Sunday, May 15, 2011

Earthquakes and more

Yes we had an earthquake in the mission but it didn't stop the work from rolling forth. In Badajoz they had a wonderful baptism of Juan Luis and his wife Lidia. Elders Dunoskovic and Manning were delighted to be a part of their special day. Elder Manning played a beautiful piano solo that set the perfect tone for the baptisms.
Elder Wells and Elder Forrest are happy and busy in Alicante with their baptism of of Nancy who is pictured with her sons Jaime and Jefferson.
Hermanas Frandson and Capener enjoyed seeing the fruits of their work in Almeria. Elder Bennett did the baptism of Brenda and all rejoiced in Almeria.
Hermanas Cannuci, Perera, Sturgess and Cluff strike a pose in a beautiful forest somewhere in Elche or Torreviejo.
O.K. Hermana Capener and Frandson, what's up? Yes, in spite of a drenching rain, they continue to work, yea Hermanas.
Elders Bennett and Pallas are enjoying visiting with this man from Peru in Almeria.
Now this is a picture of happiness. This is Kooli and Diego, two of the happiest people in Almeria. People with big hearts and big testimonies.
This is a picture of the many different women in Almeria. What a happy bunch of people.
It was a week filled with Zone Conferences starting in beautiful Sevilla. These beautiful trees are everywhere with their purple blossoms. It is incredible to see them all over the city.
Inside the Stake Center the missionaries are enjoying great food and great spiritual food as well.
Happy smiling missionaries. Elder Waite looks a little stressed, maybe it's because he is coming into the office this week to be the next ayudante! We look forward to working with you Elder Waite. Elder White, you just look happy.
All the missionaries are happy when they are fed well.
This is a generational shot. Elder Adams, on the right, trained Elder Fagersten next to him, who is training Elder Kirkham, but before that he trained Elder Shaver who is currently training Elder Hafen. Did you follow that? Elder Adams, you are leaving us a great legacy of hard working missionaries who are following your example.
The Zones of San Fernando and Sevilla enjoyed a great zone conference. We felt the spirit of the day and are strengthend to continue in the work of the Lord.
The ayudantes have to teach and counsel and baptize and sometimes, wash the windows of the President's car. Thanks Elders.
We are now in Granada with the Malaga, Granda and LaMancha Zones. Our 3 wonderful Senior couples are making a wonderful difference and addition to the work here in Spain.
More happy, eating missionaries. It's not all that we do but it is a great time to take a few pictures.
Elder Blanch is happy as well as everyone else on these tables.
Elder Masterson is all smiles about the food. Our wonderful, newly baptized family who are from the Dominican Republic provided the food. It was wonderful. We are grateful for all their efforts.
We have another generation shot, Elder Avellar on the right, trained Elder Biamont, who trained Elder Thornley who is now training Elder Rodriguez. All great missionaries who love being missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission.
This is the biggest zone with all the couples. What a feeling of strength and joy there is to be together.
The next day we were in Murcia. The earthquakes happened as we were coming to Murcia. We drove through Lorca between the two earthquakes. We are grateful for tender mercies in our lives. Especially in the lives of the two Elder who live and work in Lorca.
Everyone is happy in the Elche and Murcia Zones. Even Elder Hall and Lyman who were up late driving to Lorca and bringing home Elder Crawford and Mervai. Thanks Elders for your great service to your fellow Elders.
These two sisters in Murcia provided the great food They are very camera shy and they didn't know I was taking their picture. We got you!!
Oh please say it isn't so. Elder Brian, see what you taught Elder Pederson to do.
Our two Zones of Elche and Murcia together. Our two Angels in White, Elder Crawford and Mervai. They haven't been home since the earthquakes. They were in Huercal Overja during the quakes. Their building where they lived has been condemned but their apartment was unharmed. They returned after Zone Conference to get some clothes. They can't move back into their apartment so now they are in Huercal Overja in a new apartment. The work moves on.
Elder Lyman received his international drivers license so he is being taught by Elder Avellar how to drive a standard shift car. He did o.k. for his first lesson.
Here is our happy mission presidency, Pte. Koh, Pte. Clegg and Pte. Clegg. Happy to be together. We went to Badajoz and Casares for a training of the members. It was a great experience of all of us.
Hna Ramierz looks so happy and cute with her new hair cut. She will be leaving Casares to serve in Murcia for the end of her mission.
They brought this delicious looking cake for after the meetings. Too bad Pte. and Hna Clegg are on a diet. We just had to look and have a drink of water. Oh well.
Hna Hidalgo so excited to be moving to Elche and work with Hna Sturgess. Elders are coming to Casares and Hermanas are moving into Cartagena. Always changes in the mission.

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