Sunday, August 8, 2010

Interviews and Traveling

This week was filled with many interviews. We met together as either Zones or individually in some cities. We also did some interviews during Zone Conferences earlier in the month. You are looking in on part of the Elche Zone as we are opening with a song lead by Hna Gum. But before we go any further with the interviews, we must start with the first of the week activities.
All of the planning was based around interviews and taking a little time with Dr. Don and Cheryl Doty to show them a little bit of Spain. Before we went to Granada to interview the missionaries we visited the town of Ronda where Bullfighting first started. The town was built on the edge of deep ravines. It also has a wonderful bridge and quaint shops. It was a great way to start the morning.
We arrived in Granada to find our Granada Zone ready to have their interviews and of course, a treat from Hna Clegg. They ate pumpkin squares which seem to please Hna's Millan and Ramirez. I think Elder Halverson is also happy with them?

What's up Elder Hurley? Caught you Elder Bedar! Shoulder rubs do feel great when given by Elder Kusseling.
Elders Solari and Wardell are happy with the treats. Just like what mom makes, I hope.
O.K, now this is a little funny, same ties? Elders Heywood and Pratt assure me they don't wear these out on the streets. I see you Elder Hurley!!
Elder Marchello is loving life and knows this is an efficient way to aide each other. We spent a wonderful few hours with the Granada Zone, receiving a little message from Dr. Doty and some great teaching and challenges from the Zone Leaders and Ayudantes. All in all, the Granada Zone is doing great!
We took a p-day the next day to visit the Alhambra. Truly an incredible experience and and a wonderful piece of history.
At the first of the blog you see the wonderful nighttime picture of the Alhambra. This is just one of the many sides of this incredibly preserved treasure.
We drove that afternoon and caught a little bit of the old historic district of Cordoba. We would return to Malaga in the morning to interview the Malaga Zone.

We arrived at the Malaga capilla to the smells of something cooking. Actually we followed the smoke to the kitchen where we found Elders Phillips and Beck busy cooking. We were being treated to lunch together as a zone, cooked by the Zone Leaders. Has anyone told you Elder Beck that you look a lot like Paul Newman?
Before interviews we had a great lunch along with homemade gingersnaps.
Elder Basurto loved his package. Missionaries love mail!
Elder Niebergall is so sad to say good-bye to who?

Elder Nielson. He is leaving us for the Arizona Tuscan Mission. We are going to miss him. He was a Zone Leader and a great missionary. He has to leave because of residency problems that couldn't be fixed. We are very sad but wish him the best of success. They are so lucky in Arizona to be receiving him.
We love Murcia! Hna's Montes de Oca and Gum along with Elder Ponce are all smiles during Interviews in Murcia.
Elder Anderson likes his supplies from the office while Elder Brian isn't sure if he is going to smile for the camera or not. They were treated to lemon squares.
Elder's Black and Taylor have to run to their next appointment. Hey, such good looking Elders, anyone would want to be taught by them.
The next morning was filled with interviews in Elche. Las Hermanas son bonitas!
Elders Serrano and Moss are teaching with the Book of Mormon. It was a great practice to help review what we learned at Zone Conference.
Elders Paolinelli and Christensen were also doing a great job of teaching with the Book of Mormon.
The church in Elche is surrounded by the Palm Tree Forest. It is so unique and beautiful here. Hna's Bentley and Brown are escorting Presidente Clegg to our car.
That evening we had a wonderful visit from the Kusseling Family. Elder Kusselings family was on vacation in Malaga. His darling grandmother was born in Spain but they all currently live in Lyon, France. Elder Kusseling's brother Thomas will be serving as a missionary in one year. Maybe he will be called to Malaga! Hopefully this doesn't make you too homesick Elder Kusseling but what a dear family you have. And no parents, they didn't visit their son! That is called obedience, a great example for their son and the rest of the mission. They brought us some treats from Lyon. Oh C'est Bon!
Hey, maybe we could recruit this fellow to be a missionary? Are we loosing another missionary?
Please tell me it isn't true! Yes, Elder Hughes is being transfered to the Florida Tampa South Mission. He is another great Zone Leader. This is hopefully the last one. We do not like this but can only wish him the best. Elder Phillips from the Malaga Zone will be joining Elder Vaninetti as the new Zone Leader in Sevilla. Elder Hughes flies out this next Monday. We had to come by and say good-bye. Vaya con Dios Elder Hughes!
Saturday afternoon we were up in Caceres with the darling Hermana Ball and Hermana Cannuci. They are working so hard and have two baptismal dates set. Way to go Hermanas!
The last stop on this week's trip is in the city of Badajoz. This is one of the many churches in this very old town.
We interviewed the Elders before church on Sunday, and after church Elders Giler and Sanchez along with Hna Cecilia, the wife of the Branch President prepared us lunch in the church.
Elder Froberg was willing to help clean up some spills on the floor.
Bro. DaSilva and his darling daughter pose with Presidente. His son, Elder DaSilva is currently serving in the Barcelona Mission. We actually welcomed him into the Bilbao Mission last June, before the reorganization. What a wonderful man with a wonderful faithful family and with a smile to match his heart.
Elder Sanchez is making homemade California Rolls and they were incredible! What a chef.
Beautiful plate of teryiaki chicken cooked by Elder Giler with Hna Cecilia. So delicious, what an incredible meal. We also had couscous and homemade brownies with fruit.
We left Badajoz full from our wonderful meal and also filled by the great love and spirit of this incredible Branch. Pictured here we have Elder Froberg and Elder Wallace. Yes his tie is bright green and no, it isn't one he wears anywhere but to eat, for you see it is made out of duct tape. Next to Presidente is Presidente Silva with his young son Samuel sitting on the ground. After Elders Sanchez and Giler you see Hna Cecilia and her wonderfully charming mother, Hna Angelica. And like her name, she is an Angel. We had a wonderful week. This next week we will be interviewing in San Fernando and Sevilla and receiving a new Elder. Busy weeks as always.


  1. Thank you so much for taking such good care of our son, Kyle while he is sad to say goodbye to Spain he is very upbeat about his new call in Florida. We will always be grateful for the wonderful Spirit that we have felt.

  2. we love you brent, and my mom was sooo happy to hear from you on brent/ elder Froberg's b-day. Glad he is doing well.-- lesha (elder Froberg"s sister)

  3. What fabulous pictures of awesome missionaries and sights of Spain, thank-you for making Spain come alive for us curious parents at home praying for everyone of you and knowing that you are all so loved and taken care of warms our hearts!! Love Sister Froberg