Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ramping Up for Christmas!

Elders Mervai, McGarry and Blanch are getting ready for Christmas, are you?
We've had a lot more baptisms lately than I have received pictures! (Elders and Hermanas, please send me your pictures.) Elder Masterson and Elder McGarry sent their baptism in Alicante.
So did Hermana Sypherd and Hermana Woffendin. Such great Hermanas seeing miracles in Cartagena.
Talk about miracles, they are happening all the time in Chiclana. Elder Hales and Elder Biamont have a lot of faith and are working very hard.
Beautiful picture brought to you by our new office finacero, Elder Staples.
The Hermanas in Almeria look like they are cooking up something great to eat. We know that Hermana Perera and Hermana Moreno are great cooks and I am sure it was great.
You've got to love the blue sky that we see a lot of here in Spain. Elder Jones and Elder Staples along with Hermana Vega and Hermana Vasquez are soaking up the sun.
Wow, the Zone of Elche sure look fearsome.
They are a true force here with the many members of Alicante on their mission day. It was a wonderful success with so many members out to help find people for the missionaries to teach. Members do make a huge difference in the work.
Isn't this a great picture. The old castle with a crane behind it? I guess everything needs a little remodeling once in a while. The castle of Lorca sits high on the hill for all to see.
That's right Elder Rodriguez, our missionaries are the most important people in the world.
Lunch with members sometimes includes the dog! Do you go contacting with the dog Hermana Perera?
To stay on our animal theme, Elder Wright is shaking hands with one of the friendly monkeys on the street! They might not be the ones we want in the church. I think they might be a little irreverent.
Sure, we are "doctors" for the souls of everyone.
O.K., are you telling us that the toy in the kids meal at Burger King is a Semana Santa hat? Hermanas Crowder and Carter and Elders Hall, Geest, Berrett and Card enjoy a lunch together.
The Elders in Alicante served the members to help clean the baptismal font. It has been used so much, we are sure it needed a cleaning. What a great problem to have. Thanks Elders for serving.
Elder McGarry and Elder Banbury, you two are Kings for a day.
Maybe dressing like a Christmas Tree is a great way to meet new people.
The office sure looks sharp don't they? Every Monday we have an office meeting to discuss what needs to be done to keep the mission moving forward and working well. Elder Staples is being trained by Elder Taylor to be the newest financero and Elder Alejandre is our newest ayudante. Elder Fagersten left the office this week so Elder Thornley is on his own so be nice everyone.
We are excited to have Elder Alejandre with us in the office. This is the first time to have two native Spanish speaking Elders as ayudantes. Hey maybe Hermana Clegg's Spanish will really improve.
So with one week to go, we say, Ho, Ho, Ho and Merry Christmas to everyone. This week we will be having a Christmas Zone Conference. Stay tuned for next weeks blog to see if "Santa" came to all of us.

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  1. Hello there Sister Clegg! I'm a very excited future sister missionary for the Spain Malaga mission. I report to the MTC March 28. I was wondering what kind of clothes advice you can give me, the information in my packet isn't very specific to the mission as far as what works best in the climate there, etc. If you could contact me by email: that would be ever so lovely!