Saturday, August 6, 2011

We All Love Zone Conferences

To begin our week we show you two Incredible Elders who have been Inspired by their Incredible, Inspirational Moms. They asked me to recognize their wonderful moms. So for all the moms of our missionaries, you are all Incredible! You've got to love the cheap yellow ties. Always something to get on the blog. Way to go Elder Bradley and Elder Rencher.
We started the week with a wonderful visit from the former Elder Hurley and his mom and sister. They were a delight to have in the office. We have missed Elder Hurley and it felt great to see him again and meet his family. They have the best smiles!

All of the baptisms that are going on in the mission are wonderful. Hermana Perera and Hermana Rojas in Torrevieja have been working over-time and were delighted with their baptism this past week.
Some of the Elders in LaMancha are trying to chill in the heat. Elders Clegg, Card and Hatch are taking a moment to re-group before their baptism in Puertollano.
Hermana Clegg shows them the value of a great Spanish fan.
The father of this family was baptized, and now they have a goal to be an eternal family in one year. It was a very special baptism last week in Puertollano.
Crevillente was delighted to have missionaries back in their branch and were rewarded with a baptism of a mother and her son. Elder Aljandre and Elder Rodriguez have worked hard to re-open the work there. Two dedicated missionaries can work miracles.
Casares is enjoying baptisms this summer. Elder Shaver and Elder Hafen are making sure they are doing everything they can to bring about the Lord's harvest.
The little branch is enjoying the growth that is coming to them. They are putting their whole heart into the work and doing all they can to support the missionary effort.
This week brought us all together in one of 3 locations for Zone Conference. It is always a time to renew and re-inspire everyone in the work. Elder Waite is busy at the translator microphone when needed.
Presidente and Hermana Clegg took time to teach and focus on becoming a Master Teacher. We all can improve on our teaching skills.
At every conference we asked several companionships to teach us in front of the other missionaries. They were all a little nervous but all did great. Elder Mendoza and Elder Becerra were teaching us in Sevilla.
We gave Elder Anderson a chance to send a personal hello to his mom. Look mom, he looks great.
Elder Anderson and Elder Hunt and Elder Barney are all ears as they listen to Presidente Clegg tell them about his missionary experiences.
Not quite sure if Elder Dangerfield can believe all that Presidente was sharing. Some of his missionary stories are incredible. Elder Peterson seems to think they are interesting.
One thing for sure, we all appreciate some great food. The Zone Leaders asked some members to cook the food and it was delicious. Elder Barahona and Elder Hall among others look delighted.
Elder Ferreira is happy, he is one of the Zone Leaders who went to a lot of work to get things ready. Thanks to him and Elder Fagersten of the Sevilla Zone.
The Hermanas are happy as well as all the Elders.
It looks like all the plates are empty. The food was great in Sevilla.
Didn't we see this guy a few days ago? Elder Hurley was now visiting Sevilla and came in at the end of the zone conference. Elder Solari was delighted to see one of the old warriors of the mission.
We don't think we have ever seen Elder Marchello move as fast as he did when he saw Elder Hurley. Elder Hurley trained him in Almeria and now Elder Marchello has been training Elder Allred in San Fernando.
A great group of Elders and Hermanas in the Sevilla and San Fernando Zones. We left uplifted and ready to continue in the service of the Lord in Spain.
We pushed onto Murcia where we found some very happy Hermanas. Hermana Bozeman and Hermana Woodward like the conference and like the pink paper tablecloth the elders brought for lunch.
Elder Rodriguez and Elder Alejandre are glad they have a blue tablecloth. They are ready for lunch.
Hermana Hidalgo can't believe this is her last Zone Conference. She has served well and will be returning home next week. Wow, time does fly when you are serving the Lord.
Elder Pearce and Elder Lyman have a few more transfers and Zone Conferences. They are going to go back to work after the conference and continue to teach and preach and work as missionaries do.
Catching us in a humorous moment as we are getting ready for the group shot.
Such a nice looking group of missionaries in the Elche and Murcia Zones. They are proper and respectful for the picture.
So after we are all done and on the road, I noticed that two Hermanas on the left decide to pull off a little surprise for the picture. I think Hermana Bozeman knew what was happening. Way to go Hermana Hidalgo and Hermana Bascope. You look great in your shades.
The final Zone Conference was held in Malaga and everyone was excited and thrilled to be there. They brought such a happy spirit to the conference.
Singing the mission song at the end of the conference is always a great moment, especially when the missionaries sing it with enthusiasm as they did in Malaga. We had the LaMancha, Granada and Malaga Zones all together.
Again, a very good looking group of missionaries.
So we decided to let loose and let them express themselves as they wanted to.
Afterwards there are lots of pictures to be taken. Everyone likes to take an Hermana photo.
A double handshake with Elder Moss. Hermana Sturgess and Hermana Ross like the new suit and the green tie.
Missionaries love to get mail. Elder Peterson is showing Elder Berrett something very interesting?
I think Elder Biamont, Elder Shaver and Elder Hafen are happy to have been at the Zone Conference today. 3 great Elders who are always working hard.
We have a lot of tall missionaries in the mission. 3 of the tallest are pictured here. Elder Brown on the left and Elder Taylor on the right are 6'7" and Elder Thomas is a short 6'5" or so. We also have Elder Peterson in Dos Hermanas who is 6'7", so you can see, we are expecting to reach all heights in this mission.
Our two traveling assistants, Elder DelMolino and Elder Solari came to their last Zone Conference. We are sad to see these two warriors go home next week. But we know that with Elders like Elder Manning, they are leaving the mission in great hands.
Speaking of great hands. Elder Fetzer is all thumbs up because he has just found out he will be the next ayudante. Actually, he is really humble about it but we all know he will be a great leader for the mission.
We say good-bye to Elder Avellar from the office, but he is still in the mission. He will be going out to Antequera to work and find miracles. Elder Rodriguez is happy to have him in the same zone. Great Elders with great smiles with a great love for the work. These two represent the entire mission. In the Spain Malaga Mission we baptize and confirm many worthy converts. We are doing all we can to invite everyone to Come unto Christ.

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