Sunday, August 1, 2010

Visitors and Scenery

We spent a wonderful Sunday evening in Cadiz at the chapel doing a fireside. Our great Hermanas there organized it. We loved meeting many new members but most of all, we loved being with our missionaries, they are the best! Hermana's Ackerman and Ruiz de Mendoza are top notch.
We spent most of the week in Fuengirola and thought everyone would enjoy a few pictures of the area. This is the mail drop outside of the post office. It sure doesn't look like a blue drop box from home does it!
Walking back from the post office is this lovely courtyard. The towns in Spain are full of courtyards and places to sit. This is also typical of the cute small churches that you find in almost every town in Spain.
We have had a visit from Don and Cheryl Doty who are friends of ours from home. We took them up to the charming town of Mijas which is just a short 10 minute drive from the mission home. Flowers and the Spanish Flag are everywhere.
They offer Donkey taxi rides. Maybe we could use these for some of the missionaries to get around the pueblos?
The beautiful hillside white towns of Andulucia are something to behold. This is part of Mijas, situated along the hillside. It is a lovely town to walk and shop and enjoy the flavor of Southern Spain.
Sunday we attended church in the Malaga 3 ward. Elder Basurto is in the investigator class with both members and investigators. We were part of a wonderful testimony meeting where the youth of the ward all bore their testimonies. They loved EFI and all that they learned from attending. Many shared how it changed their lives. The gospel has a way of doing that for us!
After church we met up with Hna Diaz and Elder Marin. The former Elder Marin served in the Bilbao mission along with Hna Diaz. They served under Pres. Duvall. Elder Marin is the older brother of the current Hna Marin who was serving in the Bilbao Mission with us and is now in the Madrid Mission. These two are getting married Oct. 20th. They will be living in the Malaga 3 Ward. It was so fun to meet them and we will certainly be seeing them in the future.
We took the Doty's to another famous spot, The Balcony of Europe. Don and Cheryl are currently on a mission for the church. Dr. Doty is head of all the Missionary Medical for the church. He and his wonderful wife work daily for the welfare of all the missionaries. We are very privileged to have them with us and we enjoy the spirit they bring with them. They bore their testimonies to our office staff and it was a special moment for all of us.
Finally, we leave you with our newest missionary in the New Malaga Mission! Well we need to do something since we are not getting enough missionaries in Spain. We are currently having many visa problems for new missionaries and we pray that this will get better. But until then, King Alfonso looks quite dapper in his suit don't you think? I just don't know how we will get a chapa on him. (missionary name tag) Stay tuned for next week as we are doing interviews and will be seeing all of the missionaries over the next 10 days. Can't wait!


  1. Thanks for posting pictures of the town. I am also glad you went to the Balcony of Europe, isn't it beautiful!

  2. Love the updates and the comments. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. You do such a nice job in capturing the beauty & essence of Spain.