Sunday, July 10, 2011

To Bring the World it's Truth!

Miracles everywhere, and always in Almeria.
Maybe it has something to do with A's because Algeciras is always baptizing.
It has nothing to do with letters and everything to do with people who are prepared and they were ready in Fuengirola.
The next few pictures are either of p-day outings or of different experiences in the mission. We definitely have a lot of variety in the Spain Malaga Mission.
Driving ships to
singing songs.
Helping children to
welcoming Hna Massaro to Almeria.
Finding a puppy to
the joy of the Book of Mormon.
Eating new food to
enjoying members to
always finding monkeys.
Come on over to the mission home for a good old 4th of July barbeque. Zone Council started with a little bit of patriotism.
The Zone Leaders decided to sing the National Anthem of the United States.
Elder Ferreira and Elder Kusseling, one a spaniard and the other a frenchmen weren't too sure of this one.
Our 4 newest Zone Leaders, Elder Wells, Dunoskovic, Crawford and Shrewsbury.
Elder West shows with class our American pride on America's Birthday.
A great picture of a great group of missionaries. The Zone Leaders are ready to help their Zones reach new heights.
We followed Zone Council with all the District Leaders for a District Leader Leadership Training. They were excited and ready to learn and grow. They were also willing to serve their fellow missionary, Elder Zachary Taylor, who celebrated his birthday on July 6th with a phone call from all the District Leaders singing Happy Birthday.
We love the smiles of happy missionaries. This has to be the light of Christ shining forth!
What a wonderful group of District Leaders who want nothing but success for all the missionaries in the mission.
Hey, where is Elder Ferguson?
"I am here, Hna Clegg. Don't leave without me."
The next day we received two great new missionaries, Elder Geest and Elder Mockler. They came with enthusiasm and excitement.

What? Yes, Hna Clegg is showing Elder Avellar how to do a perfect push-up.
The secretaries are showing off their perfectly drawn map. Elder Stoner just whipped it out in a few seconds.
Elder Mockler is so excited because he is going to Algeciras to start his mission. Elder White and Lignell are waiting for him to arrive.
Elder Geest is greeted with a hug from his companion, Elder Peterson.
They are going to Jaen where the olives are plentiful and the converts are waiting for them!
One more picture for the road. We had to do our orientation at the Malaga Babel Capilla because Pte. and Hna Clegg were starting on their 2 1/2 week tour of the mission on the same day. Two great new missionaries that we are grateful to have.
Every companionship will be teaching Pte. and Hna Clegg this month along with their personal interview with Pte. Clegg. So, let us introduce you to all our missionaries. We started in LaMancha with Hna Sturgess and Hna Ross. Two great missionaries willing to serve with all their might.
Puertollano is happy to have Elder Card and Elder Hatch there to serve. Elder Hatch is serving as the District Leader in LaMancha.
Elder Bradley and Elder Rencher are incredible in Valdepenas.
As we drove to Alcazar with the Elder and Hna Clegg, our missionary couple who are making such a difference in the LaMancha District, we were treated to lunch by the two Zone Leaders, Elder Taylor and Elder Crawford. It was great.
And again, Elder Crawford and Elder Taylor are doing all they can for the wonderful people in Alcazar.
Saturday found us in Malaga. Hna Bascope and Hna Cannuci are marvelous in Malaga.
Say what? So sorry Elder Wells and Elder Redd, who you can't see, are the Zone Leaders of Malaga and we didn't get a picture of both of them. We will have to settle for Elder Wells and next time we will have two pictures of Elder Redd. Great Zone Leaders.
Here are two very happy faces. Elder Jordan and Elder Hales couldn't be happier in Malaga.
We had a great visit with Elder Masterson, the District Leader and Elder Walton. What a great team.
We pushed onto Motril where Elder Kirkham and Elder Rodriguez were incredible.
They have created their own version of the planner in larger form.
And of course, an old sock is the best eraser.
After they taught us we visited a wonderful member, Antonia. She fed us homemade jam and cakes. We had a wonderful time in her home.
Pte. is feeling tall among the timbers in Nerja. Elder Brown and Elder Thomas, who is the District Leader were happy to humor Pte. Clegg for a moment.
You see, I wasn't kidding when I said tall timbers. Elder Brown is 6'7" and Elder Thomas is real close at 6'5". They are doing a great work in Nerja.
We stayed with the Nerja Branch for Sunday Services and a wonderful group of members, who were visiting from Sweden, joined us for church. We met for the Sunday School and Relief Society-Priesthood hours together in an English lesson taught by Pte. Clegg. We heard many beautiful testimonies from these faithful, wonderful saints. We also were joined by Bro. and Sister Plant, natives of England who do so much to hold the Nerja Branch together. It was a great day in beautiful Nerja.
We finished the day with interviews and teachings done by our Ayudantes, Elder Avellar and Elder Waite.
Also by Elder Biamont and Elder Phillips who are the newest missionaries in Fuengirola.
And last but not least, our devoted secretaries, Elder Moss and Elder Stoner who taught to perfection. A busy week with more to come. We love all our missionaries. Come back next week to meet more of the best missionaries in the world who are in the best mission in the world, the Spain Malaga Mission.

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