Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ring in the New Year With 25+

We start with a few baptisms that actually happened earlier during the year, but it's always great to see baptism pictures. 2010 was a great year with 203 baptisms for the mission. A great test of faith and work on the part of the members and missionaries. Elders Ferriera and Velasquez enjoyed this baptism in Alicante earlier.
And of course, more baptisms in Malaga. Great work Elders Sanchez and Romney.
The darling Hermanas Stolk and Bescope in Ciudad Real enjoyed all the holiday celebrations. Mostly they are enjoying the fruits of hard work that they are doing in the La Mancha District.
Especially eating pork with the Cleggs and Pte. Montes in Puertollano.
Hna's Ackerman and Cluff were surprised with a New Years Eve treat from the Relief Society President.
A make over! Now Hna Cluff, no smooches during the mission.
Wow, such nails and makeup, what a line up of beauties!!
This year saw many missionaries visiting many monkey's on Gibraltar. Elder Ferreira doesn't seem to mind.
Hna Rojas and Hna Millan allowed me to work with them for an evening in Malaga, such fun. Hey Hermanas, we need to contact that lady behind us.
The wonderful young adult members in Badajoz. Don't you think Gabby, the one on the left is a dead ringer for Hna Ramirez or Hna Rojas.
The young children of Badajoz were such a joy to be with. Many of them bore their testimonies of faith.
Thanks to the Elders and to the Pte Silva and his family for feeding us after church. What wonderful service. Even their son Samuel smiled for the picture. Elder Dunoskovic and Elder Stanley made a wonderful taco salad.
The lights of the season all over Spain are beautiful at this time of year. And with the end of one year brings the beginning of another with high goals and aspirations.
We have set the goal of 25+ which means every month we are working for 25 baptisms or more, according to the faith and work of the members and the missionaries along with the help and will of the Lord. 2011 is going to be a great year. Yes, it's a great year to be a missionary in the New Spain Malaga Mission.

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