Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Shortened Version

Today you are receiving the shortened version of the blog. We traveled to Elche this weekend and unfortunately I left my power cord in the Hotel. The Hermanas are coming to my rescue and bringing it with them to the mission home tomorrow. But I only have a few minutes left and didn't want to not have a few pictures on. I will put another post tomorrow night, the long version of this past week. But for now, this is our shortened version. This first one is for everyone to guess from which scripture is this taken in the Doctrine and Covenants? This is one of Presidente Clegg's favorite. Elder Moss, in the office did this for him.
Baptisms are always a highlight of every missionary's week. Elder Pallas and Elder Bennett baptized Javier. They baptize in Almeria.
Elder Pederson and Elder Peterson had their first baptism as missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission. Her name is Melissa. This was a great day in Murcia.
Hermana Cluff and Hermana Sturgess enjoyed a wonderful baptism of Antonio in Elche. Way to build the ward, Hermanas.
Elder White and Elder Lignell are keeping things going in Algeciras with another baptism. They are two great young missionaries doing what they came here to do.
We received 4 new fantastic missionaries, Elder Roa, Hermana Ross, Elder Rodriguez and Elder Mendoza. They are fantastic and we will put more pictures of them on tomorrow.
Afterwards we had to say our farewells to 7 wonderful missionaries. They will be missed greatly. You will have to check tomorrow to see a great picture of Hna Montes de Oca. It is one that probably no other missionary will be able to do while on the mission. Stay tuned!

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  1. Wonderful pics. Just attended Elder/Collin Brian's sacrament meeting talk. He did wonderfully and bore quite a beautiful testimony. A member of the Quorum of the Seventy (Elder Fisher) spoke after Elder Brian and also testified of the power that comes to young men/women who serve faithfully. He told Collin to continue to live like a missionary, look like a missionary, and never lose that light in his eyes.

    By the way, the scripture is D&C 121: 39-46.