Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pioneer Days in Spain?

We know it is July 24th, Pioneer Days in Utah, but in Spain, we found some of our own pioneers. We went to San Lucar for church today and had a wonderful visit. Elder Velasco and Elder Barahona are working hard with 4 investigators at church and many visitors. One of them were the Barnard family. Gary Barnard served a mission in Spain and his wife, Merchy Falcon joined the church in Sevilla. They didn't meet until at BYU and now they live with their 4 children in New York. They were in Spain for their vacation. They have 4 children, but only two, Nathan and Katrina, were with them. We enjoyed getting to know them and hear about how it was in Spain in the "Pioneer Days" of the church.
Maybe things are getting out of hand in Ciudad Real? They had a wonderful Branch activity last week and the missionaries just can't get over it.
Elder Card wanted everyone to know he has made Hna Clegg's lasagna. See missionaries can cook if they try. Way to go Elder Card.
But I think Elder Card, you have gone way overboard on the apple juice. We know it is cheap, but this might be on the border of crazy?
Speaking about cooks, as we were doing our interviews and specialized training we were greeted with Elder Donsokovic making us a true Tortilla de Patata. Wow, it looks as good as Pte. Marmol in Cartagena.
What a great companionship Elder Dunoskovic and Elder Berrett are making. We enjoyed our time listening to them teach and then while they were interviewed by Pte. Clegg, I got to talk to each missionary. It was fun to learn about Texas and a little bit more about where our daughter moved to since we left for the mission. Elder Berrett and our daughter Ally Poulton are in the same stake. Remember Elder Berrett was on the blog before he came to the mission.
The two of them had to run to a lesson after the interview so it left Elder Jones and Elder Fetzer and the President to try the tortilla. Absolutely perfect!! Now don't eat all of it, leave some for when Elder Dunoskovic and Elder Berrett return. Granada is in great hands with these 4 Elders. You would never guess that Elder Jones and Elder Berrett are new to the mission, they love to teach and work, that's how we want our missionaries to be.
Oh no, Elder Bennett has a look that I don't know if we can trust. Elder Pallas might be in on this too. After their teaching us Elder Bennett had a special request.
In cleaning out an apartment to help a member, Elder Bennett found some treasures. Nice way to display the sword. Is that the sword of Captain Moroni? We love Elder Bennetts optimism, 350 baptisms+, that's what we call faith in action.
Elder Pallas, we know that's you behind the shade. It just doesn't hide enough.
Elder Bennett asked to be knighted. Well, we don't think it means much, but if it helps to find investigators, so be it.
Elder Roa and Elder Hamilton are doing great in Elche. Elder Roa taught with such a closeness to the spirit and Elder Hamilton is such a great teacher as well. We always love to come to the grounds of this church and see the beautiful Palm Trees. It is a great little oasis in the world.
Oh my goodness, Elder Rodriguez and Elder Alejandre were incredible teachers. We can all learn from the two of them. They have two baptismal dates in Crevillente and they are loving it there. We love both of you too.
Oh Alicante is the place to be. Lot's of baptisms and lot's of energy with these four Elders. Elder Birmbaumer and Elder McGarry on one side of the Presidente, while Elder Forrest and Elder Blanch are on the other side. They treated us great when we got there.
They surprised us with lunch with Elder McGurry being the lead cook. We enjoyed some great pasta. Elder McGarry's spanish is doing great, way to be a great trainer Elder Forrest.
After our little lunch they insisted on a little bit of advice and wisdom from the Presidente. He left them with a few thoughts to strengthen their testimonies. We left with full stomachs and great feelings about the quality of our teachers in Alicante.
Our adorable Torrevieja Hermanas were ready to teach us. Hna Perera and Hna Rojas did a fantastic job. Their piso is quite small but oh so clean and organized. We also traveled next to Hna Hidalgo and Hna Guerra but we forgot to get a picture. We love both of you too.
The next morning in Cartagena was a very special start to our day. Hna Stolk and Hna Ackerman are two fantastic missionaries that teach with the spirit. We felt it so strong, the experience there was more special than words can say.
Hey, we don't always have Pte. Clegg in the picture. The other Cartagena Elders were great. Elder Pearce and Elder Stowell are working so hard and have so many baptisms lined up. They will very soon see the fruits of their labors. Elder Thornley and Elder Lyman did a fantastic job too. It's so hard to believe how short a time 3 or the 4 Elders have in the mission and yet they are working and teaching like pros. Ghee Elder Stowell, you are the old one here. We enjoyed our morning with the District of Cartagena.
Then it was off to Murcia. Wow is how we describe the Elders there. Que fuerte could also describe their teaching. Great job all of you. Elder Shrewsbury and Elder Corradi on one side and Elder Pedersen and Elder West on the other. They are working to find all the prepared people they can.
Now wait a minute, why am I paying for parking? No, we are not at the church anymore, but where are we?
The Hermanas are taking us through this door to the home of someone very special. Hna Frandsen is here for a few days from Almeria because she is between companions and Hna Woodward and Hna Bozeman are just great with it. But what have they got planned for us.
We had the wonderful joy of meeting Elder Basurto's mom and brother. We know where Elder Basurto get's his sweet disposition and character. We had a wonderful lesson taught by the Hermanas. We were hoping Hna Alba would accept the invitation to be baptized, but not yet. We are thinking that when her wonderful son comes home, he will be the one to help her make that leap. Such a treat to be with her and his younger brother in their home.
We returned to the church to do the interviews but ran out of time for them to teach us, but we experienced some of their teaching in "real life." Great Hermanas in Murcia.
Oh yes, this wouldn't be complete without a "generation" picture. Hna Frandsen trained Hna Bozeman who is training Hna Woodward.
The last stop on our 2 1/2 week outing was in Huercal-Overa at the piso of Elder Mervai and Elder Taylor. They are working in Lorca, but since the earthquake, they are living in Huercal Overa. We barely had time for the interveiws and teaching as they had their train to catch to Lorca. They are wonderful teachers and shared their talents with us.
Elder Ferguson and Elder Long were the last ones on this journey. They also did a great job. They love working in Huercal- Overa with the newest branch in our mission. It has only been organized for a little over 3 months. We love each and every one of our missionaries and feel like the leval of teaching is certainly raising in the mission. We will forge ahead and continue to invite all to come unto Christ and do our part to build the kingdom of God here in Spain.

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  1. Thank you Presidente y Hermana Clegg for the great care and love that you give to the missionaries! My mom and I love to see my Brother Joshua!(Elder Blanch)