Sunday, January 29, 2012

January Happenings

We celebrate every week with baptisms. We rejoice with the many new converts to The Church of Jesus Christ. Elders Rodriguez and Barahona are seeing many miracles in Motril. Two of many more converts yet to come in Motril entered the waters of baptism.
Sevilla is continuing to work hard and bring many souls to baptism. Elder Waite and Elder White are working to have this entire family baptized.
Cordoba is seeing many miracles thanks to the hard work of Elder Velasco and Elder Thomas. Again, we are about finding and bringing families together in the gospel.
Hola to our former Hna Brown. Here we have one of our recent converts with one of the precious scripture bags made by the young women in the Filmore Stake in Utah. All the bags have been given out and we expect to see more pictures of these young women who received these wonderful gifts.
Yippeee says Annie Kate when she hears how great things are in the Spain Malaga Mission. She sends her love to all!
And in the District of Valdepenas, the Elders have a football p-day activity. Elder Seely and Elder Jones are incharge.
Elder Triana is jumping for joy. It must be a great match.
You show them Elder Fagersten.
In Lorca the Elders are doing some service. Elders Taylor, Avellar, Gibson and Wright are enjoying their time helping where they can.
A large part of the Malaga Zone enjoy a p-day seeing the sights of the beautiful city of Malaga.
In Crevillente Elder Jones is trying to be spiderman on the wall. Be careful Elder Jones.
Hermana Bascope and Hermana Vega were given the chance to try on some of the native clothes of some investigators from Ecuador. They look real nice but I don't think these cloths are correct for missionary work.
That's right, Hermana Ross. Lovely skirts found in Rebajas in Spain. We love the sales don't we. Hermanas Ross, Vega, Bascope and Capener took advantage of the sales.
Hermana Torres had to try on the "Red Claws" that we use in the mission home to take hot plates out of the oven. They seem to flatter her bright shiney smile.
A few other pictures from the Hermanas leadership training. All of these Hermanas have or are serving in Ciudad Real where they have done such wonderful work.
And yes, the Hermanas in one of the bunk rooms. 11 Hermanas in one room makes for a lot of happy faces.
In Murcia the District spent a p-day together. Hna Capener and Ross enjoyed their hike.
What a view from on top.
Another picture of the group up by the Christus statue.
Back at the mission home, Elder Fetzer arrived for the Trainer training to find the car with a flat tire. Never fear, Elder Avellar is here! (He was here for residency work)
Wow, with those reflective vests the "lights" of our missionaries shine forth. Elder Avellar and Elder Basurto do the changing while Elders Fetzer, Barahona, Staples and Thornley stand by to supervise.
The secretary's car was swiped by some unknown person. The problems that goes with cars. Elder Staples doesn't look too happy. Even though it wasn't their fault, we all feel bad to see damage done.
Elder Stevens uses a little duck tape to temporarily fix a fender.
This week we received two wonderful new Elders, Elder Crespo and Elder Barbosa.
Like everyone, they needed to be oriented to the mission.
And finally, where are they going?
Elder Crespo gets to work in Motril with Elder Barahona as his trainer. They are both so excited.
And Elder Barbosa with Elder Fetzer in Caseres. Two great Elders with two great trainers. We are sure the work will continue to go forth.
O.K., why does Elder Fetzer have a knife in his hand? Elder Basurto is wondering the same. Does it have something to do with Elder Basurto going home? Oh please say it isn't so. Not kind Elder Fetzer.
Elder Basurto isn't quite sure of what might be going on.
A nice hug, but wait, what is this? Elder Fetzer, we don't "kill" our Elders in this mission! What a crazy expression for when a missionary leaves the mission. We don't kill them, we send them off into the world to continue their journey.
We are often times sad to see our Elders and Hermanas leave.
Don't cry Elder Barahona, Elder Ferreira will be all right going home. He has a great future ahead of him.
Yes, two great missionaries who have served with all their heart, working on some momentos before leaving the mission.
Their last night in the mission field was spent in bearing testimonies filled with a few tears. This is a very special time to realize the full time service is over, but the work is still out there to be done. We wish them both well and are sure they will continue to serve the Lord throughout their lives.
And yes, Elder Ferreira, you have to leave the phone with our new ayudante, Elder White. It's hard to leave, but life is exciting for you and for your future.
Finally we spent our Sabbath Day in Huelva. Elder McGarry was excited for his letter along with the supplies for the 4 Elders serving there. Elder Seely is getting to know Huelva and enjoying it tremendously.
Elder Walton is the hit in Huelva. He plays the piano and they love him for it. See moms, it is definitely worth it to keep your sons and daughters in piano lessons if you can. They are a tremendous asset in the mission field. We love all our missionaries and know that they are working hard in this new year to reach our goals and bring many unto Christ.

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