Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To All

What is better than a baptism on Christmas Day. In Alcala that is exactly what happened. Elder Geest and Elder Berrett knows what it feels like----FANTASTIC!
In Sevilla a few weeks ago they had a handful of baptisms. The Elders and Hermanas there are working to grow the church.
Elder Manning and Elder Ferguson had a wonderful baptism in Malaga. Malaga has been on fire as all the Elders and Hermanas that serve there are giving it everything.
In San Fernando Elder Pederson and Elder Pratt are baptizing and bringing many into the true gospel of Jesus Christ.
In Chiclana Elder Hales and Elder Biamont are bringing families together.
In Fuengirola, the office was super excited about this baptism. Elders Alejandre, Ferreira, Taylor, Staples and Thornley used the group method to bring another soul into the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Sevilla Zone put on their own version of the nativity. How sweet!
We are always finding and so in Cartagena, the Murcia Zone was hard at work. Elder Hamilton is giving out the plan to find the elect.
As a mission we challenged everyone to read the Book of Mormon by the Christmas Zone Conferences, underlining every time they found the name of Jesus Christ mentioned. It was a fabulous experience for everyone. Hermana Ross and Hermana Capener really got into the spirit.
Elders Forrest, Shaver, Bennett, and Melgarejo enjoyed a little Burger King time. Nothing like some good old American food once in a while.
As we started the Christmas Zone Conferences we felt the spirit of Christmas throughout the mission. Elder Berrett and Geest helped by sharing with us their Christmas card. Clever, clever Elders.
Oh yes, it is the Olympus gang! Elder Estrada and Elder Lignell join me in making an O for the Olympus Titans! Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader. We all attended Olympus, I was just a few years ahead of them:)
The tigers were on the prowl. Yes, everyone here had a high school mascot of a tiger. Elders Stowell, Long, Fagersten, Seely and Peterson along with Hermana Sturgess.
Ho,ho,ho, Merry Christmas. Papa Noel came as twins to the mission except one of them has eaten a bit much this past year. But hey, who are these bearded ones. They started with us in Sevilla.
Ho,ho, ho, Merry Christmas in Murcia.
And they showed up again in Malaga.
Presidente Clegg would like to introduce you to Papa Noel Ferreira and Papa Noel Alejandre. Two great ayudantes who helped to bring a little Christmas cheer throughout the mission.
The Sevilla/San Fernando Zones say Merry Christmas--
and enjoy the season.
The Murci/Elche Zones say Merry Christmas--
and may you always have a smile on your face.
And the Malaga/Granada/LaMancha Zones say Merry Christmas--
and a Happy New Year.
Take a look at the following two plates. This one looks great, would you choose this one?
or this one?
Elder Jordan had to choose the second one because he had been a little sick before Christmas. We had him and his companion in the mission home for Christmas Eve to help him with his recovery.
Christmas morning Elder Jackson and Elder Jordan were getting a little bit of advice from Presidente Clegg.
Christmas Day the Stevens invited the office over for a Christmas Dinner which was wonderful. We would all, as an office, like to say Merry Christmas.
And Presidente Clegg and I would like to express our love to each and every one of our 112 wonderful missionaries. The BEST missionaries in the world who are serving in the BEST mission in the world. We were presented with two stockings full of sweet, dear letters from all our missionaries. We spent our Christmas evening enjoying the wonderful messages of love and devotion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by all of our missionaries. We love you all. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Oh, and by the way, in the Spain Malaga Mission we baptize and confirm worthy convert children of our Heavenly Father!!!!


  1. That is so nice of the missionaries! Love seeing the pictures and all your Christmas fun!

  2. Does somedoby know how can I get in touch with Elder Stowell? I met him in march 2011 while I was living in Cordoba and I want to let him know that I've decided to go to a mission and I'll start the process in a 3 weeks :D