Sunday, June 10, 2012

June Joys

Nothing like baptisms to bring joy and rejoicing to a ward and to the missionaries who worked so hard to find and teach and baptize.  Elder Salmeron showed one of our newest missionaries, Elder Lopez how it is done.
The baptisms are continuing in Lorca where Elder Wright and Elder Tenney have been teaching and preaching to all.
One of our miracle baptisms that helped us reach 50 for the month of May.  Jerez has been a happy place as Elder Mambo, Keller, Valenzuela and Forrest can attest to.
The Hermanas in Dos Hermanas are continuing in their success.  They love the ward and are doing all they can to grow the membership and increase in the priesthood there.
A sweet baptism in Chiclana.
 The combined efforts of Huercal-Overa and Almeria came into play to see this baptism come about.  Elder Mervai and Elder Cortes were happy to see it to the finish.
 The last two miracles of May came to us from Chiclana.  Elder Peterson and Elder Fowkes worked with all their heart and might to help these people feel the spirit and make the change in their lives.
 We think we are going to give the most original award to the Hermanas in Ciudad Real.  Look at these two, sweet, kind, Hermana Moreno and Hermana Brimhall decide they want to treat their leaving companion, Hermana Carter to a parting gift of something wonderful to drink.
 Hermana Carter loves it and drinks it to the last drop.
 But the last drop happens to be Hermana Carter.  What did these two, sweet, loving and scheming Hermanas come up with?
 Concentrated Gluten to Hermana Carter who has a GLUTEN INTOLERANCE!!  Now that is a low blow:)
Just kidding, she is o.k.  We wish Hermana Carter the best as she left us along with 12 others last week to move on after serving with all her heart, might, mind and strength.
 When Presidente Clegg and Hermana Clegg were in the Bilbao mission they took a p-day one day to the northern most point of Spain.  So to be fair, they are now standing on the Southern most tip of Spain.  Yep, you've got it, that is Africa you are looking at along with the Straits of Gibraltar.  Ceuta is to the left and Tangier is to the right.
 On Hermana Clegg's right is the Atlantic Ocean, on her left is the Mediterranean Sea.  The interesting thing about this point is that when you face the Atlantic, it smells like an ocean (salty).  When you face the Mediterranean is doesn't smell at all.  The small town behind is the city of Tarifa.  You can catch a 1/2 ferry ride to Tangier from here.  But we better not see any missionaries doing this because Tangier is out of the mission.  But a beautiful place to see along the Straits of Gibraltar.
 Just so you can believe us, this sign is telling us that this is the Atlantic and that is Spain in the background.
 Behind Hermana Clegg is Africa and the Mediterranean.  
 And as the sign states, this is the most southern point in Europe.  Wow, we have interesting places in our mission.
 We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and evening saying good-bye to our Stake Presidente and his wife, Pres. Lopez of the Cadiz Stake. 
 They are two wonderful, faithful people.  This room in the restaurant is below the sea level and this restaurant is over 250 years old.  It was amazing.
 Talk about amazing.  In Jerez is where they train the beautiful Andalusian Horses.  This is their performing stable.  The entire school for Horses was amazing to see. 
 We also said good-bye to Fina.  She has worked in the mission home for over 17 years.  She won't be working their anymore.  We will miss her.  We enjoyed some time visiting her little farm.  This is some beautiful boganvia that grows all over Spain.  Fina takes care of this yard as well.  She is amazing.
 It is a time full of good-byes.  We enjoyed a wonderful evening at the home of Thomas and Eva Hanni with their darling 3 children and Eva's parents.  This is a dynamic couple, he's Swiss and she is Spanish.  They speak fluent German, Spanish as well as English.  The children speak Spanish and German.  A lovely, wonderful family who serve and do all they can to build the kingdom in Spain.
 We spent our Sunday over in Melilla attending church in the new location, a wonderful hotel there.  The small group was so happy for visitors.  They treated us great.  We know we will be seeing miracles soon.
The airport there is not too big and our plane sits in the background as we are getting ready to board.  With the Mediterranean and the city of Melilla in the background, we say good-bye for the last time here.
 And just so you know, missionaries do a lot of things.  Along with teaching and baptizing they do a little service now and again.
 They let their "light so shine" in many different ways.

And they shout for joy that they are missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission where we find and teach and baptize and confirm many worthy converts.  We love it here!

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