idea.
Finally, our last day of almost 3 weeks of teaching and interviewing, we found ourselves in beautiful Antequera. Elders Jones and Avellar are doing amazing things in this wonderful city.
We finished the day at the office. We couldn't find the assistants as they were doing an exchange, but we know they are alive as they thought they should send us a picture of them eating. Glad to know you are finding time to eat Elder Fetzer and Elder Waite, sometimes that is hard.
Elders Fagerston and Taylor are busy in the office. It was a huge job to change all the phones and keep all the residency issues in check as well as teach and preach. Two very busy Elders who are serving all the mission by their good works.
Everyone loves the Massaros. They are so busy helping with health issues, apartments and organizing the office, and also training the Stevens. They are willing to do anything, and everything they do is top notch. We love having them here and can't think of what it would be like without them.
And finally our dear new office couple, the Stevens. Over the next few months all the missionaries will come to know these two fine people from Preston, Idaho. You know what, they've got skills!!! They are wonderful and willing and working very hard. Elder Stevens was called to be the Branch President of the Mijas Branch as well as do his many office duties. They are so important for the welfare and running of the mission. We are so glad they decided to serve a mission and do all they can to help Invite All to Come Unto Christ.

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