Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moving Ahead Into Summer

There is nothing like a baptism in Badajoz to bring joy and happiness to the members there. A tender mercy happened for Elder Bailey. He and Elder Dunoskovic had taught Raymon, but just before Elder Bailey was transfered. But then he had to return for his residency work and it made it possible for him to be at the baptism. What a blessing. Now Elder Manning and Elder Dunoskovic are bringing Raymon along.

What has happened to Hermana Perera's hand? It won't stop her in the work. Here she and Hermana Rojas are with their investigators Manfred and Doris. Look out for Hermana Perera!
That's right, you don't mess with our Hermanas. This is Andres who has a baptismal date soon. Great things are happening in Torrevieja.
Nothing like a District Cosecha, or in english, a "Harvest Day" The district came up to Antequera to work with Elder Biamont and Elder Phillips. The traveling ayudantes were there along with the Massaros. What a great day to serve a companionship in your district.
This weekend we were in Lorca for church, but Saturday night we arrived just before dark to visit the Monasterio de Santa Eulalia. What a beautiful setting to see. Spain is a beautiful, diverse country.
They have a Christus on the mountain top near the monasterio. There are many around Spain. This one is looking out over Lorca and the surrounding area.
From the Christus we looked to the west at the small town of Aledo. Very picturesque and quaint.
We quickly ventured over to see the church. We heard beautiful singing. We peaked inside to see the church full of people and a choral of beautiful voices praising God. We were impressed to see the church full on a Saturday evening.
The next day we spent a wonderful Sabbath with the members in Lorca. Here we have the primary gathered around the pictures of Bible stories as they were learning about the prophets of old.
A sweet primary of 7. They are temporarily in a hotel until the church in Lorca can be rebuilt. There is one problem though, the hotel won't let them sing. So sad not to hear the children sing, but they were reverent and they let their testimonies shine forth.
Elder Mervai and Elder Crawford are doing double duty between Huercal Overja and Lorca. We were so blessed to be in church today. Since the members can't sing in the meetings, they came up with another idea. They asked Elder Crawford to quietly sing a sacrament song while the emblems were being prepared. It was a very spiritual and sweet experience. Thank-you Elder Crawford. What a great voice and what a great companionship.
As we drove home in the sunset back to Fuengirola, we were filled with joy at the wonderful work that is continuing in the mission. Every companionship is working hard to invite ALL to Come Unto Christ and be baptized and confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We love our missionaries and we love being missionaries in Southern Spain.

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  1. Thank you President and Sister Clegg for loving our missionaries! We love you too! What a touching story of Elder Crawford quietly singing the sacrament hymn. Your blog so makes my week!