Saturday, July 24, 2010

Great Zone Conferences in The New Spain Malaga Mission

This week was the week of Zone Conferences but the weekend before Elders Salls and Fetzer sent me their baptism photo of Raquel in the Chiclana Ward. Thanks Elders, because we want everyone to know that we Baptize in The New Spain Malaga Mission. Presidente Clegg announced all week in the Zone Conferences that we are "The New Spain Malaga Mission" because it has never had the boundaries it has now.
We got on the road to do the Zone Conferences and just thought you might enjoy a view of a typical little Pueblo along the roads of Southern Spain. The many towns of white houses, red roofs and church steeples. A beautiful landscape filled with olive groves or vineyards or ocean views. It is magnificent in the South!
The ayudantes are ready to help Presidente Clegg with anything in the Zone Conferences. They have on the "ayudante ties" that have been worn by all our assitants both in the Bilbao Mission and now the New Malaga Mission.
We held the first Zone Conference in Murcia with the Elche Zone. What great missionaries and it was wonderful to see them again. We had a fabulous morning and then enjoyed some tasty sandwiches. The Zone Leaders planned all the food and did a great job. Elder West is sporting a smile of approval as well as Elder Paolinelli with Elder Ferreira looking on with his white tie. He told us that he is always ready to baptize.
The Hermanas are ready to bite into their lunch. Hna's Brown, Gum and Bentley look content!
Elder Waite received a call during the conference telling him he had to go to Madrid that night for a residency issue. We thought they were going to have to leave early to go back to Lorca to get his passport but the wonderful Branch President of Lorca drove the hour to Murcia to bring it to him. What a great example of service.
A great group and we enjoyed the day thoroughly. This is a hard working Zone who are experiencing many miracles.
After it was off to home. The Cartagena Elders have the luxury of being driven to Zone Conference by these wonderful members. Elders Andersson, Taylor, Black, Fredrickson, Brian, Wilson and Burdette look happy and ready to keep the work moving forward in Cartagena!
Two days later we were in Malaga with the Malaga and Granada Zones. Elders Hurley, DeMolino and Bedar all look happy along with Hna Hidalgo.
Elders Bassurto and Heywood are all smiles along with Hna's Millan, Ramirez and Stolk.
Let me introduce you all to Elder Kusseling. He is from Lyon, France. Now that makes a fellow frenchwoman very happy. The only problem is that now as I have been learning spanish I can hardly speak french. He will have to help me with my french. Mais Oui!!
All the great Hermanas like to have a picture together. Hna's Hidalgo, Ramirez, Stolk, Clegg, Millan, and Hna Hunt. We all love Elder and Hna Hunt. They sure do a wonderful job in the office keeping everything straight and on task. We love them.
The first group shot is the Malaga Zone. A great looking bunch of missionaries.
Next we have the Granada Zone. Hey, wait a minute, do they all have the same tie on?
Yes, cleaver Zone Leaders. They all put in their 3-4 Euros and bought all the zone a matching tie. Even the Hermanas are matching with a light blue headband that the Hermanas are trying to point out. Hey, but no one bought one for El Presidente!
The last day of Zone Conferences was in Sevilla with the Sevilla Zone and the San Fernando Zone. The food looks out of this world good!
That's because the Ponce family lovingly prepared and served us. Here we have Beatriz Ponce. Her father is a chef and prepared the food while she came to serve it. It was such a treat. Elder Ponce you can be proud of your family who is getting excited for your return home in a little over a month!
After a great lunch we returned to hear the Presidente's words. Elder Wallace seems to be the only one to notice I was taking pictures!
Hna Ball is so enthusiastic about her Predicad Mi Evangelio! We are just as enthusiastic about her, she is an incredible missionary in Caceres.
The San Fernando Zone is ready to ask for more references by using the Batman Belt of Tools? (They know what I mean.)
The Sevilla Zone is ready to contact anyone! This was a great zone conference.
The Hna's don't realize that Elders LeBaron and Hughes are in the background trying to get into the picture. Well they succeeded! Hna's Clegg, Nelson, Ackerman, Ruiz de Mendoza, Ball, Cannuci and Cluff make a great team of powerful Hermana's.
On the way to the car at the end of the day Elder Halverson is contacting everyone. And we leave you with the picture of the week sent in by Elder Bennett. What a great shot of our dear Elder Larsen talking with a nun. He is such a kind and happy Elder, I wonder if he is getting her address?


  1. thanks for the great pictures :) Brent (Elder Froberg) you look awesome and so happy keep up the good work we love you

  2. I LOVE the foto of the week! Thanks for brightening my day!

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  4. This is Elder Bennett's mom who left a comment under "Elder Daryl Scott Bennett said" thinking I was using my account. I am sooo sorry about that. Thanks for your blog. It's so nice to see so many happy missionries under your care.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful blog, it warms my heart to know that he is so loved by you and your husband, looking forward to the day my husband and I get to serve, I really want to be a Missionary Mom to a whole family of missionaries.
    Thanks for your service.
    Love & sisterhood
    Sister Doneva Froberg

  6. I served in the Spain Malaga Mission in 1996-1997 under Pres. Faustino Lopez and loved it! Looking at your pictures from the different capillas and from the mission home has brought back so many wonderful memories. Thank you for your blog - I'm enjoying all the updates!

    Hermana Jennifer (Chaney) Livingston

  7. gracias a todos los misioneros y misioneras por servir al señor, y gracias al Presidente Clegg y a la Hna Clegg por estas fotos de las cuales podemos disfrutar, un abrazo a todos.

    Jose Gabriel

  8. Hola! I am so excited to find this blog before I get there in 2 months! I can't wait to meet you and see all the sights in the photos!

    Future Hermana Jessica Bozeman

  9. What fun to see the pics and enjoy the spirit of your work there. What a wonderful opportunity for both of you. Thanks for sharing the updates. The stories are incredible and now the pictures just top it off for me. Have a wonderful week both of you.
    Debra Poulsen

  10. We are grateful to you and this entertaining blog for giving us the fly-on-the-wall view of this Mission! We have sent missionaries before but have never felt this 'updated' and blessed. Thanks from our deepest hearts!

  11. It's great to see all the missionaries who have served in Zaragoza: Hermana Bentley, Hermana Gum (nice haircut!), Hermana Brown, Elder Kusseling (I can see he misses the food at the Wolfarts! He looked a little chubbier when he was here ;-)