Sunday, August 28, 2011

We baptize in the Spain Malaga Mission

Alicante had a wonderful baptism of Sandra. Her husband joined the church back in February and now they have a goal of being sealed in the temple in 2012. Way to go Elder Forrest and Elder McGarry.
This wonderful mother is being a great example to her children about great choices. Elder Taylor and Elder Mervai are happy about what is happening in Lorca. They are also working very hard to continue to bring many wonderful people unto Christ.
Some of the members in Lorca are there to support the newest member of their branch.
This week Presidente and Hna Clegg visited the District meeting in Malaga. What a great job Elder Masterson did to bring the spirit to his District meeting and to instruct us all. Presidente Clegg shared some wonderful advice to help the Elders with their work.
What a great looking district of Elders and Hermanas. (Yea for Hna Massaro)
This is the crazy photo?!#? Whatever.
What is Elder Hunt showing Elder Massaro? If you are thinking he is training him for working in the office, that would be correct.
Hermana Hunt is busy training Hna Massaro so she can take over. Elder Moss is helping prepare Hna Massaro's computer to work with the office printers. We have a mission couple coming to work in the office. Their names are Elder and Hermana Stevens, but they are currently waiting for their visas. (So many of our missionaries can relate to this. ) So the Massaros are going to be in the office and handle the health and the apartments in the mission. They are wonderful and willing to do anything.
We brought some napolitanis to share for the last time with the Hunts. They will be missed.
We had a farewell lunch at the mission home for the Hunts. The office Elders were happy to come too. We are currently 6 because Elder Stoner is training Elder Fagersten and Elder Moss is training Elder Taylor. Elder Waite and Elder Fetzer are busy assisting the President and the missionaries anyway they can. Great Elders all of them.
We wanted to take a group shot. Oh my, there seems to be two Elders a little out of focus. That's o.k., they will find their way back:)
So long and farewell to two wonderful and unselfish people who have given two years of their life in service of the entire Malaga Mission. We wish them the best and will be anxious to hear where they go next. They plan to submit papers to go again in the near future. Vaya con Dios Los Hunt!
We were in Cadiz for the weekend. Our Hermanas are strong and working non-stop. Actually, Hermana Millan has prepared a box to be sent home. This is her last transfer in the mission. She will be missed! But Hermana Capener will be able to push onward and upward. Two wonderful Hermanas.
Cadiz is a beautiful city and we enjoyed our time with the members their. The ward members are dear and the spirit in our meetings was wonderful.
Just thought we would share with you an interesting picture taken in Arcos de la Frontera. We passed through there on our way to Cadiz. This is a sculpture in honor of "Semana Santa", otherwise known as Easter week. This is the biggest and most important holiday in Spain.

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  1. YEah! you finally made to Arcos!! This is the town where we saw the bullfight and spend an entire day.