Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baptisms, Missionaries and Members

We start with a wonderful photo shared with us by Elder Andersson who is serving in the Cartegena 3 ward. Spain has some magnificent coast line.
We received quite a few baptism pictures. We love to see these. Murcia 1 was happy and so was Hermana's Montes de Oca and Gum.
Elders Burdette and Wilson were busy in the Cartegena l ward.
Huelva had a beautiful baptism with Elder Hamilton, Han and Thatcher. What a great way to start your first week in the mission Elder Hamilton.
Elder Fredrikson and Andersson are all smiles with these lovely new members in the Cartegena 3 ward.
Almeria is heaven on earth as Elder's Hurley and Marchello have found out.
More in Almeria
And more again in Almeria!
The middle of the week brought another new Elder to the mission, Elder Fagersten. He is one of the lucky ones who came right on time. Maybe there is light at the end of this tunnel and all the missionaries will be getting their visas better.
We took Elder Fagersten right outside to the plaza in Fuengirola. The office elevator was not working at the moment so we skipped the office and went up to the mission home.
What a great looking Elder from Iowa.
He is a fabulous piano player. He arranges his own songs and he played one for us. It was fantastic.
We took him to the mission home office to find out his first city in the mission. Presidente knows and so does Elder Bader. He is going to Almeria with Elder Adams as his trainer.
Once we were done it was off in the car and back to the train station to take the train to Malaga, and then a bus to Almeria. I think Elder Fagersten is as happy as we are to have him here.
The next day was Presidente's Birthday. He is receiving a card from Elder Solari and Elder DeMolino from Granada, but only Elder Solari is able to deliver it. We have a change in the office and Elder Solari is our newest ayudante. Elder Halverson is down with all of this!
Look closely and see what is in this picture. Do I see a Book of Mormon? Where did they get this card? (At a chino store, where else)
We also have another new face at the office. Elder Niebergall is being trained to replace Elder Stanley. Elder Stanley and Goodman are looking in with joy.
Saturday night we were in the lovely city of Granada. We had a missionary fireside. Afterwards we had a wonderful table of food to taste and to mingle with each other. Here are some of the youth of the ward and a few young moms. It was a wonderful night.
El Presidente is enjoying a little time talking with Hna Ramirez.
Hna Clegg is going for the food. It was wonderful.
One of the Zone Leaders, Elder De Molino is chatting with El Presidente. He is a great Elder from Bilbao who loves doing the work.
Bro. Agustino is a member of the High Council and also of the Granada ward.
And here we have one of the prettiest faces in Spain, Amaya, wife of Josue Sanchez, our residency expert. Josue had my camera and took some of these shots. He couldn't resist his beautiful wife. They are also members of the Granada ward.
We end with how we started with a beautiful shot of the Eastern coast of Spain. Much missionary work is being done here to bring these beautiful people unto Christ.

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