Sunday, August 15, 2010

August Heat Just Can't Be Beat!

We start this blog off with one of the last things we did this week, that of attending church in Almeria. But the happy smiles on the faces of Elder Hurley and Marchello were just how we wanted to start. We smile because we are happy in the New Spain Malaga Mission.
It is hot in Southern Spain this time of year but it doesn't discourage our missionaries. Even at the saying good-bye to Elder Hughes. Hna's Hidalgo and Stolk got a chance to see Elder Hughes before he left this past Monday. No Presidente, he is not putting his arms around the sisters.
We went out to finish interviews this week. We arrived in Sevilla were they were finishing their District Meeting. It was 120 outside. Yikes!!
What is this, T-Shirts for the Zone? Hna's Nelson and Cluff had something to do with this. Oh yea, Elder Langston is showing one of the chocolate chip cookies I brought them.
Some of the Elders ran out and bought bread and meats for sandwiches for after the interviews. Such good workers!! Elders Thatcher, Han, Halverson and Masterson are a great assembly line of Missionaries!
Hna's Cluff and Nelson are waiting for lunch along with Elder Vaninetti! The Elders should be serving the Hermanas.
One of the best part of Interviews or Zone Conferences is getting the mail! Elder Birnbaumer is excited for his package from home.
The next day we were in San Fernando to finish up with the interviews.
This is a great zone that is seeing some great success.
Elder Avellar volunteered to fix "White Lightning Soup." It is a favorite Mexican recipe that his sister taught him. It was great!
Elder Ward and Elder Salls are giving it the thumbs up!
Happy Missionaries are those that get fed well
After we returned home we had the pleasure of welcoming Elder Hamilton to the mission. He had been serving in Tuscan, Arizona, awaiting his visa to come through, and it finally came. I don't know who is more happy, him or us, but he is finally here.
Just your usual hot day in Fuengirola as we surface from the train station. It is nice that the CCM in Madrid sends the missionaries here by train. The train station is directly across from the mission office.
We brought him up to the house for Lasagna and a small orientation.
And of course, his assignment, Huelva with Elder Han. Hey wait a minute. Elder Hamilton with Elder Han in Huelva. I like the H thing going on here!
Now this is the coolest thing yet. I told Elder Hamilton I liked his tie. He answered, "Oh, it is my blow-up tie." What? Yes, it actually blows up and could serve as a small pillow. What will they think of next.
Take our pictures and then it was off for the train station. He looks great and is so excited. We love getting new missionaries, they are such a boost for all of us, and Elder Hamilton was no exception.
Just had to put a picture of Elder Bader on here for everyone to see. He is leaving the office next week and we are going to miss him. He is going up to the La Mancha area to Valdepenas. We are sure he will help the area explode. He is going to be going there with Elder Siddiqui. What a team.
This is a picture sent to me from the Hna's in Malaga. Does Elder Romney and Phillips think they are going to contact someone here?
The next day after Elder Hamilton arrived we have to say good-bye to Elders Smithson and Watts. Two wonderful Elders who have fulfilled honorable missions. Elder Watts was worried that his parents didn't read their e-mail that he was coming home a few days early due to a possible airline strike. So Presidente called to make sure they were expecting him. They were, no worries Elder Watts.
We had a wonderful night sharing our feelings and testimonies of this great work. Best of luck to both of you in your future.
And yes, we do baptize in the Malaga Mission. Hey Elders and Hna's, send me your photos! Elder Bader and Halverson are working hard to bring more people unto Christ.
We love baptisms!
The end of the week took us to Almeria for church. We had a wonderful time meeting the members and finding out something very special. Elders and Hna's, we want you to know that you have a huge impact on the lives of those you baptize. This dear Sister Filomena was baptized over 25 years ago. She has in the front of her scriptures pictures of children and grandchildren and the two Elders at her baptism. The wonderful thing is one of the Elders pictured here is our neighbor back home in Utah and our current Stake President. What a small world in the church.
This is the wonderful Moraza family. Their wonderful daughter, Hna Moraza is currently a missionary in the Madrid Mission. But 11 months ago we welcomed her to the Bilbao Mission. What a tender mercy to meet the family of one of our dear missionaries. This is a fun part of this change that we are enjoying!
This is also Hna Moraza's aunt. She was also baptized by our neighbor back home. These people are the pioneers of the church in Almeria.
Two other wonderful members. We were welcomed with such love in this ward. They are the gospel in action.
Finally, this is the perfect picture to end this week's post. Two Hna's that look like the angels they are. I love this picture because they really look like they are glowing, and they are because they know that serving a mission is the best decision they could have made. We love all our missionaries, you are the best!

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