Sunday, June 3, 2012

There Is A Time for Everything!

There is a time for Presidente Clegg to rejoice in the success and faith of all his missionaries for the month of May we saw a goal of 50 baptisms accomplished!  
 There is a time for all friends to come to a baptism in Alicante
 There is a time for all the missionaries to rejoice in two baptisms.
 There is a time for a young family to see their mother be baptized to set an example for them.
 There is a time for a miracle baptism in Alcala.
 There is also a time for two miracle baptisms in Granada.
 There is a time for a family to rejoice in Malaga for their mother.
 Because it was the time for their mother to be baptized and start the process of making this an eternal family. Only a life of faithfulness and few more ordinances remain.
 There is a time that Alcazar can see 5 baptisms at the same time.  
 There is a time that Presidente Clegg was asked to baptize a wonderful worthy convert.
 There is a time that Torrevieja can have a baptism in a beautiful pool.
There is a time that El Puerto can see more growth through baptism.
 There is a time for Alcala to see another miracle baptism.
There is a time where Almeria continues to see baptisms on their goal to divide the ward.
 There is a time that all 4 of the Senior couples can gather for a Family Home evening with Presidente and Hna Clegg.
 There is a time when they can all shout for joy as the miracle 50th baptism is found!!!
 There is a time in Fuengirola and all over Spain that the beautiful Jaconda trees are in full bloom with their beautiful purple blossoms.
 There is a time on p-day where missionaries learn how to do back flips.
 There is a time where missionaries can visit the Fierias in their city.
 There is a time where Hermanas can join together with their lovely smiling faces and rejoice that they are serving the Lord.
 There is a time where a District can take a picture of the whole district. Pues, Smile Elders.
 There is a time where chairs can be fixed with string and somehow stay up.
 There is a time where bats are flying around and a time when they are still for a photo. (gross)
There is a time for District Leaders to do meticulous piso checks everywhere.
 There is a time for an Elder to contemplate all he has accomplished by being on a mission.
 There is a time where his fellow missionaries think they have a great way to "kill" him.  (oh no you don't Elders!!!)
 There is a time when the Traveling Ayudantes, "The Men in White" drop in on Hermana Clegg by surprise and help her carve the jamon leg she is serving for the 13 outgoing missionaries.
 There is a time when Hermana Clegg is thankful that the meal is ready and will be enjoyed by the missionaries.  (do we have to have that pig leg on the table? what a centerpiece, ugh!!)
 There is a time when we can say to 13 missionaries "Well done".
 There is a time when all missionaries have to say good-bye to cherished friends and fellow missionaries in the service of the Lord.
 There is a time when they are all sad to leave.
There is a time when they will smile at all costs for the camera!!
There is a time when Elders forget the dress code for a moment.  Ah, but we still love them.
 There is a time when we get a little off balance in the office.
 There is a time when we are shown the right way to go and who we should always follow.
 There is a time when a great Elder is an ayudante for a day.
 There is a time where Elder Manning and Presidente Clegg are not sure what is going on in the office.
There is a time when some parents come to pick up their missionary after two years of faithful service.
 There is a time when excited new missionaries come to the Spain Malaga Mission and need to be picked up at the train station.  Welcome to the best mission in the world!!
 There is a time when Presidente Clegg is putting the fire in the hearts of the trainers and warning them of the consequences of not doing a great job. The hammer will come down!!!
 There is a time when Elder Woodford gets assigned to Cordoba to be with Elder Jackson. Also note, there is a time for a new Ayudante, Elder Hall who is holding up the map.
 There is a time when Elder Peters is assigned to Utrera to be with Elder Banbury.
 There is a time when Elder Vosters is assigned to Sevilla to be with Elder Seely.
There is a time where Elder Norton is assigned to Huercal Overa to be with Elder Jones.
 There is a time when Presidente and Hermana Clegg have to go to the train station again the same day to pick up two more new missionaries from El Salvador.
There is a time when Presidente and Hermana Clegg have to ask the Malaga Zone Leaders to help out to go to the airport to pick up another Elder coming directly from Chile. 
 There is a time where Elder Lopez is assigned to El Puerto with Elder Salmeron.
 There is a time where Elder Zuniga is assigned to Valdepenas with Elder Lignell.
 There is a time where Elder Gochez is assigned to San Lucar with Elder Hoyos.
 There is a time when the mission receives 7 great Elders and assigns them to 7 great trainers and they are all smiles and ready to go to work.
 There is a time to eat more Jamon Serano.  Oh do the missionaries love the jamon!
 There is a time for a 3 generation photo, son, dad and grandpa.  All are great missionaries and are doing all they can to invite all to Come Unto Christ.
 There is a time for another sort of 3 generations, a son, a dad and a great uncle?  Whatever.
 There is a time for Hermana Clegg to TAKE OUT THE JAMON LEG FROM THE KITCHEN!
And finally, there is a time for Henry to say, "Grandpa, it's time for you to come home and go fishing with me."  And yes Henry, that time is coming soon.  But for right now, it is a time to rejoice in the many miracles and blessings that keep coming to this very obedient, faithful and hard working mission. We are seeing the miracles and rejoicing in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is a time to be blessed!!

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