Saturday, August 13, 2011

Missionaries are Coming and Going!

No, we are not in LaMancha, we are in the beautiful town of Torrevieja. Such a lovely place to visit but more importantly, a great branch where two of our wonderful sisters are hard at work.
We want to introduce the mission to Hna Vasquez from El Salvador. She is one of the 5 new missionaries in the mission as of this week. She received the assignment to serve in Torrevieja along with Hna Rojas. You will see a few pictures of our new missionaries but I want everyone to know we had camera problems this week. For some reason my computer decided to eat a few pictures. I don't know what happened, it has never happened before, but almost all of the pictures of our new missionaries are lost in space. So as we visit the others in a few weeks I will take more pictures and introduce them better to everyone. Hna Vasquez speaks perfect Spanish, claro, as well as perfect English because she lived in the USA for 8 years.
But before we get into the new missionaries, we have to feature some of our baptisms. In Huelva Elder Mendoza and Elder Becerra are seeing some great success.
As well in Cartagena 3, Elder Thornley and Elder Lyman were thrilled with their baptism of Manolo. Looks like a lot of family support here.
This is our baptism that got away. Elder Peterson and Elder Cooper in Dos Hermanas taught the young woman with her daughter on her lap. She was getting baptized there but then had to move up north where she has been baptized in Oviedo. But we wanted to put her here anyway. Elder Solari is in this picture as he was visiting as one of the traveling ayudantes.
But never fear, Elder Cooper and Elder Peterson had a wonderful baptism with Victoria. Some of her family are members and others not.
Isn't she precious!
In Chiclana, after a few hours of service an inactive member made these t-shirts for Elder Staples and Elder Gibson. They look delighted.
Wow, even personalized. I hope you thanked him!!!.
Our trainers for the upcoming new missionaries were all excited to be at the mission home for the Trainer Training. Elder Rencher's companion is currently one of the visa waiters, but we wanted him to come too. Hermana Sturgess and Hermana Ross will be training together. Hermanas Bascope, Rojas and Ackerman are excited. These are all wonderful missionaries who are up for the task.
And here they are. Don't they look great. From your left to right is Hermana Gibson, Presidente, Hermana Sypherd, Hermana Torres, Hermana Clegg, Hermana Vasquez and Elder Triana. Normally there are more Elders than Hermanas so this was a different group. They are all fantastic. Hermana Gibson and Hermana Sypherd are from the States and Hermana Torres is from Barcelona. Elder Triana is from Las Palmas and as we said earlier, Hermana Vasquez is from El Salvador.
The Massaros came and gave them a few health tips.
The trainers were receiving their last bit of training and bearing testimony.
Where are the new companions? Elder Bradley and Elder Rencher think they are over that way, but no. And....this is where all the pictures got lost. We had a great time giving out the assignments and off they all went to their areas. We will have more pictures in September of the new ones unless some of the missionaries send me their pictures.
So on to the time to say good-by to 7 missionaries.
Can you believe that Elder Solari and Elder Del Molino are going home? No, please say it isn't so. They have done a wonderful job going around most of the mission, helping to train and raise the level of the mission. You will both be missed.
One last phone call for Elder Solari. It must be a good one because we have the thumbs up sign.
Three good Elders, being good young men on their last night in the mission. Now, do you want to know what will happen to them if they do something wrong when they get home?
Hermana Clegg will have them by the neck!! Just kidding. But they promised to be good.
After a wonderful testimony meeting we enjoyed desert. Hermana Cannuci and Hermana Guerra seem to be happy.
Same with Elder Kusseling, Elder Del Molino, Hermana Hidalgo and Hermana Stolk. We wish them all the best and our love.
The next morning we had the pleasure of visiting with the Del Molino Family. What a treat for us as we worked and associated with them in Bilbao. A wonderful, stalwart family in the church in Spain. Thanks for raising such a fine son, we will miss him as we have missed all our friends in Bilbao. Just another week in the best mission on the face of the planet, The Spain Malaga Mission.


  1. Fun to see the Del Molino family! They were so nice when you left Bilbao and when I was there with the kids. Mom do you remember they brought treat bags for the kids and little presents even for us!:)