Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hermanas Everywhere

Actually, there aren't too many Hermanas here, but it was a double baptism. The office Elders, Elders Stoner and Moss and the Ayudantes, Elder Brian and Avellar each had a baptism. It was a great day in the Fuengirola Ward.
What, these aren't Hermanas! That's right, these are our two hard working, happy missionaries in Cordoba. We were there for a fireside Sunday night and they had to run out to get to a visit. As we were driving out of the town, we spotted them crossing the road. There is nothing better than to see two missionaries at work. Elder Hales and Elder Pratt, we love you both!
Again, these aren't Hermanas, but these are the two Elders that are serving in Dos Hermanas. (Two Sister) Elder Hatch and Elder Cooper are all smiles with Presidente Clegg there to add a smile or two. We had a great day in Dos Hermanas. A very special ward for many reasons.
One of which we have a granddaughter there? Not really, but this is former (Elder) Miguel Roldan, one of our missionaries in Bilbao and he lives in Dos Hermanas. This is his little niece, April. She is adorable.
Here is the proud mom and dad, the oldest sister to Miguel Roldan and her husband is the son of Faustino Lopez, our former mission counselor in Bilbao and the new District President in the Santiago District. We have family everywhere in Spain. We love it.
Still no Hermanas. Elder Brian and Elder Avellar love the children in the Fuengirola Ward. They are always the cutest future missionaries.
No Hermanas here but a baptism, now that is supreme. Elder Birmbaumer and Elder Barahona in Alicante had a wonderful baptism. Hey, is that the former Elder Vaninetti visiting us from Italy? It sure is.
Still no hermanas but Elder White and Elder Lignell keep the baptism fires going in Algeciras.
We have a few hermanas in Puertollano. The young boy and his mother were baptized by Elder Corradi and Elder Card.
Here is Elder and Sister Clegg with Victor, an investigator who is learning to play some songs of the church on his guitar. This is helping him feel comfortable and welcome into the church.
Well here are a few hermanas but they don't look like it in their p-day clothes. They were playing soccer with some members and investigators in Cadiz. The word on the street is Hermana Guerra scored two goals. You go girl!
Elder Brian? Thought he went home. He did but just before the office took a p-day at the Fuengirola Zoo and had a great day.
Nope, no Hermanas here, just Elder Stoner with his recent convert pulling faces at the Zoo.
Better watch out, Elder Avellar is on the prowl.
Still no Hermanas, but Elder Manning with a big smile and loving life in Badajoz.
The flowers are incredible in Spain in the springtime. Elder Manning again pointing out the beautiful.
Definitely no Hermanas here. This is a picture of the Elders when they ran into a bunch of Goblins. These guys are goofy looking for sure, not handsome like our missionaries.
We did find one of our Hermnas, Hna Capner with a wife who has been a member for years and finally her husband has decided to be baptized. A great day in Almeria.
Spain has it's share of Christ statues. This one is in a beautiful location in Almeria. If you look closely, you'll find Elder Bennett in the picture.
Here Elder Bennett is helping a paralysed man try to play the guitar. Dear acts of kindness are always being done by our missionaries.
Oh no, BYU and Utah in Spain? I don't think I will comment any further, because a picture is worth a thousand words, right Elder Manning and Elder Fagersten?
Now here we have Dos Hermanas in Dos Hermanas. But the reality is we have more.
Elder Waite and Elder Avellar look a little uncomfortable? What's going on in the mission home?
It's a misison leadership training for all the Hermanas. We are excited and so are they. 18 sisters and 3 couples to join in, it was a spiritual feast as well as a physical feast at times.
Hermana Massaro is happy to be at the training. We love our nurses and how they are helping our mission.
Hermana Hidalgo and Hermana Woffinden are all smiles.
The smiles are radiating everywhere. Hermana Stolk and Hermana Ackerman are excited to be the first Hermanas in Cartagena. They have huge goals and are ready to reach them.
Hermanas are always ready to help in the kitchen.
Hermana Bascope and Hermana Guerra are ready to help too, but there is no room for them at this moment.
Hermana Sturgess is catching a moment to study.
Los Clegg are so incredible. We love having them here from Ciudad Real to lift our spirits and teach us all.
The Hermanas are doing a little preparation. Every companionship taught a principle from the 8 lessons. It was fantastic and we all learned so much.
Hermana Sturgess, Capner and Carter are happy to be missionaries in Spain.
Hermanas Bascope and Rojas are reaquainting after serving together in Malaga. Hermana Rojas is now in Torrevieja.
Hermana Guerra and Hermana Carter used to be companions, so seeing each other again was a treat.
We have a generation picture. Hermana Frandsen, in the middle, trained both Hermana Capner and Hermana Bozeman. All are great missionaries.
And this one is even better, Hna Ramirez on the right, trained Hermana Stolk who trained Hermana Bascope. We are sad to see Hermana Ramirez leave us at the end of this transfer. She is dynamic and fantastic as a missionary.
We are the Hermanas in the Spain Malaga Mission and we invite all to "Come Unto Christ", and be baptized. Great force and strength in the mission.
This was a great group and the few days together were spiritual highs for all of us.
The Hermanas left their hearts on our door, filled with words of love and gratitude. We love all our missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission, and our Hermanas are the BEST!


  1. Mi familia y yo queremos felicitar a todos aquellos que terminaron su mision, a los que estan por terminar y a los que empiezan, son Angeles de Dios distribuidos por el mundo y en esta mision tenemos grandes Angeles que llevan la palabra de Dios a todos.
    Os damos las gracias a todos por vuestro sacrificio, QUE DIOS OS BENDIGA A TODOS.

  2. I love being able to see all the pictures from the Hermana Conference, it is true The SPAIN MALAGA MISSION has the BEST Hermanas in the World! love ya!

  3. Thank You for this beautiful and informative blog that allows us to 'be a part' of this wonderful mission and so much success!
    Can it be true, some of these Hermanas are so soon finished??
    You have helped us know the mission and see it all through blogging! THANK YOU!
    Keep up the great work Sister Clegg!