Sunday, February 5, 2012

February is Full of Faith

We are so full of Faith in the mission! We are seeing miracles like these that happened in Lorca. Elders Wright and Taylor along with Elder Gibson and Avellar had two wonderful baptisms.
Getting ready for baptisms can be a lot of work. Here they are filling the portable font that is in many of the churches in Spain. They can be a little tricky, but we are grateful for the ones we have.
And so the light is shinning forth on the land, especially in our mission. January was a great month for baptisms and February is setting itself up to be even bigger and better. Many baptismal dates are set for February. It will take lots of work and faith and prayers to see them all come to pass.
We wish a huge amount of success to Elder Melgarejo. He served in our mission for 3 months while he waited for his visa to come to go to Puerto Rico. From left to right Elder Forrest and Elder Shaver, along with his companion Elder Bennett sent him off on the bus to Malaga where he flew off to Puerto Rico. We loved having him here and know he will continue to be a great missionary in the Lord's army.
This picture is for you Hermana Stevens. She is in charge of helping the missionaries get their 3 day supply of food and water. Elder Avellar has done just that and knows he will not starve!! You go Elder!!!
And the cute scripture covers are getting out to many new converts in the mission. The 3 Martinez sisters who joined the church a few months ago in Badajoz show their covers. Thanks again to the wonderful young women from Fillmore, Utah who sent us these bags.
Elder Gibson and Elder Avellar gave a bag to this young women in Lorca. Your love is being felt all throughout the Malaga Mission.
The San Fernando Zone had a fun p-day of playing football. This is as close as we are going to get to the Super Bowl in Spain. Well at least Spain won the World Cup two years ago.
Hey, they just want to show us they were having a fun time. Be gentle Elder Crawford!!
This past week we went to Nerja to be in their District meeting. Elder Barahona held a great meeting and Elder Crespo and Hermana Woodward and Hermana Gibson along with President and I learned a lot. Then we had a little lunch to enjoy the sun by. The weather in Spain is beautiful this time of the year.
Wait a minute, what is that new doorway doing in the office. This picture is taken from over by Elder Staples desk. Take a look at the next picture and you will see what is going on in the mission office. Another change, but this should be the last.
President Clegg is talking over things with Elder and Hermana Stevens. This is taken from the Stevens side. You can see into the secretries office. This will be so wonderful! No more walking around and through the hall to get to the other side of the wall. We are excited about the change and it should be all finished shortly. When it is we will take pictures of the entire office so everyone can see how great it looks.
This weekend was a special weekend in Spain and Portugal. We all had Stake Conferences held to hear a broadcast from Salt Lake made especially for the Saints in Spain and Portugal. Here we are in the Malaga Capilla with some of the missionaries. We were even able to hear it in English. Elders Lyman, Thronley, and Nally, followed by Hermana and Elder Stevens, and Hermana and Elder Massaro with Elder Dangerfield peaking in while President and Hermana Clegg round out the group. It was a great broadcast and we all grew from seeing it.
So it's a slam dunk that things are going great in the Spain Malaga Mission. Just had to show two little grandkids practicing their dunking style!
And two of our three pregnant daughters. Lauren on the left is our youngest son's wife and they are having a girl, their first baby in April. And Nikki, our second oldest daughter is having her 5th, a boy in May. We are just missing our Rachael. She is our oldest son's wife who is having her 4th in March. They live in Washington and were not in Utah for this picture. This will be 3 new grand babies before we come home in July. Great blessings keep coming to our family back home. We are feeling so blessed and grateful for our wonderful children both in the States and here in Spain.

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