Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Times are Hot in Malaga

The weather is hot here in the south but so is the teaching and preaching of our missionaries. Wow, this looks like a serious lesson? If you don't know Elder Bennett and Larsen yet, you should. These two are having a great time in Dos Hermanas and they are really teaching, but not in this picture. It was a fun one so thanks for sending it Elder Bennett.
Almeria keeps baptizing, wow Elders, you are awesome!
Talk about awesome, we received Elder Redd to the mission. He has been waiting for his visa in the Provo Mission. He looks sharp and is ready for action here. He was teaching 30 lessons a week in Provo. What do we have to say to that? Piece of cake, we do it all the time in the New Spain Malaga Mission.
Elder Solari is there to help him with his luggage on another hot day in Spain.
Lunch on the terrace, it's never too hot for that.
Where is he going? ......drum roll please.....Cartagena 3 to be with Elder Fredrickson.
What a handsome looking Elder. He comes to us from Nampa, Idaho and he knows Hna Rudder (Hola to one of the greats of Bilbao!) We know he knows how to work and we sent him out to push the work forward in Spain.
Oh, the whole office wanted a group shot! Nice smiles Elders.
And the other new guy, hey wait, Elder Niebergall, you aren't new to the mission! But so, he is new to the office and we are loving having him here.
This picture should be "Guess where in the Mission this is?" Well, I'll tell you, Ciudad Real. What is that on the left? The first parking garage elevator that we have seen here in Spain. Yes folks, just drive your car in there and push the button to go down. We barely fit in there, and we don't have a big car. This was an experience for sure. I just hope the car doesn't decide to jump and get us stuck in there. (I know, silly joke.)
Great things are happening here in Puertollano. Elders Wiehe and Talbot are working both areas of Ciudad Real and Puertollano. They baptized this family of 3 and the father is hopefully getting baptized soon. Maurico Montes also helped to baptize. He is putting in his papers to serve a mission. He will be a great missionary.
Look at the great support of the little branch. Elder Becerra is also there along with his companion Elder Heywood who took the pictures.
That evening in Ciudad Real after a priesthood leadership meeting we took the 4 Elders out for something to eat.
Elder Wiehe says "Uncle Sam wants you but not me, I am German." Elder Wiehe, we want you to stay forever. What a great Elder he has been, an example to all of great leadership with a lot of kindness.
Sunday morning found us in the quaint city of Valdepenas. It has a wonderful branch and this is where Elders Bader and Siddiqui went.
Presidente Moreno was having a birthday and the branch members made him a cake and presented it to him after the meetings. We all enjoyed a small piece and it was great.
This is a 4 generation family in the church. They are the De Gennaro family from Argentina. The 3 to my right are the Grandmother, mother and son with his lovely wife. Next to Presidente is a friend, Juan, who was their Bishop at one time in Argentina and was here to visit them. The amazing thing about all of this is that the missionary who knocked on the door of Grandmother De Gennaro 28 years ago is someone Presidente and I know from our ward in Bountiful, Utah. His name is David Harmer and is a wonderful person. Such an incredibly small world in the church. Elders and Hermanas, I want you to know that the people that you baptize will remember you forever, so be great examples in all you do. Hey, where is the 4Th generation of this family?
Right here, darling Nicole. What a sweet young lady.
O.K., we end with something a little light and humorous. It's hard not to notice Presidente Clegg with his chapa in his mouth. But if you could read it, you would see that it is one of Hermana Clegg's Chapa's. When we left for Ciudad Real he had his jacket in the back of the car and he forgot to put his chapa on it. When we arrived up there he realized he didn't have one. I suggested he take one of mine, because I always have an extra one with me. He went Saturday and through all of church Sunday and no one noticed it didn't say Presidente Clegg on it. He showed it to Elder's Bader and Siddiqui and they all got a good laugh out of that one. Never a dull moment when you are with Presidente Clegg, that is for sure.


  1. Thank you for the updates! Love seeing my son and others he has mentioned. Truly LOVE seeing the work as it moves forward in the New Malaga Mission!!!

  2. Hey mom and dad! are both wasting away! Keep eating! Love you both!