Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Joys

Fuengirola experienced a lot of baptisms this past week. Three brothers and a sister and one member baptism made for a sweet baptism of the children. Elder Alejandre and Elder Ferreira enjoyed the sweetness.
Elder Manning and Elder Ferguson enjoy bringing families together on the path of being eternal. The husband was baptized a few weeks ago and then he was able to baptize his wife. It was a very sweet baptism with lots of tears and joy. Two people, one from Mexico, one from Russia find the church in Spain. This world is truly in commotion.
In Elche Elder Hunt and Elder Estrada are busy trying to keep up with all the baptisms. They are two hard working, happy Elders.
See what I mean, they had another baptism. These two can't be stopped in inviting all to Come unto Christ.
The Hermanas in Murcia, Hermana Capener and Hermana Ross are always doing their part. Elder Forrest helped out in the baptism. Way to work together.
Jaen is enjoying the fruits of the work of Elder West and Elder Gomez. They are enjoying some time with the people of Jaen.
No wonder everyone looks so happy. I think I am going to ask Elder Gomez to come and cook for me!
Elder Bennett and Elder Melgarejo are always busy visiting and teaching members and investigators. This looks like a 3 Kings celebration.
In LaMancha Hermana Carter and Hermana Letendre are serving members by helping with the olive harvest.
Wow, great work Hermanas.
Elder Jones is ready to stand up and fight for the right. Look out Valdepenas, he is searching and he and Elder Triana will find.
Elder Seely seems to have noticed something in the Liahona.
Yea, that's our Hermana Clegg from her days when she served in the General Primary Presidency. She and Elder Clegg are now Presidente and Hermana Clegg in Madrid serving as the interim MTC or CCM president. We miss them but hope to have them back by March.
Elder McGarry is taking it seriously to call all unto repentance in Huelva. But this is hard work and so afterwards he is in the mood for some nourishment.
Cookies sound great to me. He wanted to dedicate this to Elder Mervai, who must love cookies too.
We enjoyed more great specialized training this week. In Malaga we had a great zone meeting. Everyone seemed happy and energized to keep moving the work forward.
As we moved to Seville, the Elders moved the piano into the cultural hall. For some reason there are no wheels on pianos in Spain. Thanks Elders Geest, Card, Fowkes and Taylor.
The Sevilla Zone is the largest zone in the mission, and they are excited to reach out to all the people in Southern Spain.
We noticed that we seemed to have a few sets of twins in Sevilla. Elder Pallas and Elder Taylor bought matching ties, Hermana Rojas and Hermana Crowder bought matching sweaters while Elder Geest and Elder Berrett were given matching ties.
The next day we had a wonderful training in San Fernando. This is an all Elder Zone (no sisters). And guess what, we have a set of twins here as well. They have done the ultimate. They bought matching suits. They both look sharp but you'll have to guess which companionship did that.
Elder Blanch, Elder Kirkham, Elder Hafen and Elder Rodriguez all came out together. They are getting close to their year mark. Everyone is a fantastic Elder whom we love. For that matter, we love all our Elders and Hermanas who are working hard to understand their purpose and do all they can to invite everyone to Come Unto Christ and be baptized. We love our missionaries.


  1. All the matching is so cute! Awesome start to the year with all the baptisms! It's so exciting to see the work progressing in a different part of the world. Avance con fe, Elders! And Hermanas :)

  2. Congrats to everyone - this will be a day they will always remember! And I agree, matching neckties are the best! :)