Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012, Here We Come

Happy New Year to everyone! Here in the Spain Malaga Mission we are so excited to share our goal busting total of 325 baptisms this year. This is the 4th largest ever in the history of the mission and the 1st time it was done with only 100 missionaries. The other 3 years that were higher were back in the vicinity of 1989-91 and at that time they were 220 missionaries or more, so to say we are proud and pleased and blessed and honored and happy in this mission is an understatement. The best part about this is that the church is really growing here and the faith of the missionaries, put into action, works. We are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for his blessings to everyone, especially the new members of his church.
Elder Hales and Elder Biamont were helping President Clegg along with one of the most recent converts in Chiclana to show you the new goal. Can we say, "READ OUR FINGERS." After every missionary putting in the number they prayerfully thought should be our goal, taking an average and President Clegg rounding it to 404+, we have a new goal. Elder Hales and Elder Biamont are sure it will happen. They are already working toward it as is all the rest of the mission by now.
In Murcia, on Christmas Day, Elder Forrest and Elder Shaver thought it was the best Christmas ever. But wait, they forgot something.
Yep, that looks better!
Elder Cooper and Elder Rencher had a great Christmas Eve in Almeria. Can we say "White Christmas?"
Puertollano wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This little branch is growing and feeling the love of the Savior in their lives. Elder Seely and Elder Fagersten are there along with the Cleggs to help them celebrate.

Talk about great recycling. Elder Rencher and Elder Cooper reused the bows that were on their Christmas present from President and Hermana Clegg to look festive for Christmas. Creative thinkers here.
The Murcia District wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and say, "Share a Book of Mormon with everyone this year." Hnas Capener and Ross, along with Elders Melgarejo, Bennett, Shaver and Forrest share their love.
Elders Card and Wells send a special Christmas greeting from Alejrafe. They are enjoying a little hot chocolate on Christmas Day.
And though we might not have much snow in Spain for Christmas, we border the beautiful Mediterranean on all sides. And as we look to the future, we are so excited about every missionary in this mission who have learned to exercise their faith in their Savior Jesus Christ. They have put their shoulders to the wheel and marched, ran, knocked, taught and invited everyone they could to bring the country of Spain the truth.
And so as the sun has set on a wonderful 2011, we can only look now to the future, 2012, with much joy and anticipation. And proclaim to the world that in the Spain Malaga Mission we baptized and confirm worthy converts and we are going to find more and more, 404+ in 2012.



  2. The achievement of some important goals in our lives is subject to more than the timing of the Lord. Some personal achievements are also subject to the agency of others. This is particularly evident in two matters of special importance to young people of college age--missionary baptisms and marriage.

    Last summer Sister Oaks and I were in Manaus, Brazil. I spoke to about a hundred missionaries in that great city on the Amazon. As I stood to speak, I was prompted to put aside some notes I usually use on such occasions and substitute some thoughts on the importance of timing--some of the scriptures and principles I have been talking about today.

    I reminded the missionaries that some of our most important plans cannot be brought to pass without the agency and actions of others. A missionary cannot baptize five persons this month without the agency and action of five other persons. A missionary can plan and work and do all within his or her power, but the desired result will depend upon the additional agency and action of others. Consequently a missionary's goals ought to be based upon the missionary's personal agency and action, not upon the agency or action of others.

  3. I feel blessed to have had the chance to be a part of that wonderful exito of being able to bring 325 people to the gate of their salvation.