Sunday, January 8, 2012

We Are Starting the New Year Right.

The new year started where we left off, with baptisms. Elder Hoyos and Elder Peterson won't let up in searching and teaching and baptizing.
Elder Bradley and Elder Anderson had the last baptism of the year in Cartagena. Way to work every day Elders.
Some of the Malaga Elders and Hermanas went out on Christmas Eve to feel the wonderful feeling of the season. Beautiful lights, and I am talking about the missionaries!
Hermanas Torres and Sturgess with Elders Dangerfield, Peterson, Hoyos and Roa enjoyed a special night in Malaga.
Christmas in Murcia also was full of cheer and celebration. Elder Melgarejo, Hermana Ross and Hermana Capener along with Elder Bennett, Elder Forrest and Elder Shaver enjoyed New Years Eve with some members.
A different kind of Hermanas with Hermana Capener, but nevertheless, sweet servants of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Almeria Missionaries spent a p-day with the JAS of Almeria.
Hermanas Perera and Moreno enjoy a moment together.
Monday brought consillio at the mission home but we had a problem. Only 3 1/4 liters of milk for breakfast for 18 Elders, what is Hermana Clegg going to do?
Elder Shaver and Elder Forrest just tell her to believe, have faith.
Our newest Zone Leader, Elder Hall agrees.
So do Elder Alejandre and Elder Lignell.
Breakfast went forward and would you believe it, the Elders used very little milk and we ended up with some extra. Go figure.
Hey, is that our Ayudantes in a church picture? They look great don't they. Elder Ferreira and Elder Alejandre are always looking sharp.
We had a great 1st of the year consillio with hard working zone leaders. They know they will all need to work hard and trust in the Lord to be with all the missionaries all year in order to achieve our goal for 2012.
They are jumping for joy at the task of serving the Lord in 2012.
The rest of the week was spent doing Specialized Training with each Zone. We are in Alicante with the Elche Zone.
Everyone is learning a lot as they listen to President Clegg talk about the basics of being an excellent missionary.
Oh me oh my, what has happened to all the pictures of Elche, Murcia, Granada and LaMancha Zones? Hermana Clegg's computer lost them, literally. After a lot of tears on her part and a lot of sympathy from Elder Fagersten and Elder Seely in Puertollano, she is trying to feel better. Sorry to everyone, they were great pictures. So to ease the pain a little bit, she thought she would share her favorite Hockey Player to make everyone smile.
Fearsome, rough and tough Annie-Kate to the rescue. If this doesn't make you smile, then you don't have a heart. This is what one cute 4 year old looks like in some hockey pads. They have a frozen pond in their backyard in Utah. Go get them Annie!

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